STATE DEPT REFUSES TO ANSWER QUESTION FROM RT, SAYS IT WON’T TREAT RT LIKE OTHER MEDIA OUTLETS – ““From a state-owned outlet!” Kirby interrupted, adding, “I’m not going to put Russia Today on the same level with the rest of you who are representing independent media outlets.”  -REALLY MR. KIRBY, YOU SINCERELY BELIEVE OUR NEWS OUTLET ARE INDEPENDENT AND NOT CONTROLLED BY THE STATE!!!!!


JOHN BOLTON: TRUMP NEEDS TO CONFRONT RUSSIA, CHINA, IRAN, NORTH KOREA, AND EMBRACE FOREVER WAR – “Because Donald Trump has zero foreign policy chops, he will delegate that job to his new secretary of state. With every passing day, it appears the person to fill that job will be John Bolton, a diehard neocon.”

5 Trump Advisors Who Prove He’s More Like Hillary Clinton Than You Thought

Silver and the Train Wreck – Gary Christenson ( “The Deviant Investor” )


We Found It! The Interview That George Soros Desperately Tried to Bury – ““I am basically there to make money. I cannot, and do not, look at the social consequences of what I do.” “

60 Minutes Australia Exposes Worldwide Pedophile Network – “If you thought the story of Bill Clinton engaging in sex with underage girls was bad, the wait till you see the report that 60 Minutes Australia put out!’ VIDEO – (FULL EPISODE)

School District Pressures Homeschoolers To Teach Common Core

Jim Rickards Discusses Looming Shut Down of the Entire US Economy (Video)

While the nation was watching the election, the EPA just approved another toxic herbicide for Monsanto

Sparking controversy: Images of Hezbollah ‘parading US armored vehicles’ emerge online – “Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group, recognized as terrorist organization by the US, has been allegedly spotted parading a vast number of US-made military vehicles in Syria, triggering questions about how they ended up in the militants’ hands.” – KIND OF LIKE WHEN ISIS HAD ALL THE USED US TOYOTA TRUCKS, HMMM!!!!!

As the world currencies start to crater, India mulling banning of gold imports along with eliminating cash – Ken Schortgen

The Global Anti-Cash Axis Targets Australia

War On Cash Intensifies: Citibank To Stop Accepting Cash At Some Branches

Multi-nationals Are Leaving Venezuela, Selling Out at Fire Sale Prices – “Short of a revolution, or a miracle, Venezuelans will continue to suffer under another socialist experiment playing itself out to its bitter and predictable end.”

US panel on China concerned by Beijing’s growing military might, urges Congress to investigate

Glyphosate ( Roundup )Now Found To Contaminate Most Popular Western Foods

New Transmissible Vaccine Spreads Like Virus, No Consent Necessary

Extreme Censorship Has Come to America

TITANPOINTE The NSA’s Spy Hub in New York, Hidden in Plain Sight

Zerohedge Included in What NY Magazine Calls ‘Extremely Helpful List of Fake and Misleading News Sites’ – “Interestingly, I didn’t see Slate on this list despite publishing one of the most blatant pieces of fake, pro-Hillary news propaganda of the year just a few days before the election with the following, quickly debunked, monstrosity”

Self-Proclaimed Truth Czars Create Lists of ‘Fake News’ Sites to Control Your Mind – ” Who gets to decide what real news is and what fake news is?”

Drown Out the Lying MSM – GOOD OP-ED!!!

Google and Facebook Will Be Arbiters of Truth in the War on Fake News – “As Noam Chomsky wrote in his brilliant book, Language and Politics: You don’t have any other society where the educated classes are so effectively indoctrinated and controlled by a subtle propaganda system – a private system including media, intellectual opinion forming magazines and the participation of the most highly educated sections of the population.” – Daisy Luther

Jesse Jackson to Obama: Give Hillary a Pardon – JESSE STICKING HIS NOSE IN WHERE IT DOESN’T BELONG, ONCE AGAIN!!!!

UN: ‘It’s Through Local Government That You Can Get Big Shifts’ – “Warning: By their own pointed admission, the UN is targeting local governments in order to implement 2030 Agenda, New Urban Agenda and Sustainable Development. Thus, national and regional governments can be safely bypassed, avoiding any risk of oversight or accountability”

Is Bottom In For The Latest Gold Market Paper Attack? – Dave Kranzler

Girl suspended from middle school for cutting peach with child butter knife Pembroke Pines police turn investigation over to State Attorney’s Office – ONLY IN A POLICE STATE, NEXT THEY WILL BE TURNING HER OVER TO HUMAN SERVICES. THERE IS NO LONGER ANY COMMON SENSE IN THIS COUNTRY AS THEY SLOWLY TAKE OVER EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES!!!!!!

Report: Trump weighing Laura Ingraham, Richard Grenell for administration posts

Why Donald Trump Must Shut Down The Federal Reserve And Start Issuing Debt-Free Money

Now That The Election Is Over, Will Republicans And Democrats Learn How To Love One Another?




Ecclesiastes 7:12   For wisdom is a defence, and money is a defence: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it.