Trump Won’t Pursue Charges Against Hillary: “She’s Been Through Enough” – “After Trump stunned the nation during the second presidential debate with Hillary Clinton, in which he quipped that under a Trump presidency “she would be in jail”, and suggested that he would demand a special prosecutor probe into Clinton’s email server and the Clinton foundation, moments ago MSNBC’s Morning Joe reported, citing a source, that president-elect Donald Trump will not pursue any investigations into his former political rival Hillary Clinton “for her use of a private email server and the Clinton foundation.” “

Not Everyone in Washington Is Happy That Trump and Putin Are Getting Along – Daisy Luther

Be ready for terrorist attacks in Europe during holiday season – State Dept. to US citizens

5 Historical Vaccine Scandals Suppressed by the Establishment

Is Glyphosate – Think Roundup® – On Your Dinner Plate?

Not Just Bees, Trees Are Dying Off at an Alarming Rate With Little Public Attention

Here’s Where Food-Stamp Use Has Increased the Most

Trump The Final Generation? – Ray Gano

When It Comes to Fake News, the U.S. Government Is the Biggest Culprit – “In the midst of the media’s sudden headline-blaring apoplexy over fake news, you won’t hear much about the government’s role in producing, planting and peddling propaganda-driven fake news—often with the help of the corporate news media—because that’s not how the game works. Why? Because the powers-that-be don’t want us skeptical of the government’s message or its corporate accomplices in the mainstream media.” – John W. Whitehead

Rigged; Fake; And Shortly, Forever Discredited – Andy Hoffman

Jim Willie Accelerating Events & Disclosures (VIDEO)

Enter Fake News as Replacement for Conspiracy Theory? – “Is fake news the new “conspiracy theory.” We’ve read that it may be, and it seems likely to us. That’s because “conspiracy theory” has seemingly lost credibility as a way of dismissing anti-mainstream critiques, and it can be argued that “fake news” is being substituted”

Cashless Command and Control is Coming

Gerald Celente-2017 Predictions-MSM Gone and Financial Market Panic Coming (VIDEO)

Bond markets and dollar strength screaming for a savior to usher in a currency reset – Ken Schortgen

When Americans Shall Say ‘Peace And Safety’… – “Donald Trump is not some sort of a messiah, and even if he is able to accomplish every single thing that he is promising right now it will not nearly be enough. But for the moment millions of Americans are proclaiming “peace and safety” now that Donald Trump has won the election, and we shall see how it all turns out…” – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM MICHAEL SNYDER!!!!!!

Putin: Russia’s ban on Western foods will last as long as possible

Hackers Force “Bank ATMs to Spew Cash”: Grid Vulnerabilities System-wide

Nassim ‘Black Swan’ Taleb Sums Up Obama’s Legacy In 3 Painfully “Real” Tweets

Are your storable foods mostly just reprocessed GMO corn?

JFK, RFK, MLK Were All Killed By the Same Forces- Trump Needs to Beware

Struggling Euro Zone Nations Increasingly Forced To Turn To Hedge Funds For Debt Funding

Obama Admin Fines Police Department For Not Hiring Non-Citizens

Ultimate Prepper Rifle? Century Arms C308 Rifle (VIDEO) – Sensible Prepper

Amid Anti-globalist Outcry, New Push to Grant UN Tax Powers – “If the UN is allowed to usurp the draconian powers demanded, freedom, privacy, and prosperity would become history. Among other schemes, UN bureaucrats and establishment voices are calling for an international war on national governments that do not adopt pro-tax and anti-privacy policies demanded by globalists”

13yo Girl Shot in the Face, Tribal Elder in Critical Condition as Police Assault DAPL Protesters

Education System Broken: Let’s Try ‘Ed-Exit’ – Ron Paul

Best Yet To Come For Gold & Silver? – David Morgan (VIDEO)

Invasion of America: Interactive map show how US took more than 1.5 billion acres from Native Americans

NOAA Adjustments Correlate Exactly To Their Confirmation Bias – “Thermometers show the US cooling since about 1920, but NOAA massively cools the past to create the appearance of a warming trend.”

America Is Falling: More Men Than Ever Want To Watch Their Wives And Girlfriends Have Sex With Other Men

LATEST ON SCIENTIST WHO MAINSTREAMED PEDOPHILIA – “Bombshell revelations about ‘father of sexual revolution’ gaining attention”

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 14.96EUR




Romans 1:18   For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;