Hillary Clinton: A Threat to All Humanity. (VIDEO) – “The world looks on in horror as Hillary Clinton heads to Philadelphia to be nominated as the Democratic Party’s candidate for the presidency. Yet still the leading lights of the so-called “progressive” movement argue that it is the left’s duty to vote for this neocon warmonger”  -THIS IS A MUCH WATCH VIDEO AS WELL AS THE NEXT ONE!!!!!

CLINTON CASH OFFICIAL DOCUMENTARY MOVIE ( FULL ) – “If you want to know the truth about where the Clintons’ wealth came from, it can be found in the book, Clinton Cash. But you don’t have to order the book. It has been turned into a documentary. Watch the whole thing here, for free.”

Silver Manipulation – Because They Needed the Eggs – Dr. Jeffrey Lewis

Clinton Foundation is Robin Hood in Reverse-Charles Ortel

They’re Selected Not Elected – Rothschild Hosts $100,000 A Plate Dinner For… Guess Who

30 Seconds To Midnight – “There is no greater threat to human rights than to endanger all life, and that is what Washington and its two-bit punk NATO vassals are doing by increasing tensions between nuclear powers.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Game of Drones: CIA license to kill? (RT Documentary Promo) (VIDEO)

Tobacco is Legal, but Cannabis Actually Kills and Prevents Lung Cancer

Justice Department Not too Busy to Sue Town Over Mosque – “The Justice Department is taking a Pennsylvania town to court over a municipal board’s denial of a zoning application for a mosque, accusing officials of discriminating against a local Muslim organization on the basis of religion.”

Waiting Through Prototypical Cartel Shenanigans, for the Next, Inevitable Precious Metals Upleg – Andy Hoffman

China Bans Internet News Reporting as Media Crackdown Widens – “The sweeping ban gives authorities near-absolute control over online news and political discourse, in keeping with a broader crackdown on information increasingly distributed over the web and mobile devices.” – HOW SOON BEFORE THE POWERS THAT BE  DO THAT HERE AS WELL???

Is The ECB Out Of Control? How much money could be made to disappear in Italy’s bank bailout? – Don Quijones

Hillary Clinton’s “Dirty Hands” in the Forgotten 2009 Honduran Coup – Timothy Alexander Guzman

REVEALED: Vaccine ingredients cause tumors to grow – “Remember the cases of the holistic doctors who went missing or were being killed (or suspiciously found dead) in Florida? They had one thing in common: they all actively spoke out against the vaccine and cancer industries.”

Politics is Fake and Staged (VIDEO) – “Only a psychopath could read someone else’s lies from their teleprompter with such feigned emotion. And only the flag-waving, dumbed down masses could believe them. Politicians are puppets, and your only questions should be: “Who is writing their speeches? And who is pulling their strings?”

How frightening levels of Roundup in food became ‘Normal’

LIBERAL MSM RECEIVED THE SAME MEMO FROM THE DNC – “Only in today’s America is telling the truth, portrayed by the captured MSM as DARK.”

Every Week Gets More Orwellian… (VIDEO) – Melissa Dykes

No Lifeboats, by Robert Gore – “Who has the most to gain from low and negative interest rates? Obviously debtors. The world’s biggest debtors are governments, with the US government number one. Debt today is like a listing ship”

It’s About To Get Ugly: “You Better Have Some Exposure To Hard Assets”

Mission Accomplished at DNC, Clinton Hires Wasserman Schultz for Top Post – “Clinton responds to party chair’s resignation on Sunday by thanking “longtime friend” for her service at DNC and immediately naming her as honorary chair of her own campaign”

Democrats In Turmoil: DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz Resigns After Wikileaks Revelations

EU officials speculate that Ireland may be next to exit the union – Ken Schortgen Jr

Credit Card Companies Specifically Target Less Educated And Less Sophisticated Americans

“The world is in grave danger”: Putin’s full speech at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

Step Towards United States Of Africa: AU Launches All-Africa Passport To Create A Borderless Continent

Monumental Collapse of America: Greatest Empire in History Falling (Videos) – “the Strong Cities Network is nothing more than euphemism for a “global police force.”

6.1 earthquake hits off southern Australia


Seven Places Where WW3 Could Start at Any Time




Revelation 6:15   And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;