‘Heat Dome’ Over America This Week As Country Reaches Boiling Point – ‘Once The Week Starts, The Heat Is Going To Really Start Building’ – “tempers are heating up all across the country as temperatures heat up America”


Black Lives Matter Creating Civil War Within The Black Community – Two Very Different Messages By Two Angry Black Women

Shooting cops across America: guidance from above – “Cops shooting innocent people in inner cities does NOT describe the root of what’s been going on in American ghettoes. Loss of manufacturing jobs, owing to Globalist trade treaties; gang crime; drugs; poverty; absolute dependence on government for survival—now you’re talking about the roots of the devastation. But that wasn’t the preferred narrative. – Jon Rappoport

Is Putin’s Purge Of Top Russian Commanders An Advance Warning Of Large-Scale Military Action In The Near Future?

Beijing announces S. China Sea drills, warns foreign navy patrols could end in ‘disaster’ – “The comments are seen as a warning to the US, which has conducted such patrols close to Chinese-held islands over the past year” – THE BAITING OF CHINA AND RUSSIA CONTINUES. THE NEOCONS IN THE US AND NATO WANT WAR. THAT WILL BE THEIR BLAME FOR AN ECONOMIC COLLAPSE THAT THEY CAN’T AVOID, AND WHICH THEY REALLY WANT IN ORDER TO GET RID OF THE US’S SOVEREIGNTY!!!!

Jim Willie’s MOST SHOCKING CLAIM EVER – “In this shocking new interview, Dr. Willie makes the prediction that before we know it, the U.S. is going to find itself standing alone both economically and militarily.”

The Incirlik Agenda — What’s Really Going On Behind Closed Doors Between the U.S. and Turkey? – JAMES THE RUSSIAN ANALYST

Nice Brings To Mind Operation Gladio – Paul Craig Roberts

Choosing a Bug Out Location – Small town versus Isolated retreats

Baton Rouge, Nice, Dallas, Orlando – A Dark And Distressing Time Has Descended Upon The Civilized World

Sheriff David Clarke Blasts CNN’s Don Lemon: Where’s the Focus on Black-on-Black Violence? – ” calling ‘Black Lives Matter’ a “hateful ideology” “

Cover-Up? New Black Panthers Held Secret Meeting Yesterday In Baton Rouge (Videos) – “Team Hope & Change has a history of letting an inferno burn as long as they have to, because no crisis should go to waste. Regardless of who gets harmed in the process, or how many lies Captain Transparency has to tell the American people while looking directly into the camera”

Exploiting Dead Cops to Promote Their Killers – “In Dallas, Obama mentioned the name of dead sex offender Alton Sterling more times than those of the murdered police officers whom he was pretending to memorialize.”

Don’t Reform the Fed, Fed-Exit! – Ron Paul

The Worst (Fake?) Coup Ever Has Enthroned Erdogan As A Dictator And Has Sealed Turkey’s Fate

Eric Sprott: As the Fed Loses Control Gold Prices Will Soar (VIDEO)

Battle of the elites: Chinese secret society issues deck of cards for the heads Western globalists – “Known as the Deck of Khazarian Mafia, these supposed new cards are dedicated towards the families and individuals who have facilitated the Bauer/Rothschild dream of economic and political globalism going back to the 17th century.” – Ken Schortgen Jr

Annualized Inflation in Venezuela Soars to 1,000 Percent

Minor Earthquake Strikes Off Daytona Beach – “Earthquakes in Florida are rare”

Washington Is Politicizing The Olympics Again — Paul Craig Roberts

Professor receives grant for vaccine study, then warns the public against that very same vaccine – “The controversy started after Rail and a co-author, Abby Lippman – a professor emeritus at McGill University – published an opinion piece in Le Devoir newspaper that questioned the safety of the HPV vaccine and whether it was of any real benefit. “

People are freaking out over a spooky photo of Mike Pence’s family (PHOTO)

Obama, blacks and radical Muslims: Perfect storm for anarchy? – “Author warns America some leaders operating under ‘rules for radicals’ “

This Video Shows How Easily Millions Will Be Led Like Sheep To The Slaughter – The FEMA Camps Are Waiting.Virtual Mind Control Has Real Life And Death Consequences – ” ‘Pokemon Go’ may very well be the NWO’s tool that leads mindless Americans straight to the FEMA camps to be slaughtered.”

Don’t Get Too Excited, Stocks May Be About To Fall Hard. By Gregory Mannarino (VIDEO)

Countering The Fallacy Of Global Warming

3 Baton Rouge Officers Gunned Down- False Flag Written All Over This Event

Meet the People Responsible for the Next Attack on Police Officers

Hey! You Peed in My Cognitive Dissonance! PC Things We Aren’t Supposed to Talk About




Exodus 23:1-2   Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness. Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil; neither shalt thou speak in a cause to decline after many to wrest judgment: