Gold Manipulation, Propaganda And Totalitarianism (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler and Rory Hall

Gold Price Skyrockets in India after Currency Ban – Part V – “India’s Prime Minister announced on 8th November 2016 that Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 banknotes will no longer be legal tender. Linked are Part-I, Part-II, Part-III, and Part-IV , which provide updates on the rapidly encroaching police state Expect a continuation of new social engineering notifications, each sabotaging wealth-creation, confiscating people’s wealth, and tyrannizing those who refuse to be a part of the herd, in the process destroying the very backbone of the economy and civilization.”

Turkey calls for citizens to dump their dollars and buy gold or lira as country looks to establish trade using own currency

Italian PM Renzi Resigns After Spectacularly Losing Referendum, Italexit from EU Next? – V. The Guerrilla Economist

The “Godfather’s” Address to the EU: An “Offer That Cannot Be Refused” – “Rolled all-into-one; the Google and media conglomerate initiatives, the EU parliamentary cadence against Russia, the NATO expansionism, this new EU propaganda arm, and the western world’s old order exercise a massive control. If George Orwell could imagine it, the elites have set it in place. “ – EXCELLENT ARTICLE, A MUST READ!!!!!!

It’s Not Over: Rogue Republican Elector Announces He Will Not Vote For Trump And Urges Others To Join Him

Pearl Harbor False Flag 75th Anniversary: Time to Admit the Deception – “To begin with, the Pearl Harbor attack is not a false flag op in the sense that the US attacked in its own ships and planes. It is a false flag in the sense that at the very least Roosevelt let it happen, and as the evidence will show, he made it happen”

Trump About to Preside Over New Global Financial Crisis: “Not His Fault, Merely His Misfortune” – “The warning signs have been up every mile for a long stretch now. The build up of pressure, and the creaking fault lines have been evident. The monetary policy has long been triggering what may prove to be an inevitable collapse… And it may have been planned for the Donald Trump administration.”

Shot Fired at Conspiratorial Pizzeria Pretext To “Shut Down Websites Spreading Hateful Material”

MSM and Social Media Discredit #PizzaGate as a “Fake News Conspiracy Theory” – Daisy Luther

Oil Company Responds To US Army Corps’ Announcement, Will Continue To Proceed With Pipeline

The Problem Is A Single Central Bank…Not A Single Currency – “The problem isn’t the euro; it’s the European Central Bank (ECB). To put it another way, the problem isn’t that a bunch of different countries are using a common currency; it’s that a central planning agency is attempting to impose the same monetary policy across a bunch of different countries.”

Web giants to cooperate on removal of extremist content – AND WHAT WILL THEY CONSIDER EXTREME, ANY VIEW NOT SANCTIONED BY THE GOVERNMENT!!!!!!

50 Awesome Stocking Stuffers Every Prepper Will Love

Second Amendment Group Calls Out General David Patraeus on Anti-Gun Stand

3 Simple Trapping Skills That Every Survivalist Should Know

“BLOODY FRIDAY” FEARPORN: NOW ISIS CLAIMS IT WILL ATTACK TRUMP’S INAUGURATION – “This kind of propaganda fear porn is meant to do one thing: terrorize people. At this point, the propaganda is getting so vague and people are so accustomed to it, it’s unclear how this even works on anyone anymore or why they even bothered.”

Why Can’t We Focus More On All Of The Good News In The World?

Power to the People: John Lennon’s Legacy Lives On – John W. Whitehead

Meet Chinese Education Companies — How U.S. Colleges Sell Enrollment to the Highest Bidders

Are The Elite Planning Something Big In The Middle East? (VIDEO)

Globalist war against humanity shifts into high gear: Cars, cash, literature and independent news all targeted for elimination




Malachi 4:1   For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the LORD of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch.