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Chicago Gets Serious About Sky-High Murder Rate By Banning WESTERN COWGIRL PLAYSET, Other Toys – “ will not deliver a toy cowgirl playset to Chicago residents, apparently because of a municipal law in the city forbidding replica toy firearms. The hot pink ensemble — “everything a kid needs to be a ‘real’ Western cowgirl!” — comes with a child-size cowgirl hat, a holster festooned with a silhouetted horse and rider and a six-pointed badge with a shirt clip and space for a name. There’s also a silver and pink cap gun among the accessories. “ – BAN THE KID’S TOYS FIRST, SO WE GET USE TO THEM TAKING AWAY OUR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS TOO!!!!

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Crony Communism: Hillary Clinton’s Game Plan For America – Dave Kranzler

N. Korea threatens US with preemptive nuke strike, promises more tests – N. Korean official

Open Borders Policy Is Pushed By Democrats, Republicans And Technocrats – “Trilateral Commission policy for erasing the borders of the world is seen to be thriving in all political parties. It is also backed by other unsavory characters like George Soros. The global elite believe that the UN’s Sustainable Development cannot be completely implemented without first establishing a multicultural society.”

CNN falsely states that it unlawful for the public–but not for CNN–to search WikiLeaks

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Filmmaker Faces 45 Years in Prison for Reporting on Dakota Access Protests – “In an ominous sign for press freedom, documentary filmmaker and journalist Deia Schlosberg was arrested and charged with felonies carrying a whopping maximum sentence of up to 45 years in prison—simply for reporting on the ongoing Indigenous protests against fossil fuel infrastructure.” – SOUNDS LIKE WE ARE BECOMING MORE AND MORE COMMUNISTIC ALL THE TIME!!!!!

Illness, Respiratory Symptoms After CDC Protesters Hit By Chemtrails, Including “Vaxxed” Producer

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Psalms 101:7   He that worketh deceit shall not dwell within my house: he that telleth lies shall not tarry in my sight.