The ‘Experts’ Tell Us That Christmas Is The Most Depressing Time Of The Year – Do You Agree?

America Has Unofficially Declared War on the Homeless

Climate Engineering Cataclysm: A Live Presentation By Dane Wigington ( ) (VIDEO)

Tel Aviv rejects ‘shameful & absurd anti-Israel’ UN resolution – “The Obama administration “failed to protect Israel against this gang-up at the UN,” and what is even worse, “colluded with it behind the scenes,” “

Obama Betrays Israel At The United Nations – Is America’s Reprieve Now Over? – “Barack Obama actually did it. Despite enormous pressure from the government of Israel, President-elect Donald Trump and members of his own party in Congress, Barack Obama decided to stick a knife in Israel’s back at the United Nations”

Imminent Monte Paschim Bailout Depicts True State of Global Banking System – Andy Hoffman

France Comes up with a Real Jewel to Prop up its 4 TBTF Banks – “To cover a capital shortfall of €50 billion.”

Trumpocalypse? Suddenly Liberals Are The Ones Stockpiling Food, Guns And Emergency Supplies

Cannabinoids Heal the Body – “In an effort to support the revolutionary work being done in the field of cannabis-based medicine, I’ve compiled some of the most prominent information concerning the plant’s health benefits. It seems to have been created for the explicit purpose of helping the human body.”

Why the Education Establishment Hates Cursive – “Modern educators are dismissive of cursive. Indeed, many are hostile to such a degree that you should immediately suspect that they are up to something.” – DID YOU EVER WONDER WHY THEY DON’T TEACH YOUR CHILDREN CURSIVE WRITING IN SCHOOL ANY MORE? HERE’S WHY!!!!!!!

Three years ago, Obama signed a law allowing the federal government to take over the entire media

US Government Quietly Starts Asking Travelers for Social Media Accounts – “Controversial program met with opposition from civil liberties groups when first proposed in June”

Obama Scrapping Registration of Aliens From Mostly Muslim Nations – “Since President-elect Donald Trump has advocated continuing, or even increasing, regulations on allowing immigration from areas of the world where terrorism is rampant, the move to dismantle NSEERS entirely might be seen as a pre-emptive move to make that process more difficult.”

Obama’s Final Desperate Attempt to Ratify the UN Gun Control Treaty – Daisy Luther

“Lines Out The Door”: How Americans Respond When Liberal States Restrict Their Gun Rights

Strongest Gold “Buy” Signal In 16 Years (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler and Rory Hall

Christmas solar storm to batter Earth as flare blasts from massive hole in the sun – “EARTH is being blasted by a flare soaring from a hole in the sun’s atmosphere – and it’s bringing huge geomagnetic storms with it.”

The Essential Prepper’s Library: 25 Books Every Prepared Family Should Own – Daisy Luther

The Fraudulent Obama War on Corruption

Secrecy and Mysteries Challenge the Official History of Antarctica – “continuing Antarctic research expeditions, combined with Antarctica’s suspicious political past, today’s reported findings of megalithic structures on the barren continent, recent high-profile visitations, and updated political treaties for Antarctica, are giving rise to a growing public curiosity about what may really be happening on the uninhabited continent. What is really taking place in Antarctica?”

The Real Reason The West is Pushing War With Russia (VIDEO) – “In this video, Vin Armani explains the real reason the West is risking war with Russia for regime change in Syria. HINT – It’s the same reason they sponsored a coup in Ukraine. And it’s why Russia has dug its heals in and is standing in the way. Check out the maps in the video.”

Top Ex-White House Economist Admits 94% Of All New Jobs Under Obama Were Part-Time


The novel way for President-Elect Trump to make Mexico pay for the wall – Ken Schortgen

The U.S. Interfered in Foreign Presidential Elections 81 Times from 1946-2000 – “That number doesn’t include military coups and regime change efforts following the election of candidates the U.S. didn’t like, notably those in Iran, Guatemala and Chile. Nor does it include general assistance with the electoral process, such as election monitoring.”

PRIVACY GROUP: LET’S SEE RUSSIAN HACK EVIDENCE! – ‘We need to find out exactly what was done’

Give a Dog a Bad Name. Why is Russia Always Presumed Guilty?

Is There any Room Left for Freedom in the Western Press – “In fact, President Obama has spent eight years talking about withdrawing the United States from the Middle East but has in fact expanded the military footprint of the United States. He has done so without much real debate in the mainstream news about the wisdom of his actions”

Plotting a Russian Benghazi: Is Hillary Clinton behind Ambassador Karlov’s murder? – “The former Secretary of State and presidential candidate had a very serious motive to order this crime. This motive is not rational, but this does not mean that it is any less serious. This motive is exacting personal revenge on the Russian president.” – IF SO IT WOULD BE ANOTHER NAME TO ADD TO THE LONG LIST OF CLINTON MURDERS!!!!!!

As the Coup Against Trump Fails, the Threat Against His Life Rises – Paul Craig Roberts

While Christians In America Cry ‘Peace And Safety’, Believers All Over The World Are Being Brutally Persecuted

Feds Warn ISIS Sympathizers ‘Continue Aspirational Calls For Attacks’ On Churches, Holiday Gatherings

Now UN Gives Scientists Green Light To Mess With Natural Selection – “Technocrat scientists say that a moratorium on genetic technology would have been a disaster, but activists are still fighting for it. In time, genetic material in all life forms will be edited. This is man’s pathetic attempt to outdo the Creator, but will end in disaster. Why? Because these scientists do not know but a fraction of what they think they know.”

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After Aleppo: We Need a New Syria Policy – Ron Paul

White Helmets: Fraudsters Serving Western Spy Agencies – “If the White Helmets are really «neutral, impartial and humanitarian» and do «serve all the people of Syria», then why should they work only in areas controlled by the violent opposition and nowhere else? Why don’t they help Syrians who suffered from terrorists’ attacks in the government – controlled areas?”

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 17.79EUR



Malachi 4:1-2   For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the LORD of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch. But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.