Our World: Soros’s campaign of global chaos

Fed Admits Another $4 Trillion In QE Will Be Needed To Offset An “Economic Shock”

Detroit Has Gone From Being The Greatest Manufacturing City In The World To A Global Joke

Hats Off To Mother Jones — Paul Craig Roberts – “Most Americans are too brainwashed to understand that Obamacare is not “socialized medicine.” Obamacare is privatized medicine. Obama permitted the private insurance companies to write Obamacare. What Obamacare does is to divert federal subsidies into the pockets of private insurance companies.”

“Mother of all Shorts” when Stocks Cave to Reality? – ““Everything feels distorted and unnatural”: Citigroup”

Lies, More Lies And Hillary Clinton Allies With Rothschilds (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler and Rory Hall

The Dangerous Temper Tantrums of US War Hawks – “In response to the fading power of Washington in the world, and the success of the Syrian Army, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, in fighting terrorism in Syria, the war hawks in Washington are calling for blood.”

World Health Organization Publishes Strategies For EU Healthcare Professionals To Convince Vaccine Deniers Vaccines Are Safe

Charting for Dummies Like Me – “Remember, technical analysis in rigged markets is a fool’s game, particularly when looking at short-term charts. However, when used as just another tool in your analytical toolbox they can be quite useful, particularly when viewing long-term, virtually Cartel-proof data.” – Andy Hoffman

California Kids: No Vaccinations? Then No School For You! – “A draconian California law wiped out personal and religious exemptions for vaccines, forcing parents to have their children vaccinated if they want to enroll them in public school. This is a violation of just about every human standard that I can think of.”

US Scrambles Jets As Tensions Threaten To Explode In Syria, Ukraine, S. China Sea

What’s really going on with Hillary? Why all sides agree that bad health automatically disqualifies a presidential candidate – “If this was Trump or Sanders the Washington media would be all over this story”

Zika And Microcephaly – Someone Got Their Dates Mixed Up

Children of the American Police State: Just Another Brick in the Wall – John Whitehead

Madness In Draghi Land——European Companies Issue Debt Simply Because the ECB will Buy That Debt

U.S. Government Reaffirms Total Support for Saudi War Crimes in Yemen

Growing Your Own Food (making your own emergency food crisis garden)

My Top 20 Survival Food Crops

The film Vaxxed could be outlawed in California, if this bill passes Aug 22 – Jon Rappoport

“Astronomical amounts of radiation” found in downtown Tokyo… Directly outside gov’t building — ‘Horrific’ readings where kids playing in Fukushima, ‘extreme’ levels found where food is grown for elementary school lunches — Nuclear expert shocked, upset by discovery (VIDEO)

Crop-devastating ‘whitefly’ found in US for first time, could devastate national food supply

Churkin slams US hypocrisy in Syria: “Look at yourselves in the mirror!”

Pension funds now going full retard as they begin to sell options on equity holdings to earn yield – Ken Schortgen

7 Stockpiling Myths That Even The Experts Believe (Don’t Fall For No. 2!)

US Government Experimenting Using Secret Electronic Warfare on Citizens (VIDEO)

Syringes, bats & drills: Alleged ISIS clip tells ‘lone wolves’ to use household items to attack West

The Latest Attack On America – ‘What Is Happening To Our Country?’ Exactly What We Were Warned Of In The House Of Congress, Decades Ago

This video Proof that WALMART is preparing for MARTIL LAW Coming Soon! NEW EVIDENCES 2016 


Why Is the German Government Telling People to Stockpile Food, Water, and Cash?

FBI Uncovers Over 15,000 More Emails In Clinton Probe

Meet The Hedge Fund Puppetmaster Behind The US Presidential Election




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