Germany Working On Deutsche Bank Rescue Plan As Lender Sells Unit To Shore Up Liquidity

The New Banking Crisis — In Two Frightening Graphs

EU Banking Mayhem, One Bank at a Time, then All at Once

Even doctors are scared, advising against new ‘needleless’ flu vaccine

How The ‘Deplorables’ Can Save America – “What Clinton and social justice lunatics are really referring to when they use these attacks are those people who want to be free to think and do as they see fit as long as they are not violating the constitutional rights of others”

Washington Mall Shooting: Answer Not Gun Control, but Armed Populace – “What is not needed is politicians and Hollywood personalities pointing fingers at the NRA in an obvious attempt to further curb the Second Amendment — actions which would leave good citizens further defenseless and do nothing to curb violent acts by those such as Arcan Cetin.”

‘Burdensome To Gun Owners’ — Calif. Police Issue Dire Warning About Proposed Law

Sucker Punch On Main Street—–Disturbing Facts About The Fed’s Phony Housing “Recovery”

100% Proof Emerges Next Debate Already Being Fixed For Hillary Clinton – Open Debate Coalition Deleting Top Rated Questions From Americans Regarding Benghazi, Email Scandal

Trump/Clinton After Round One: “Who’s Fit to Run the World?”

George Soros’s False Flag Factories

Forget Agenda 21: UN’s 2030 Agenda Will ‘Transform the World’ – “If you think Agenda 21 was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait until you learn what the creepily utopian 2030 Agenda has in store for us all.” – MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT EVEN AWARE OF THESE UN AGENDAS TO COMPLETELY CONTROL THEIR LIVES, BUT THEY KNOW WHO’S WINNING IN THE NFL!!!!!!!

Obama Authorizes: “Presidential Memorandum – Climate Change And National Security”

Global trade growth at the worst levels since the Great Recession – Ken Schortgen

First presidential debate: Hillary Clinton scripted, robotic but polished… Donald Trump tag-teamed by Lester Holt and Hillary Clinton with barrage of scripted personal smears

Winner of last night’s debate was Lester Holt – Jon Rappoport

CNN’s Bolduan: ‘Strong Point’ To Ask What Clinton Has Done For 30 Years, ‘She Did Not Answer’

Elmination of the Independent Media Has Started with the Banning of Michael Savage

Clinton Just Made A Veiled Threat Against Russia On Live Television – Again

US propaganda machine now in overdrive: Dead set against Russia’s anti-terrorist war in Syria

U.S. Says Russia Bombed Convoy Even If It Didn’t – MORE RUSSIA BAITING IN THE PUSH FOR WAR!!!!!

Days Away From Internet D-Day, This Is How The Globalists Go For The Kill – Hillary Tells Americans Why We Should All Vote Trump

Obama Stiffed Congress And Ratified Paris Climate Agreement By Himself – “Obama had no authority to commit the U.S. to the Paris Climate Agreement, but did so anyway. So far, the Senate has said nothing in rebuttal, although they have enough reason to impeach Obama on the spot over this one issue. The damage that Obama can still do to America before his term in office expires is incalculable.”

Air Pollution Skyrocketing Worldwide in ‘Public Health Emergency’: WHO – “Developing counties and vulnerable populations at particularly high risk for health impacts, new research finds”

RISE OF SATANISM ANOTHER SIGN OF ‘AMERICA’S FALL FROM GOD’ – “Christian leaders speak out against open blasphemy, devil worship “

The State of the Economy and Why You Need to Be Preparing – GOOD ARTICLE!!!

Clownpocalypse: Clown Sightings Spread to Florida, Virginia and Colorado

Nearly 200 earthquakes hit Salton Sea amid quake swarm

Orwell’s 2016: The System is Completely Rigged (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler and Rory Hall

The Anglo-American War Machine – “Contrary to the incessant grandstanding by US and British politicians that they are committed to promoting freedom, democracy and peace around the world, the evidence proves that the Anglo-American establishment is in the business of war, destabilization and conflict creation.”

‘Utter disregard for civilian life’: MSF slams Saudi airstrikes on Yemen hospitals

Build Your Own Potato Growing Box (Effective Method to Produce a Large Quantity of Potatoes)

After two jihad attacks in NYC in September, de Blasio names September 25 “Muslim Parade Day” – “Mayor Bill de Blasio seems to think that his primary responsibility after every jihad attack is to make sure that no one thinks ill of Islam”

THE REAL AGENDA BEHIND CHARLOTTE’S ‘PEACEFUL’ PROTESTS – ‘Animated not only by anti-white racism but by a hatred of normal American values’

U.S. Corporations Side With Saudi Arabia Against the American People Over 9/11 Victims Bill

Pioneering Grandma Building Sustainable Tiny Hemp Homes


Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.75EUR




1 Samuel 15:23   For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.