The Death Of The U.S. Petrodollar, and What Comes After (Video) – Jim Willie interview

Putin’s New Year Address 2017: Challenging year brought us closer together (VIDEO) – WATCH AND COMPARE TO THE VIDEO BELOW!!!!!

Happy New Year 2017 Message from President Barrack Obama (VIDEO) – USUAL BS!!!!!

Were RT And Drudge Taken Down So the Government Could Control the Anti-Russia Narrative? – Daisy Luther

Bilderberg Elite Hacked, Threatened With Ominous Message To ‘1% Richest Dominant Pr*cks’ – “Unprecedented Hack Makes It Clear The Elites Have No Safe Spaces”

Midnight meltdown as tipsy Trump-hater Don Lemon has mic cut off by CNN

2017 – The Year of Monetary Revolution – “Never before has the world faced a man-made calamity of such enormity; partly because of policy – particularly the monetary type; but predominantly, procreation – as let’s face it, there is no way to economically manage 7.4 billion people, without the scourges of socialism, fascism, and communism forcing their way into the fold.” – Andy Hoffman

Trump Is Exactly Where The Elites Want Him – “You’ll hear hundreds of theories and rationalizations on Trump’s miraculous victory, but a reason you will almost never hear is also the most likely one: Trump won the election because he serves the interests of the establishment. Trump won because he is a fake.”

2016: The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year – “What a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year this has been. Endless wars. Toxic politics. Violence. Hunger. Police shootings. Mass shootings. Economic downturns. Political circuses. Senseless tragedies. Loss. Heartache. Intolerance. Prejudice. Hatred. Apathy. Meanness. Cruelty. Poverty. Inhumanity. Greed.” – John W. Whitehead

3 Events in 2016 That Will Profoundly Change Everything – Daisy Luther

Silver is The New Gold?

The Obama Legacy: “Crippling Debt, Massive Unemployment, Welfare-based Society, Deteriorated Infrastructure, Massive Inflation, And A Worthless Fiat Currency”

What Is The Obama Regime Up To? – Paul Craig Roberts

Alert: Obama seizes Bundy Ranch area in massive last minute land grab – “With a stroke of the pen President Obama has unilaterally declared vast swaths of land in Utah and Nevada as two new national monuments, thus putting them under control of the federal government. Startlingly, the area in Nevada includes the site of the infamous Bundy Ranch standoff as well as land very close to the Bundy Ranch itself. With this move Obama has possibly triggered another armed standoff while also heading off any moves set to be made by incoming president Donald Trump.”

Obama’s Historic Land Grab: 553 Million Acres For ‘Conservation’ – “Technocracy as a resource-based economic system, intends to place all land resources into a global common trust to be ‘administered’ by Technocrat scientists and engineers. This land-grab scam is always passed off on Sustainable Development, Green Economy or Conservation.”

Chicago Violence Worst In 20 Years: “Not Seen This Level Of Disrespect For Police Ever”

Unprecedented Times! – “This past week has been an absolute embarrassment for the U.S. The actions taken by Mr. Obama are unprecedented for any outgoing president. Thousands of pages of executive orders, land grabs, multiple accusations against Russia and of course throwing Russian diplomats out and the placing of new sanctions.” – Bill Holter

Obama Entitled to His Own Opinions; Absolutely Not To His Own Facts (Video) – “When was the last time you saw a United States President acting like such a petulant child, or act with such recklessness and malice for the safety and wellbeing of the country and the people he just presided over for eight years?”

OBAMA ‘SETTING WORLD ON FIRE’ ON WAY OUT THE DOOR – “A scorched earth policy attempting to destroy our international relationships”

Epic Putin Statement Crushes Obama As U.S. President Throws One Last Temper Tantrum On His Way Out The Door – “With That One Statement, Obama Lost The Diplomatic War With Russia” – “Putin also issued a scathing and epic statement, crushing Obama after the Russian sanctions, saying that while he could “retaliate” he wasn’t going to “resort to irresponsible ‘kitchen’ diplomacy.” He also made it clear exactly how irrelevant Obama is as a lame duck president by saying that any “further steps to restore Russian-US relations based on the policies of the Trump Administration.” “

Goldman to Trump: Situation Assessment, Government Bail-ins, Precious Metals Threat: Systemic Collapse – Stewart Dougherty

Accounting Gimmicks Won’t Stop The U.S.A. Titanic From Sinking

Ex-CIA Agent on Report Tying Russia to Election Hacking: ‘Absolutely No Evidence’

Warning to Trump: don’t approve GMO, pesticide, FDA horror show You are incompetent on these vital subjects Don’t plunge ahead Stop thinking about jobs, jobs, jobs for two seconds – Jon Rappoport

Circle January 15th: 70 Nations Will Gather In Paris To Discuss The Creation Of A Palestinian State

10 Times That God Has Hit America With A Major Disaster After The U.S. Attempted To Divide The Land Of Israel

WASHINGTON POST STIRS FEAR AFTER FALSE REPORT OF POWER GRID HACK BY RUSSIA – “Story quickly falls apart after investigation finds claims to be inaccurate”

Fake News of Polar Bears Dying From Global Warming Exposed — Again – “This is the truth the world needs to hear: the experts were wrong. Polar bears have not been driven to the brink of extinction by climate change, they are thriving. But don’t expect the Times¸ Guardian, National Geographic, CNN, MSNBC, etc. to tell this truth the world needs to hear. According to the global warming media chorus, the adorable Arctic critter is just one of many species that is being exterminated by anthropogenic (manmade) global warming, or AGW.”

Mainstream Media is Now Whining About the “Fake News” Hysteria It Created

Fake News, Mass Hysteria and Induced Insanity – “We’ve heard a lot about “fake news” from those whose master narratives are threatened by alternative sources and analyses. We’ve heard less about the master narratives being threatened” – Charles Hugh Smith

Get Ready for Passport “Globalization”

Geoengineering Winter Weather Warfare Assault Continues – ” “Winter Storm Europa” How severe does the rapidly worsening weather whiplash have to get before populations face the fact that ongoing global climate engineering/weather warfare programs are decimating and derailing Earth’s climate and life support systems?”

A Storm is Coming: Preppers Must Stay Vigilant in 2017

The Secret Government – 1987: The Reagan-Bush Years.When the US went off the tracks for real (VIDEO) – “A master of deceit and treachery, the son and grandson of traitors, George H. W. Bush, Sr. leveraged his CIA and drug business contacts into a complete subversion of the Constitution. The last 30 years – Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama – have been all about keeping this criminal enterprise on track while simultaneously training the weapons of war on American citizens.”

Soros: Trump Is A ‘Would Be Dictator’ Who Threatens The New World Order

Iris Scans Expanding As Latest And Hottest Surveillance Technology – “Identification by iris scanning joins other biometric facial scanning to provide identification comparable to your DNA. Technocrats will embed this technology in every conceivable application”

California just decriminalized child prostitutes beginning Jan 1… “legalization” stirs outrage – “The law does not legalize adults soliciting sex with children, of course. Instead, it decriminalizes children and teens who engage in prostitution themselves. The idea, according to California lawmakers, is that such children should receive “counseling” instead of criminal charges.”




Psalms 119:43   And take not the word of truth utterly out of my mouth; for I have hoped in thy judgments.



Here comes the eagle Here comes the bear
And they’re fighting to control The lion dominion

But the load gonna come tumblin’ down

( Tumblin’ Down by Ziggy Marley and Tyrone Downie )