Maryland Schools Ban Thousands Of Students Without Government-Mandated Vaccinations – “First California and now Maryland: The heavy hand of Technocrats risk education over profit-guzzling policies of Big Pharma. This battle will heat up to fever-pitch before it is resolved” – FORCED VACCINATIONS ARE KILLING OUR CHILDREN. AUTISM RATES ARE SKY-ROCKETING AS WELL AS INFANT MORTALITY RATES IN THE U.S.. WAKE UP PEOPLE. WATCH  THE MOVIE “VAXXED”, READ ARTICLES, DO THE RESEARCH. THIS IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!


24 Constitutional Questions Every American Should be Able to Answer – “#3. Q: Does the Constitution allow the president to make law? A: No. Executive Orders issued by the president that bind the entire nation are illicit because, as noted above, “All legislative powers” reside in Congress”

Pipe Bomb Explodes At Marine Charity Run In New Jersey

Gerald Celente – Trends In The News – “Market Correction? Or Market Crash? (VIDEO)



Creepy Clowns Are Terrorizing Children, Parents And Schools All Over America

Understanding the Root Cause of the Coming Global Reset… (Videos) – “In short, the “global reset” is essentially the end of the United States Dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and the beginning of a new monetary system led by a new currency.”

Russia and Iran working on a new banking system that bypasses the dollar – Ken Schortgen

Monsanto to be acquired by Bayer, the Nazi-era IG Farben ‘crimes against humanity’ poison chemical company – “It is altogether fitting that Monsanto, the world’s most evil corporate monster, is now going to be acquired by Bayer, the Nazi-era war crimes chemical company that committed crimes against humanity. The price of this demonic acquisition that will spell doom for humanity? A mere $66 billion. “

‘Five-Alarm Warning’ To America And The World – ‘Dark Mantle Of Death’ Buys The ‘Most Evil Corporation In The World’ For ‘Perfect Marriage Made In Chemical Hell’ – “Bayer Buys Monsanto Creating A New ‘Axis Of Evil’ Aligned Against Humanity”

Breaking: Bayer buys Monsanto: the Empire strikes back – “Think GMOs, crop seeds, pesticides, medical drugs. Keep in mind that one of the consultants on the European side of this deal is the Rothschild Group. But that’s not all. Dow and DuPont are planning to merge.” – Jon Rappoport

Charity Food After A True SHTF Hard Collapse

Guess The Last Country Which Still Has Positive Real Interest Rates——Russia!

The Fed Is an Obvious Conspiracy?

BREAKING: What Two Gitmo Detainees Released By Obama Were Just Discovered Doing Is SICKENING – “It shouldn’t take much to realize how disgusting this is to see that this many people have been allowed to leave custody to go back and potentially take thousands of American lives. Yet again, Obama has failed his country”

Hillary Insider Admits to Starting Birther Conspiracy, MSM Still Blames Trump – “The fingers are pointing in every direction.”

Wow! Hillary Clinton Throws TEMPER TANTRUM After Trump’s Brilliant Birther Presser

Washington Post Grasps at Crazy Conspiracy Theory in Support of Hillary Clinton – “The theory is that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was poisoned in a plot orchestrated by Russian President Vladimir Putin acting in cahoots with Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump.” – THIS ONLY SHOWS HOW ABSURD MAINSTREAM MEDIA HAS BECOME, ESPECIALLY IN THEIR SUPPORT FOR HITLERY!!!!!!

The Existential Madness of Putin-Bashing

INFLATION ALERT! Consumer Prices Are Rising. By Gregory Mannarino (VIDEO)

Trump: Clinton’s bodyguards should drop guns and ‘see what happens to her’ – “Take their guns away. She doesn’t want guns … let’s see what happens to her.”

Cut The Crap – “So there is “anger” after Trump tells Clinton’s security to lose their weapons eh? He’s right, and here’s why.” – Karl Denninger

Belgium ‘euthanises’ terminally ill child in landmark case

Fund Manager On New Gold / Silver Ratio Futures Contracts – What’s the Bankster Play? (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler

FBI working very hard to find evidence that doesn’t exist of Russian hackers

Western Media Credibility In Free Fall Collapse — Paul Craig Roberts

The “Spider’s Web” Of Controlling Factors 2016: Understanding The CDC’s Power-Grab Proposed Rule On Communicable Diseases

French Army Prepares For Civil War To Purge ‘Undesirables;’ U.S. Next? (Videos)

FAA contemplating whether millions of drones will fill skies

Orwells Nightmare in Real Time (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler and Rory Hall

How Big Pharma’s Industrial Waste Is Fueling the Rise in Superbugs Worldwide

Upcoming Health Crisis? 4th Incident of Superbug Gene Found in the United State

Good Cop, Bad Cop – Waking Up to The Error of Blind Allegiance – “The only “good cop” is the human being who realizes the error of his/her ways, calls out the hypocrisy of the thin blue line, and then courageously turns in his/her uniform and badge, realizing that they could no longer in good conscience work for such a corrupt and immoral authoritarian  state.” – THE AUTHOR MAKES A VERY VALID POINT HERE, EVEN THOUGH MOST POLICEMEN ARE GOOD PEOPLE TRYING TO DO THE RIGHT THING, THEY ARE BASICALLY ENFORCING THE LAWS OF A CORRUPT GOVERNMENT!!!!!!

“Preliminary Results Of WTC7 Study Show Fire Could Not Have Caused Collapse”

How Many Will Die To Preserve Hillary’s Health Secrets?

If A Solar Storm Strikes The Power Grid, THESE STATES Are Where You Might Be Safe


This is How You’ll Bail out Municipal Pension Funds. Check the bills in your mailbox. Happening now in Chicago. – “To save this one pension fund out of its four pension funds from insolvency, the city is jacking up water and sewer levies by 33%, phased in over a few years”

How About Presenting the Facts and Letting Voters Decide Who’s “Fit to Serve”? – Charles Hugh Smith

US & US-controlled forces haven’t fulfilled any Syria ceasefire deal obligations – Russian Army

Before the Next Crisis: Ex-Treasury Head Warns Banks “Risks Have Increased” – “Larry Summers, Robert Rubin, Alan Greenspan, Timmy Geithner and others in their cabal opened the doors to derivatives during the Clinton Administration and helped to create an era of extreme risks – built up and knocked down by huge boom and bust cycles.”

EAST COAST ALERT: Gas Shortages And Price Spikes Imminent: “Some Stations May Run Out”

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.98EUR




Galatians 6:9   And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.