Trump vs. Hillary: A Summation — Paul Craig Roberts – “We don’t know much about Trump, and anti-Trump propaganda rules in the place of facts. We know that Hillary, like Bill, is a liar. We know that Hillary is a warmonger.”

A Disturbing Series Of Events: Governments Around The World Seem To Be Preparing For War

Now the Czech Government Is Warning Citizens To Stockpile Food

Timeline Of Catastrophe Is Moving Ahead’ – Bankster Warns Of ‘Fatal Consequences’ As ‘Chaos Preparation’ Continues Amid More Ominous Warnings

Why Is Obama Doing Uncomfortably War-Like Things to Syria and Russia?

From Bad to Worse to Even Worse – Andy Hoffman (AUDIO INTERVIEW)

CNN CARTOONISHLY SUCKS UP TO ‘EXCELLENT’ ‘GOLD STAR’ CLINTON FOUNDATION, DECLARES PEOPLE WILL DIE WITHOUT IT – “The pro-Clinton propaganda machine has gone off the track into cartoon land… this is just nuts to listen to. What’s next, are they going to compare Hillary to Mother Theresa too?”

Yesterday, CNN Analyst Claimed Hillary Health Concerns ‘Sexist.’ Today, CNN Doctor Questions Trump’s Health – “So which is it CNN? Is it legitimate, or is it sexist? Now today, we see CNN’s resident doctor, Sanjay Gupta, questioning Trump’s health. I suppose it’s ok because he’s a man.” -CNN (CLINTON NEWS NETWORK) HAS BECOME SO BIASED THEY DON’T EVEN TRY TO HIDE IT ANYMORE. IF ANYONE EVEN CONSIDERS THIS A NEWS NETWORK THEY PROBABLY HAVE A NEGATIVE IQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There Is A Mainstream Media Conspiracy To Hide Hillary Clinton’s Rapidly Failing Health

Hillary’s Crimes: Hidden In Plain Sight – “First, I don’t think Trump is a better choice other than the fact that he’s less corrupt. So what if he’s bankrupted his casino empire three times and so what if he skips paying taxes. I don’t know any “three comma” net worth people who pay much in taxes.” – Dave Kranzler

Reverse engineering Hillary’s crimes: media have it backwards – Jon Rappoport

WHY WE’RE GOING UNDERGROUND Due to the prevalence of the media’s current tone of right-wing censorship, we are no longer happy to continue publishing Survival Pulse updates publicly online. – (NOTE FROM SURVIVALPULSE.COM)

Gold Wins in Three out of Four Scenarios, Says Macquarie Strategist – “None of them bode well for the economy”

What Can We Say About a System that Criminalizes a Safe Painkiller (0 Deaths) and Promotes Big Pharma Opiates that Have Killed 165,000 Americans? – Charles Hugh Smith

The “natural” label on your food is baloney (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton KNEW her aides were working with family foundation despite her pledge not to – and she even hosted dinner at her home for the charity when in office – “SMOKE, NO FIRE”; HILLARY SAYS!!!!!!

Clinton Cash Map UNCOVERED! Find Out How Bill & Hillary Made $110M — But America Paid! (INFOGRAPHIC)

BOMBSHELL: Clinton Emails So Dangerous, Congress Does Not Have Clearance (VIDEO)

6.2 Earthquake Wrecks Central Italy, Kills At Least 120: “Town Doesn’t Exist Anymore”

Veteran Kills Himself in Parking Lot of V.A. Hospital on Long Island – “he was unable to see an emergency-room physician for reasons related to his mental health. “He went to the E.R. and was denied service,” one of the people, who currently works at the hospital, said. “And then he went to his car and shot himself.” “

MEDIA SILENT ON SURGE IN ISLAM-INSPIRED KNIFE ATTACKS – ‘One of biggest criminal cover-ups in human history’

This Oil Can Destroy 93% of Colon Cancer Cells in Only 2 Days

Baltimore Paying For Secret Aerial Surveillance Of Entire City

BPD remains tight lipped about helicopter exercise with defense department – “Boston police sent out a community advisory to alert residents about a planned training exercise in conjunction with the defense department. The Blackhawk helicopters were all lined up on the tarmac at a local airfield Wednesday. The Department of Defense would not comment on the exercise.

Venezuelan Exodus Accelerates

Zika Is Just the First Front in the 21st-Century Biowar – “Why a new era of synthetic biology could make the dangers of the atomic age seem quaint.”

Leaked Document Shows Soros Spent $650K To Influence Pope Francis On ‘Economic And Racial Justice Issues

Is the Pope About to Make an ET Disclosure at World Religion Unification Conference? – “Catholoic Doctrine has Been Morphed Into the Perverted Practice Global Religious Unification”

ZigBee Radio Transmitter: How Many Do You Have? – “ZigBee radio transmitters are the ‘smart genies’ in AMI Smart Meters. Basically, with your AMI Smart Meter ZigBee you’re living inside a microwave-oven-like atmosphere, since the AMI Smart Meter ZigBee operates at 2.4 GHz microwave frequency and radiates out for 250 to 300 feet! “

A THIRD OF AMERICANS “WILL HAVE ONLY ONE CHOICE” ON THEIR OBAMACARE PLAN NEXT YEAR – “Everyone was forced onto Obamacare. Now, it is collapsing… by design. A stinking scam to take the whole thing over – and our health with it.

How To Survive With Nothing But “Primitive Technology”

The US Air Force reveals radical plan to ‘bomb the sky’ to improve radio reception

The Earth’s Crust Will Be Shaken By More Than 100,000 Earthquakes That Humans Can Feel In 2016

Fukushima’s radiation still so potent that even robots can’t survive




Psalms 120:7   I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.