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Middle School Teacher Facing Criminal Charges For Calling Mohammed a “Child Molester” – “In fact, he meets the American Psychiatric Association‘s definition of having a sexual deviant mental illness. However, stating this in any Islamic country will result in the death penalty according to Islamic blasphemy laws, which criminalize “offensive speech” against the Qur’an, Allah, and Muhammad.”

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Sea Levels Dropping On East Coast – “Not a single prediction in Al Gore’s junk-science movie, An Inconvenient Truth, has come to fruition over the last 10 years, including rising sea levels what were supposed to inundate coastal cities everywhere. Alas, bad science is bad science regardless of who tries to dress it up as real science.”

Texas orders schools to defy Obama’s transgender order

Russia and Saudi Arabia reduce US assets by $50 billion

While insisting marijuana has no medicinal value whatsoever, government approves new drug derived from cannabis to treat multiple health conditions




Matthew 12:37   For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.