Obama Moves Troops to the Russian Border to “Protect” Lithuania – “If you had any doubt that Obama is trying to provoke a war before he leaves office, question it no more.” – Daisy Luther – JUST IN CASE YOU DIDN’T HEAR ABOUT THIS OR READ MY POST YESTERDAY. THE MAINSTREAM NEWS SURE DIDN’T COVER THIS!!!!!!

Obama’s Disastrous Legacy

STEP BY STEP: HOW HILLARY, OBAMA INCUBATED ISIS – “Arming of Syrian jihadists mirrored disastrous Libya policy”

Pat Buchanan: Bitter Obama in ‘Despair,’ Leaving With ‘Let’s Wreck the Place’ Attitude

Ominous Reflections On 2017’s First Trading Day – Andy Hoffman

Trump Will Let The Bankers Continue Destroying The U.S. – “I would surmise that a majority of Trump’s voters voted for Trump as a vote against Hillary. Many of them have expressed relief that “Trump is not as bad a Hillary.” But, au contraire. The decision faced by voters was no different than choosing between liver cancer and pancreas cancer.” – Dave Kranzler

Power & Profit Fuel War on Cash in Europe – “But who benefits from the War on Cash?”

CDC EXPOSED: THEY ARE HIDING INFORMATION FROM THE PUBLIC THEY ARE MEANT TO PROTECT – “The ever-controversial and often dangerously inept Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been hiding some disturbing information from the public.”

Venezuela’s March Toward Default

Protests & looting across Mexico amid sudden 20% fuel price hike

Prepare For The Peace That Follows The Chaos – Tom Chatham

Happy New Year Donbass: From Killer John McCain & Co. – “McCain, like Barack Obama and the other Washington reprehensibles, hammers a war drum no matter what. Peace and negotiations have no place in the military industrial complex playbook, and anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see it. Passing laws that propagate war behind he backs of the American people, McCain and these others are almost miraculous examples of what happens when a citizenry falls dead asleep at the wheel”

Masses Shocked By Philly Beverage Tax Impact – ” Check out this receipt and you realize why the country just elected Donald Trump. Liberal Democrat scumbag mayor Jim Kenney and his entirely Democrat city council thought it was a brilliant idea to ram a beverage tax down the throats of Philadelphians last year. They were doing it for the chilruns. It’s always for the chilrun. The ignorant masses bought the load of bullshit because they don’t understand maff. They understand it now. The tax went into effect on January 1 and the sticker shock is infuriating the ignorant masses.”

7 Signs You’re Not Living in the ‘Land of the Free’

Staying Off Grid When “Nearly Everything Is Chipped, Almost Everything Is Tracked” – “If you weren’t paranoid before, it may be time to start paying attention. “They” are spying on everything you do, and are collecting information about every purchase, appliance, vehicle or place you make, do or interact with. For the first time in history, we have arrived at a time when nearly everything is chipped, and almost everything is tracked. It really is true, and it’s no longer a conspiracy theory. They are spying on everyone, collecting all the available data and tracking you, your family and everyone you know. All the time.”

Boom: Record 27 million guns bought in 2016 – “Driven by terror threats and a potential Hillary Clinton administration, sales of guns in America soared to record levels in 2016”

Ruled by DC: Get the Feds Out of Western Lands – “It’s Not About Conservation — It’s About Federal Control”

Be Prepared! 20 Must-Read Articles to Get Started Prepping

New DARPA Tech Turns Military Planes Into Drones – “NASA, the Air Force, the Army, and the Navy want to replace aircrew with automation”

Nazi Collaborator Soros Continues Multi-Pronged War on Trump, Calls Him “Would-be Dictator” – “Mr. Soros neglects to mention some very important facts in his biographical reflection, such as that he helped Hitler and the Nazis confiscate the wealth and belongings of his fellow Jews. What’s more, he feels no guilt, regret, or remorse about being a Holocaust helper”

California Just Hired Criminal Eric Holder To Fight Against Trump White House

Will California secede from the United States? I hope so. – ” I’d like to see California secede, on the basis that they want a green economy and they want to “adjust” their immigration policies. It would be a sight to behold. Wide open borders and wind propellers everywhere. I’d give CA five years until total collapse.” – Jon Rappoport

More lies from Nancy Pelosi

You Will Never Eat McDonald’s Again After You Read These Horrifying Facts

Climate Engineering Atmospheric Aerosols Are Blocking The Sky From Astronomers

Fear is The Mind Killer – Therefore Courage Must Prevail – Ray Gano – GOOD ARTICLE FROM MR. GANO!!!!!

Mattel Is Building An Alexa For Kids, Called Aristotle – “Technocrats have no sense of ethics or responsibility when using technology. Sure, it sounds good on the surface, but spying on and tracking your children is beyond the pale.”

Prep Your Ride- Part 2 – PART 1 PREVIOUSLY POSTED!!!!!

International Fact-Checking Network: New Worldwide Ministry Of Truth? – “The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) is an organization that until recently you may have never heard of, but is now poised to make a powerful influence on your life. Why? Facebook has announced it will be using the International Fact-Checking Network and other 3rd party fact-checking organizations to weed out all the fake news. Is the International Fact-Checking Network poised to become some kind of Ministry of Truth as Orwell wrote about? Who funds the organization and how does its check its facts?”

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 18.53EUR




Job 21:17   How oft is the candle of the wicked put out! and how oft cometh their destruction upon them! God distributeth sorrows in his anger.