Amazing Prophecy From 1981 Says That The U.S. Economy Will Collapse After The Death Of Fidel Castro – “As for the economic collapse that is coming, Johnston is just one among a multitude of men and women of God all over the world that have been shown that our economy is going to suffer like never before.”

Is This The Democrats’ Real Strategy In Launching Recounts? – “So, with no practical reason for forcing recounts, what exactly is Jill Stein up to?” -STEIN HAS NOTHING TO GAIN BY THIS AS SHE RECEIVED A VERY LOW PERCENTAGE OF THE VOTES AND HAS NO CHANCE TO WIN ANY STATES, SO WHAT EXACTLY IS HER GOAL!!!!

SHE’S BAAAACK! Ten radical ways the lawless left is planning to put Hillary Clinton back into the White House on January 20

The Big, Overlooked Problem With ‘Constitutional Carry’ – “Little to no training does not fit the bill for the level of safety and judgment required to effectively carry — and therefore plan to use a gun, if necessary — in public”

Derivatives Crisis Of Banks…Worldwide – “Interesting Historical Note: When Lehman Brothers failed, it had $35 Trillion in Derivative Exposure. Now compare this with today’s Deutsche Bank Derivative Exposure of a cardiac-arrest $75 Trillion in DERIVATIVES…and you will understand WHY DB share value is relentlessly and methodically falling in recent years.” – OLDER, BUT EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!!!!!!

Every Awful Thing We Know About PizzaGate and the DC Pedophiles So Far – Daisy Luther

Naked and proud: Media tripling down on blatant anti-Trump sentiment – “And worst of all, many journalists still seem to think their words, their impact, still somehow has a huge impact on the daily narrative. Truth is, traditional media has about 1/10th the impact it did at the turn of the century.”

If You Question The Establishment You Are Guilty Of Espionage, Says Corporate Media — Because Russia – “Mainstream, corporate media has launched a dangerous and slanderous campaign to label any news outlet not spewing accepted governmental narrative as professional Russian propagandists”

The Western War On Truth — Paul Craig Roberts

Operation ‘Fake News’ — The NWO’s War on Freedom and Truth

Here’s why “fake news” sites are dangerous – Jon Rappoport – GOOD TONGUE-IN-CHEEK ARTICLE FROM JON!!!!!

The newest media tactic: Calling Donald Trump a liar in the headlines – “Isn’t it somewhat creepy when five supposedly independent news organizations run almost the exact same headline? But what’s worse is, they are basically calling Trump a liar in the headlines. Have they treated the claims of any other political figure that way?”

Cut The Crap – Wages – “There are two options folks: 1. Make it uneconomic for companies to take such an action by causing the cost of labor there to reach effective parity with the cost here, in which case the offshoring of labor will disappear OR 2. Accept a $3/hour wage here in America as the labor rate to assemble air conditioners in Indiana.” – Karl Denninger – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!

Keith Ellison Once Proposed Making A Separate Country For Blacks  – AN ISLAMIC CONVERT WHO THE DEMOCRATS WANT TO HEAD THE DNC

The Big Blackout: Why I’m Going Low-Tech To Prep For An EMP – Daisy Luther

India PM Admits Plan To Force ‘Cashless Society” – “Technocracy will force the entire world to go cashless in order to force everyone into the system. This is why the UN’s own documents repeatedly say, “No one left behind.” While many central bankers are discussing cashless societies, India is on the forefront of implementing it.”

All bets are off as it now appears India is going for a cashless society – Ken Schortgen

Bombshell Secret Documents Show Monsanto Knew About Glyphosate (Roundup) Cancer Link Over 35 Years Ago

Up To Eight Italian Banks May Fail If Renzi Loses Referendum

Italian Bank Collapse European Sovereign Bond Carnage, Criss-Crossed Fuses & Lit Bonfire – Jim Willie  – THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!

A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Germany: October 2016 Child Marriage, No-go Zones, Gang Rapes

What It Feels Like To Be Homeless For The Holidays In America

Be Prepared – Home Security

The Engine of Inequality: Privilege – “This is what we’re up against: a status quo that has institutionalized soaring inequality and rising poverty as the only possible output of defending the privileged few at the expense of the many.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Cardinal Zen Says Vatican Deal with China Would ‘Betray Jesus Christ’

China Inc. & Billionaires Dodge Capital Controls via Global Buyout Binge. Government Not Amused – “The fear of further yuan devaluation.”

FTC orders homeopathy product manufacturers to claim their products don’t work – “In recent days the Federal Trade Commission actually ordered all makers of homeopathic products to include labeling that states they don’t actually work – an unbelievable requirement, considering there was no such order sent to Big Pharma firms for their many questionably effective treatments.”

Evidence Scrubbed, Accounts Suspended As Citizen Researchers Delve Into the Hell That is “Pizzagate”

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 14.66EUR




Revelation 18:11   And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more: