Greece Unleashes ‘Soft’ Cash Ban – “The spread of global cash bans continues with Greece unveiling their so-called ‘soft’ approach by which taxpayers will only be granted tax-allowances or deductions when payments are made via credit or debit cards”

The Agenda for a Cashless Society Surged Forward in 2016 (VIDEO)

The “Upcoming, Cataclysmic, Financial Big Bang To End All Big Bangs”-Upgraded From Inevitable To Imminent? – “Before the U.S. has even opened for 2017 business, global markets have taken a dramatic step towards implosion – as the “year of monetary revolution” commences. Yes, the gold Cartel started the year as they start nearly every day; i.e., with a “Sunday Night Sentiment” raid, for the 170th time in the past 178 weekends” – Andy Hoffman

Will The U.S. Hit The Wall In 2017? – Dave Kranzler

10 Ways That Donald Trump Could Try To Reverse The Curse That Obama Has Put On America

Obama’s Last 20 Days: “This Transition Period Is Such A Dangerous Time For The Country” – “He isn’t out of there yet. There is a lot that can be done in 20 days, especially on the weekends when everyone is sitting around eating, drinking, and staring at the television screen. The problem is, he doesn’t pay the price for the consequence of his actions…we do.”

Obama Caught On Tape Saying What He Really Thinks About The Bible, It’s Sick (Video) – “Here is yet another example where Obama proves to the country that either lied to voters from the beginning, that he has absolutely no respect for American history (the one that actually happened, not the one in his mind), that he has zero respect for the beliefs of 80%+ of all Americans who are Christian, or most likely a solid combination of all three.”

SQUEAKY CLEAN, HUH? OBAMA FORGOT ABOUT THESE 25 SCANDALS – “BIG LIST of president’s most outrageous abuses of executive power”

OBAMA SPENDING ANOTHER $300 MILLION IN KENYA – “Funding HIV/AIDS project pushes U.S. dollars there to new heights”

Good News: Washington Frozen Out of Syria Peace Plan – Ron Paul

What Keeps Goldman Up At Night About 2017

U.S. Quietly Drops Bombshell: Wall Street Banks Have $2 Trillion European Exposure

CDC Confirms: Mutated H7N2 Virus Transmitted from Cat to Human in the US – “Zoonotic diseases – those that make the jump from animals to humans – have been around for millennia and new zoonotic diseases are emerging all the time.” – Daisy Luther  – THE AUTHOR DOESN’T BRING IT UP, BUT THERE IS A HIGH PROBABILITY THAT THIS COULD BE A BIO-WARFARE EXPERIMENT!!!!

It’s War: World’s Purest Silver Producer Prepares To Join Class Action Lawsuit Against Bullion Banks For Price Rigging – “Though Wall Street regulators and the mega-banks they purport to regulate have long said that there exists no manipulation in markets and that anyone making claims to the contrary is nothing short of a conspiracy theorist, recent revelations suggest that even the most well known financial institutions on the planet have been actively involved in rigging asset prices. We need look no further for confirmation of this fact than Deutsche Bank, which last year admitted the precious metals market has been rigged all along”

Silver and Gold: What’s a Better Buy? (VIDEO)

The only prediction that really matters for 2017: The global debt collapse begins, followed by the rise of fascist, totalitarian government

The number one news story of 2017 will be the public call for ending the dollar as the global reserve currency – Ken Schortgen

The Truth Perspective: Interview with Douglas Valentine: The CIA As Organized Crime (MP3 Download)

Your Smart Appliances Could Testify Against You In Criminal Trial – “Anything that collects data on you in your own house can and will be used against you: smart appliances, personal assistants, cell phones, computers, etc”

Top CFR Globalist Warns UN Will Get “Hammered” by Trump – “Like the CFR as a whole, Patrick is an unapologetic advocate of “global governance” and further empowering the infamous dictators club to make policy for humanity. Indeed, Patrick is so extreme in his globalist fanaticism that he managed to exploit even the rape of children by UN “peacekeeping” troops as an argument for handing the UN vast new powers. Seriously.”

Geoengineered Winter Weather Whiplash With Patented Climate Engineering Processes

The Bitter Reality of the Stock Market “January Effect” – “A myth gets destroyed by facts.” – Wolf Richter

Prep Your Ride- “Effectively preparing your vehicle for involvement in an emergency scenario is like everything else. It requires some forethought and planning. You already plan and train to defend yourself and your family at home, and you need to put some consideration and training into doing the same thing when you’re on the road.”

Another look at Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s death – Jon Rappoport


Is This More Proof We’re Closing In On ‘X Point’? ‘The Point In Time When Only The Prepared Will Survive’ – “Largest Private Bunker Community In The World Is Being Built In South Dakota”

Assange To Hannity: “Our Source Is Not The Russian Government”

Biometrics As National IDs: It’s A Hacked World, After All

Why is Pizzagate so Far-fetched? Proven Pedophilia Disgustingly Widespread Among Those in Power

State Department & Jeffrey Epstein Tied to Child Trafficking Operation – “Many Americans are still in the dark, and actually take whatever Snopes or Wikipedia says as the Gospel, which means they are most likely of the mistaken belief that #Pizzagate is nothing more than a debunked “conspiracy theory” masquerading as “fake news.” “

Over 8,000 migrants ‘disappeared’ off Swiss radar in 2016

New 90-Day Rat Study Destroys Corporate Propaganda – “GM proponents who constantly drone on with untrue claims that the science has clearly demonstrated GMOs as safe were dealt yet another blow shortly before Thanksgiving this past year. This is because yet another study has been published demonstrating the negative health effects of GMOs on the intestinal tract.”

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 17.78EUR




Proverbs 3:33   The curse of the LORD is in the house of the wicked: but he blesseth the habitation of the just.