gates    – A JAB A MONTH KEEPS THE VIRUS AWAY!!!!!!!!!

Maybe The Experts Should Listen To The Experts – “If you watch the news, you’d think Anthony Fauci was not only president of the United States, but also part God. Some version of “Listen to Dr. Fauci,” or “According to Dr. Fauci” is uttered every hour on cable news. When Fauci is unavailable, they simply replace his name with “experts.” One thing missing from all of this “news” and “analysis” is just how wrong these “experts” have been. Why are his statements on the efficacy of things like Hydroxychloroquine treated as if they were carved into stone tables by a burning bush? No offense to Dr. Fauci – he knows more about medicine than I do – but he doesn’t know everything. He also doesn’t know the first-hand experience of practicing doctors who say they’ve seen for themselves that it can work.” – Derek Hunter

concerned cuomo    – HOW DARE YOU SAY THESE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Deborah Birx Says Americans May Have to Start Wearing Masks Inside Their Own Homes – “Enforcement of mandatory mask order would require draconian police powers.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Dispatches from the War: vaccine, Gates, racism, liberals, logic – “If there were no containment measures, if people were allowed to come and go freely, they would soon lose a sense of urgency about vaccination. And businesses would be open; there would be no economic destruction. Now we’re getting down to the truth. The containment measures aren’t the effect of anything. They’re put there to achieve economic destruction, and to create the illusion of need for a vaccine. Bill Gates and his Globalist colleagues want to shove a needle into the arms of 7.6 billion people. They want to create the illusion of need for that program. The containment measures, the lockdowns—“This must mean we have to have a vaccine.” WRONG.” – Jon Rappoport

Dr. Fauci: ‘There’s No Inconsistency’ in Banning Church and Business But Allowing Mass Protests – Tyler O’Neil

CDC Director Admits Hospitals Have Monetary ‘Incentive’ to Inflate Coronavirus Death Count – Chris Enloe

Hydroxychloroquine One More Time – Paul Craig Roberts

The British public has been terrorised – “Politicians and the media have whipped up fear of Covid-19.” – Tim Black

Houston Mayor Orders $250 Fines For People Who Refuse to Wear Masks – “Police will enforce new law during regular patrols.” – Paul Joseph Watson

It’s about compliance, not science: Virginia officials demand students get vaccinations to participate in ONLINE learning from home – “Public health officials in Virginia are warning prospective students to get all the required vaccinations before the start of the school year in order to do online virtual learning from their home.” – Lance D Johnson




A Glimpse Towards November – “These dog days of summer, an anxious stillness descends across the USA as the pandemic pulses through the land in fearsome new waves, and incomes vanish, and businesses roll over, and unpaid payments-due tip lives into the bardo of default, and the idle hours of no work, no money, no company, and perhaps no future weigh cruelly on the 99 percent of citizens not girded with portfolios of FAANG stocks. A collapse of just about everything is on all at once — economic, political, cultural, social — and the election looms yet more ominously than Covid-19. Everybody knows that they know — and we know that they know that we all know — that Mr. Biden is sailing into a fog-bank of senility, and more measurably each day! His every staged performance is an obvious embarrassment of fumbled phrases and things forgotten. They are going to have to find a replacement. It really comes down to two figures: Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. What a predicament!” – James Howard Kunstler

The Spreading Feeling “This Is All Happening By Design” – Bruce Wilds

The Pandemic Is a Dress Rehearsal – “The world is entering a transformative era. Prepare for more chaos and instability.” – Walter Russell Mead

Shape Yourself Into The Perfect Weapon Against The Empire – “In a military revolution you would train with your body and your weapons to fight and kill the enemy. In a psywar, you must train your mind. You must educate your mind about what’s really going on in the world. Never stop learning, never rest in confidence that you’ve got it all figured out. You can have the feeling that you totally know what’s true or you can have a humble devotion to trying to learn the truth as best you can from moment to moment. You can’t have both. You must hone your inner sensemaker so that you can perceive reality lucidly amid the confusion and obfuscations of a society that is saturated in propaganda.” – Caitlin Johnstone

A New Prohibition Is Silencing the Deplorables – “As the bars and restaurants close, the only free speech now permitted is in the angry protest march.” – Fay Voshell

Pro-Life Activists Don’t Seem To Enjoy Equal Application Of The Law – “Law enforcement picks winners and losers in free expression sweepstakes. Try not to be shocked by this one. D.C. leaders have decided that only certain types of activism are acceptable during this time of heightened racial tensions and civil unrest. In the nation’s capital, police officers arrested two pro-life activists the other day for expressing their political beliefs in front of a Planned Parenthood center.” – Jeff Charles

As the Filibuster Goes, So Goes the GOP – Patrick J. Buchanan

Will Biden Chicken Out Of The Debates? – “Media building a wall to prevent Biden from getting on stage.” – Leesa K. Donner

Judge Jeanine sounds off on Bill Clinton’s alleged connection to Epstein (VIDEO) – Fox News

Records Of Prince Andrew’s Location On Night Of Molestation Destroyed By Police – John Vibes

BLM Protester Stabbed in Portland as Another Anti-Police Protester Shouts, ‘Call the Police!’ – “So now which police do they want to investigate this? The half they defunded or the other half?” – Nick Arama

NYC teachers protest COVID danger of school openings — with loud, shouty, spit-flecked, close-quarters march – “Logic escapes them. Or rather, for New York’s teachers unions, protesting school openings isn’t really about the dangers of COVID.” – Monica Showalter

Minneapolis Police Advises Public to Not Fight Back Against Crime – “According to the latest instructions from the Minneapolis Police Department, if someone tries to rob you in that city, you should just let them have whatever they want—no need to resist. Given the violence that occurs in some of these robberies, one must wonder if the police would give the same advice to a Minneapolis resident who was being raped or assaulted. Should a woman give up her body? Should free men and women give up their lives?” – Mark Chesnut

Washington’s Campaign Against China Could Lead to War – “When prominent U.S. personalities such as Secretary of State Pompeo speak critically and scornfully about leaders and other prominent figures of countries with whose policies they disagree, they ignore or even welcome the fact that such attacks are heard not only by the persons at whom they are aimed. The citizens of the country concerned are unlikely to disregard such criticism, and even if they may agree with some of it — perhaps all of it — on a purely practical or individual basis, they do not accept the premise that their countries are in the wrong because some foreign representative sounds off against their leaders. There is a campaign of denigration being waged by Washington against Beijing, and Secretary Pompeo is brandishing the sharpest sword.” – Brian Cloughley

US Hostility Toward China Is Bipartisan – “The US 116th Congress (January 2019 — January 2021) introduced numerous hostile to China measures, some passed, others pending, including the following:” – Stephen Lendman

Libya and Empty Promises – Phil Butler

Latest Data Shows Continued Surge In Gun Sales In July – Tom Knighton

The Underground Bunker Business Is Booming As Global Events Spiral Out Of Control – Michael Snyder

Get Those Spare Parts Sooner Rather Than Later – “It is sensible to have spares and spare parts on hand, especially for essentials. There are a number of reasons why you might consider acquiring those spares sooner, rather than later.” – Ken Jorgustin




Second Fed President Calls For More Free Money – Mish

The Census Bureau’s Grim Take on the Employment Shock During the Pandemic: Not Improving Yet – Wolf Richter

Is The U.S. National Debt Getting Out Of Hand? – Simon Moore – DUH! CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS APPEARED IN FORBES, A SO CALLED MONEY MAGAZINE. IT’S BEEN OUT OF HAND FOR OVER 15  YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Despite Big July Gains Silver Still Historically Undervalued – Peter Schiff

Gold soars to record highs near $2,000 on weaker US dollar & Covid uncertainty – RT

Some clear thinking on gold at its all-time high – “On another note… We think gold could DOUBLE and silver could increase by up to 5 TIMES in the next few years.” – Simon Black  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM SIMON!!!!!!!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.84EUR




Ecclesiastes 7:19  Wisdom strengtheneth the wise more than ten mighty men which are in the city.









COVID case numbers far lower than claimed -“So once again, we don hazmat suits and enter the mad, mad world of basic COVID lies. For purposes of argument only, we assume a new coronavirus was actually discovered, the diagnostic test is meaningful, and case numbers are also meaningful. Within that mad world, the amount of fraud is still immense. Had the CDC used its industry standard, Medical Examiners’ and Coroners’ Handbook on Death Registration and Fetal Death Reporting Revision 2003, as it has for all other causes of death for the last 17 years, the COVID-19 fatality count would be approximately 90.2% lower than it currently is.” – Jon Rappoport

These ‘Inconvenient’ Data Patterns Destroy the Established Coronavirus Narrative – “Everyone from the lamestream media to President Trump himself disparaged Sweden’s approach, and they were all ridiculously, cartoonishly wrong. Now that Sweden has obtained some degree of herd immunity and is back to some sense of relative normalcy, where do they go to get their apology? Other inconvenient patterns exist closer to home. Consider South Dakota, where its courageous leader and (hopefully) future presidential candidate, Republican Gov. Kristi Noem, steadfastly refused to shut down her state nor require masks. Aside from a bad outbreak in a meat-packing plant early on, the infection and death rate in that admittedly less population-dense state has remained consistently low.” – Scott Morefield

US Government & Yale Hold Clinical Trials On How Best to ‘Persuade’ Americans to Take COVID-19 Vaccine – Joe Martino

Two-Tiered Medicine: Why Is Hydroxychloroquine Being Censored and Politicized? – Children’s Health Defense Team

A Vaccine May Not Be the “Magical Cure” Everyone Anticipates – “Let’s attempt the impossible and set aside all preconceptions we might have about a vaccine for Covid-19, and think it through somewhat dispassionately.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Those coronavirus vaccines leading the race? Don’t ditch the masks quite yet – “Under recently released federal guidelines, a COVID-19 vaccine can be authorized for use if it is safe and proves effective in as few as 50% of those who receive it. And “effective” doesn’t necessarily mean stopping people from getting sick from COVID-19. It means minimizing its most serious symptoms, experts say.” – Thomas Curwen

Europeans Are Waking Up to Government Covid Tyranny. Why Are We Still Asleep? – Ron Paul

Millions Locked Down Under Draconian Covid Rules in Australia – “The premier of Victoria plunged the region into a “state of disaster” on Sunday, announcing even stricter lockdown measures, introducing a nightly curfew and banning virtually all trips outdoors after Australia’s second largest state recorded 671 new infections in a single day.” – Mish

Frontline Doctor Stella: “I should let people die because I’m scared of Anthony Fauci? I should let people die because I’m scared of the WHO? I’m not scared of any of them. I’m not going to let people die.” – Brian Shilhavy

Herd Immunity Is Not a Choice. One Way or Another It’s Happening – “The only choice we get in the matter is if we allow the pillaging classes to package all manner of evils with it” – Marko Marjanović

The new Covid crime: helping the elderly – “A woman has been sacked from her bakery job for accepting cash payments from elderly customers. customers. As if it wasn’t already clear that the Covid-19 crisis has driven people a bit mad, a bakery worker has now been sacked, after 44 years of service, because she accepted cash payments from elderly people. The Sun reports that Megan Metcalfe, 60, has lost her job at Birds Bakery in Radcliffe-on-Trent after it was discovered she had flouted the company’s card-only Covid policy. (She had taken cash from elderly customers, kept it, and paid for them with her own card.)Metcalfe said she was told she was ‘endangering staff members’ lives’ by taking the cash. Come off it. The growing obsession with cleanliness and rigid guidelines has reached absurd levels. ” – Spiked

Singapore to make travellers wear electronic tags to enforce quarantine – Reuters  – DON’T GIVE FAUCI ANY IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doctors are not always right. But Twitter, Facebook & Google are pure evil for not even allowing alternative voices on Covid – Mitchell Feierstein




The War for Dependence – “No, that’s not a typo. In 1776, residents of the American colonies took the very risky step of going to war with a then-powerful Britain – a War for Independence. At that time, it was quite a courageous act, one that was a direct result of grievances: Today, some 244 years later, America has begun a rebellion that may evolve into a war of sorts, yet this war would not be as straightforward as the War for Independence. This war would be quite the opposite – a War for Dependence.” – Jeff Thomas  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JEFF, AS USUAL!!!!

Regime Change The Media: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “Mainstream media opinion segments are toxic and shouldn’t exist. Not because expression of opinion is wrong but because they only ever platform (at most) two mainstream ideological positions arguing over the specifics of how, not if, the agendas of oligarchs and government agencies should be advanced. Mass media “news” segments tell you what to think. Mass media “opinion” segments tell you how to think. It’s a complete training program.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Trump, Biden – Will The Real War Hawk Please Stand Up – “Setting the record straight on the 2020 candidates’ military policies.” – Leesa K. Donner

Former Clinton Press Secretary Urges Biden “Whatever You Do, Don’t Debate Trump” – “It’s a fool’s errand.” – Steve Watson

First Broken Promise? Biden Campaign Misses August 1 Deadline for Running Mate – Joe Cunningham

Female mud-wrestling cage match: Joe Biden’s delayed VP announcement has all the candidates at each other’s throats – “Apparently, Democrats just can’t play nice — even with each other.” – Monica Showalter

Obama Endorses Manipulating History For Political Ends – “Former President Barack Obama recently spoke at civil rights hero John Lewis’s funeral, and if you read Slate you will learn his eulogy was literally “perfect.” Back in the real world, Obama raised a lot of eyebrows for using a funeral service to deliver a political jeremiad.” -Mark Hemingway

Electing Democrats Is Electing Dangerous Mobs and Social Dictators – Brandon Morse

Race Riots of the 1960’s – Today’s Are A Symptom Of Deeper Problems… – Ken Jorgustin

Media Silent As Christopher Steele ‘Hero’ ‘Spymaster’ Narrative Crumbles – “With such shoddy information collection and analysis methods, there was never any reason to give credence to any of the salacious allegations in the dossier. That didn’t stop corporate media.” – Mollie Hemingway

Why So Many Cities Are Paralyzed – “Now Portland and Seattle look like the set of a Mad Max film, and their mayors, along with many others across the country, are confronting not just riots, but a repudiation of their life’s work. If they’re not civil rights leaders, what are they?” – John Rubino

Shock Survey Finds That Funding Is Being Reduced For “Nearly Half” Of All Major City Police Departments In America – Michael Snyder

Murders in Chicago Increase 139% – These heartbreaking statistics come as Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot calls for more gun control in her ravaged city, despite Chicago already being one of the worst places in the nation for gun owners.”” – Teresa Mull

Chicago Mayor Continues Blaming Everyone Else After 9-Year-Old Killed – “The murder of Janari Ricks is an absolute tragedy. However, if Lightfoot wants to use this as a motivating factor, she should probably focus on the things she can do. Especially since, if gun access alone were the cause of violence, we’d see much, much higher crime in neighboring Indiana than we see in Chicago itself. I mean, hell, even the rest of Illinois isn’t as violent per capita as Chicago, all with pretty much the same gun laws in place. It’s enough to make you scratch your head if you think about it…or you already know that guns aren’t responsible for violence any more than spoons are responsible for obesity.” – Tom Knighton

Portland records highest number of monthly murders in ‘OVER 30 YEARS’ as city slashes police budget – RT

Seattle’s Bolshevik Revolution – “Here’s a question for you: When a young man dressed entirely in black, uses a racial justice protest to conceal himself so he can break windows, incinerate retail shops and cafes, pelt cops with bottles, rocks and fireworks, and spread mayhem across the city, what is the political message he is trying to send?” – Mike Whitney

Time For Tough Love For The Euroweenies – Kurt Schlichter

How Joeseph Goebbel’s Nazi Propaganda Gave Birth to Today’s Western Media – “Western mass media continues to be atomized in its coverage. It thrives on soundbites. Sensationalism. Cacophony. A malnutrition of context with roots in the Nazi propaganda construct of Joseph Goebbels.” – Julian Cola

Empire is the Root of U.S.-China Hostilities – “The biggest factor that has led the U.S. government to initiate a hostile relationship against China involves the concept of empire. An empire wants to be the only empire or at least the dominant empire. That is, it wants to control everyone and everybody within its realm, which ideally encompasses the entire world. That was the way it is with the U.S. Empire, whose core is the U.S. national-security state, which encompasses the Pentagon, the CIA, and the NSA.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

The Pentagon’s New UFO Disclosures: 75 Years of MK Ultra Psy Ops – Matthew Ehret

5 Edible Plants You Can Forage For In The City – Bob Rodgers




The Fed Has Secreted Away the Transactions of Three of Its Emergency Lending Programs – “What is the Fed attempting to hide from the American people and why is Congress letting it get away with it?” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Back To School, Back To Major Uncertainty & Disruption Not Priced-in (Gold, Silver, Stocks, Etc) – “You can’t price-in ECONOMIC COLLAPSE when you’re still collapsing… I’d like to share a hodgepodge of random thoughts to start the week.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Something Amazing Happened In The Silver Market (VIDEO) – “Something quite interesting took place in the silver market last week. There was a remarkable change in the dynamics controlling the silver market, indicating much higher prices to come. In my newest video update, I explain the positive changes not seen since silver was racing up towards $50 in 2010-2011.” – Steve St. Angelo

ELITE STANDING FOR SILVER DELIVERY (VIDEO) with Andy Schectman – “As silver leapt from high teens to $26, holders of record numbers of contracts are standing for physical metal delivery on the COMEX market. Will this sea-change break the back of the concentrated short campaign that has been credited with holding silver prices at or near production costs for most of the past decade?” – Liberty and Finance

Trust is Everything in The Game of Confidence! – J. Johnson

Gold Rose for 8 Straight Weeks: What’s Next? – Mish

U.S. Treasuries are Junk Bonds (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.85EUR




Proverbs 25:16   Hast thou found honey? eat so much as is sufficient for thee, lest thou be filled therewith, and vomit it.






Expect ‘lengthy’ coronavirus pandemic, warns WHO – Robin Millard

concerned sanjay   – OH, MY!!!!!!!

US Virus Experts Claim, ‘Even With Vaccine, We Will Be Dealing With This Forever’ – Drago Bosnic

ARE YOU LOVING YOUR SERVITUDE? – “The willingness of tens of millions to unquestioningly believe what they have been told by their leaders and supposed medical “experts” regarding a virus which will not kill 99.97% of the American population is a fascinating exploration of herd mentality and the power of fear propaganda. It is funny the 2009/2010 swine flu pandemic was estimated by the CDC and WHO to have infected 700 million to 1.4 billion people and killed between 150,000 and 575,000, but there were no shutdowns of businesses, no lockdowns of cities and states, no mandatory mask wearing, no school closures, and no deviation from our normal lives. A critical thinking individual might question why no mass panic and fear mongering by the media during the Obama administration pandemic, but hysteria and terror spread by medical “experts”, the left-wing corporate media, the Hollywood elite, and Democrat politicians during this similar scale virus outbreak.” – Jim Quinn – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM JIM!!!!!!!

Tucker Drops a Truth Bomb About Dr. Fauci Being a ‘Total Fraud’ – “” – Beth Baumann

Red Flags Soar As Big Pharma Will Be Exempt From COVID-19 Vaccine Liability Claims – Tyler Durden

Exempting Big Pharma from COVID-19 Vaccines Liability – “Most likely, tort liability protection for Big Pharma will be approved. All vaccines contain harmful to human health toxins — including mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, and phenoxyethanol (antifreeze). Vaccines can be more hazardous than diseases they’re designed to protect against, most people unaware of the risks, establishment media concealing them. Toxins in vaccines weaken the human immune system, making vaxxed individuals vulnerable to potentially life-threatening illnesses — young children and the elderly most at risk.” – Stephen Lendman

The Plan To Silence Doctors Once And For All (VIDEO) – “NOTE: This was pulled from YouTube within minutes, but it is still available on a platform that promotes free speech: BitChute” – Spiro Skouras

Big Tech is making sure people don’t hear about the deadly downsides of vaccines – Isabelle Z.

Science and Data – The Facts About HCQ and The Treatment of CoronaVirus – “Facts, just the facts. You know, the media is always screaming, or they used to scream all the time about “science and data”. They are not doing that so much any more are they? Not so much. Simply because President Trump endorsed this treatment is no reason for corporate media to allow American citizens to unnecessarily die from a lack of information. Below is the link to 53 different links to the actual studies – showing a wide variety of results when using HCQ – the overwhelming results are POSITIVE, not negative or inconclusive.” – Rory Hall  – THE LINK IS IN RORY’S ARTICLE!!!

Germs, Immune System (VIDEO) – George Carlin  – OLD, BUT GREAT. YOU’VE GOT TO LOVE GEORGE!!!!!!!!

NYC Doctor Highlights Importance of Vitamin D Optimization (VIDEO) – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Covid-19 Lies and Fraud: How the Fear Campaign is Affecting US Hospitals and Clinics (VIDEO) – “First, labs are faking COVID results. Some labs are reporting 100% positive tests, and this, he says, is statistically impossible. Two labs that were audited reported less than 10% positive COVID results. Morris attributes the fake reporting to politics and insurance fraud. Second, media are reporting that there are not enough hospital beds. This too, he says, is false. A few months back, he explains, there were massive staff layoffs because scheduled hospital procedures were cancelled. Currently, hospitals are running at 50-60% staffing capacity, so there are plenty of beds, but not enough staff.” – Dr. Dareld Morris and Mark Taliano

Mask madness is causing Kens & Karens everywhere to beat the cr*p out of each other (VIDEOS) – RT




America Come Back to God or Face Destruction (VIDEO) with Jonathan Cahn – “I have been looking at this year wondering if this was going to be a year of economic collapse, of shaking and more than that. I don’t believe the shaking is finished. . . . Overall, I believe the shakings are not finished. I believe this is just the beginning. . . . A nation is given a window of time to come back to God or go to destruction, disintegration or judgment. That’s where we are.” – Greg Hunter

The Pleasures of Depopulating the Earth – ” It doesn’t appear widely recognised that one fundamental pillar of globalisation, of our imminent New World Order in fact, is an astonishingly vigorous and vicious attempt to eliminate not only the world’s surplus poor but to depopulate the entire non-white world. This essay is an introduction to the origins of depopulation.” – Larry Romanoff   – EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!

NBA’s Jonathan Isaac Becomes First To Stand For National Anthem And Refuse To Wear A “Black Lives Matter” T-Shirt – “I thought that kneeling or wearing the Black Lives Matter t-shirt doesn’t go hand-in-hand with supporting Black lives.” – Tyler Durden  – AND HE IS EXACTLY RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black Lives Matter: “We Will Burn Down This System” – Part II – “A recent survey by the Pew Research Center found that more than two-thirds of Americans support the Black Lives Matter movement. While Gatestone Institute and doubtless many others wish that blacks and all minorities benefit from the equal opportunities and protections offered by the U.S. Constitution, the high level of backing raises the question: How much does the public really know about BLM?” – Soeren Kern  – PART 1 PREVIOUSLY LINKED. BOTH PARTS ARE WELL WORTH READING TO REALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT THE BLM MOVEMENT IS REALLY ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minneapolis surrenders to the criminals – “Be prepared to give up your cell phone and purse/wallet,” the police said in their email, a copy of which was obtained by Alpha News. The email said citizens should listen to criminals and “do as they say.” The message warned that “some victims have been maced, dragged, assaulted, and some threatened with a gun” – Thomas Lifson

What Coronavirus? THOUSANDS of Leftists March in Chicago Chanting, “No Justice, No Peace, Defund the Police” (VIDEO) – “Chicago has seen a 139% uptick in murders in July 2020. The mayor still has the city in lockdown.” – Jim Hoft

‘Inhumane at Any Time,’ But During a Pandemic? House Approval of $740 Billion Pentagon Budget Condemned – “Once again, the House has voted to put the interests of weapons manufacturers and war hawks over the wellbeing of people here and abroad.Only 12 Democrats voted against the measure while 217 voted in favor. All Republicans in the House either voted against the bill or did not vote. “- Eoin Higgins  – AND PEOPLE THINK THE DEMOCRATS ARE FOR THEM. IT LOOKS TO MELIKE THEY ARE THE WARMONGERS!!!!!!!

We gotta talk about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline because his US media cheerleaders won’t… it’s so like the sad fate of Brezhnev – Chris Sweeney

Veep Pick Announcement Biden Promised Before Aug. 1 Is Pushed Back AGAIN – Becca Lower  – THEY PROBABLY HAVEN’T MADE UP JOE’S MIND FOR HIM YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Queen of the F-bomb: a VP Susan Rice sure would embody an interesting idea of Joe Biden’s ‘return to normalcy’ – “art of Joe Biden’s appeal to voters, at least based on his campaign video ads, is that he will restore ‘civility’ and ‘normalcy’ to White House operations, and end ‘divisiveness’ that has plagued America. That’s his pitch. So now we have him mumbling to himself, hiding in his basement, and under intense pressure by the Obama faction of the Democratic Party to name Susan Rice as his vice presidential candidate.” – Monica Showalter

Susan Rice’s Testimony on Being Out of Russiagate Loop Doesn’t Add Up – “Susan Rice, the vice presidential contender with a high-profile history of questionable public statements, has another dubious claim in her past that until now has escaped scrutiny.” – Eric Felten

CIA Fabricated Russiagate ‘Evidence’, Says Former NSA Tech Chief – Eric Zuesse

Meditations On Yemen – “Yemen cries out. Look at it. Look, and don’t turn away. Force the eyes of the world open. Force an end to this hell on earth.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – A MUST READ FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!

United States Adds Fuel to Yemen Conflict – Valery Kulikov

‘When Should I Pick It?’ — Vegetable Harvesting Essentials – Kristen Duever

Should Prepping Be Your Hobby Or A Career? – Cache Valley Prepper




A Vaccine for Retail? My View from the Trenches – “Retail has the virus. Just as with people, different retailers are reacting to this infection very differently. Ailing merchants with comorbidities are suffering — or dying — while those without long-term illnesses are asymptomatic, even healthy.” – John McNellis

Silver Supply Is Getting Tight Again (VIDEO) with Andy Schectman – Chris Marcus

GOLD – THE SINE QUA NON INVESTMENT – “But most people don’t want to hear the truth because it is uncomfortable. I and a few others have been standing on a soapbox for 20 years warning people about the destiny of the financial system and the importance of gold.” – Egon von Greyerz

U.S. GDP Dives. Worst Yet to Come (VIDEO) -Gerald Celente

“We’re Screwed”: The Worst Months For Both Renters And Landlords Still Lie Ahead – “Rent has barely trickled in across the U.S. over the last couple months as the country continues to grapple with a decimated economy as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The only reason that many landlords have not gone belly-up alongside of their respective tenants has been due to the emergency “relief” provided by the government in the form of relentlessly printing, handing out and destroying the U.S. dollar.” – Tyler Durden




Psalm 10:7  His mouth is full of cursing and deceit and fraud: under his tongue is mischief and vanity.



Long time I ah preach it
And now you come reveal it
So you’ve got to bow down on your knees
‘Cause you can’t plant corn and reap peas

Bound to reap what you sow
And you’ll surely get a blow
You’ve got to run for cover, cover
Now that righteous come to tek over, over

Got to run and hide, you sinners
‘Cause I and I was born winners
All the wrong you did, you could never succeed
‘Cause I and I you could never mislead

I said you can’t plant corn and reap peas
I said you can’t plant corn and reap peas

Got to run and hide, you sinners
‘Cause I and I was born winners
All the wrong you did, you could never succeed
‘Cause I and I you could never mislead

I said you can’t plant corn and reap peas, oh no
You can’t plant corn and reap peas
I said you can’t plant corn and reap peas
That’s why you’ve got to bow down on you

( Sinner Man by Gregory Isaacs )






‘NO END IN SIGHT’ Fauci says Covid pandemic will ‘continue for some time’ in latest disagreement with Trump, who said it’d ‘disappear’ – Fionnuala O’Leary


As Unemployment Benefits End Today Trump Administration Gives Another $2.1 BILLION from Taxpayer Funds to Big Pharma for COVID Vaccines – “On the day unemployment benefits for Americans are ending (July 31, 2020), it was announced that the Trump administration has just given another $2.1 BILLION to Big Pharma for COVID vaccines, and this time the two recipients of this massive amount of U.S. taxpayer funds are companies outside the U.S., France based Sanofi, and UK based GlaxoSmithKline (GSK.) This now brings the total amount of taxpayer funds given to Big Pharma for future COVID vaccines to around $7 BILLION. No other country even comes close to this number for vaccine development, and the amount is only eclipsed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has given more than $18 BILLION to the World Health Organization for COVID vaccines.” – Brian Shilhavy

Bubble indemnity: Big Pharma firms will NOT be held accountable for side effects of Covid vaccine – Peter Andrews

The Coronavirus Response Is Pure State Terrorism Based on Propaganda – Gary D. Barnett

100,000 Projected Deaths Later Swedes Must Be Real Sorry About Not Suffering Through Medical Stalinism – “Oh wait, except that never happened. Here’s a UK to Sweden comparison in six charts” – In Proportion

Lockdown Lunacy: Your Government Ordered Depression Has Arrived – “Well, the Virus Patrol sure has done it. In a fit of reckless overkill they have managed to vaporize six years of economic growth during the last 90 days. Consequently, there will be no rebound in the plunging red line below no matter how much fiscal and monetary “stimulus” Washington pumps into the main street economy. Of course, you don’t have to listen to Dr. Fauci and the Scarf Lady for long – yes, they have not yet been locked up in padded cells where they belong – to realize that the Virus Patrol is on a once-in-a lifetime power trip.” – David Stockman

Netherlands Refuses To Mandate Face Masks; Sweden Says They Are ‘Pointless’ – “There is no proven effectiveness” – Steve Watson

Thousands protest in Berlin against coronavirus restrictions – “Protesters who came from across the country held up homemade signs with slogans like “Corona, false alarm,” “We are being forced to wear a muzzle,” “Natural defense instead of vaccination” and “We are the second wave.”” – Geir Moulson

English Ignore Social Distancing Pleas And Pack Beaches On Hottest Day Of Summer – Tyler Durden

Does Rep. Louie Gohmert Have Coronavirus because He Did Not Wear a Belt? – “Suppose Gohmert often did not wear a belt when he went about his daily activities. Then, media could alternatively publish articles about his coronavirus test results with headlines like “Rep. Louie Gohmert, who often went without a belt, tests positive for the coronavirus.” Mentioning Gohmert’s belt-wearing tendency would be just as relevant to the matter as is mentioning his mask-wearing tendency. As with wearing masks, there is no clear evidence that wearing belts on net helps prevent people from being infected with coronavirus. Even if you believe masks help protect against coronavirus, pointing to Gohmert to buttress that argument does not make sense given that he said in a new interview at KETK-TV that in the last week or two he had been wearing a mask more than before.” – Adam Dick

You can now be fined, jailed, and assaulted for not wearing a mask – Simon Black




How CHAZ Got CHOPped: Seattle Made Itself a Petri Dish of Polluted Liberal Ideas – “Seattle’s Petri dish provides a microcosm of a new world, ungoverned by constitutional law, in fact, ungoverned at all. In other words anarchy, and Democrats are bending over backward to deliver that world.” – David Haggith

Seattle Moves To Replace ‘Racist’ Police With ‘Trauma-Informed, Gender-Affirming, Anti-Racist’ Organizations – Tyler Durden  – THAT SOUNDS LIKE A BOON FOR GUN SALES TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seattle Plans To Undo Whiteness, Along With Undoing The Police – “The city council has decided that the two greatest threats are the police and white skin.” – Kelli Ballard

George Soros – The Money Behind The Marxist Takeover Of America – Ken Jorgustin

How the Billionaires Control American Elections – Eric Zuesse

TikTok, Epstein, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “I’m just going to keep saying this: the fact that powerful intelligence agencies have been using minors as sex slaves to manipulate our society via blackmail is vastly more significant than the details of who they blackmailed and who facilitated that blackmailing.How is this not the main story? How are people more interested in Epstein, Maxwell, Clinton, Dershowitz, Prince Andrew etc than in this earth-shattering revelation? ” – Caitlin Johnstone

Joe Biden Is About To Pick His Running Mate, And That Choice Could Have Extremely Serious Implications For Our Future – Michael Snyder

Democrats’ Policies Are Unfit For The Presidency – “For four years, Democrats have been trying to cement in voters’ foreheads the idea that Trump is unfit for office. Perhaps that’s because Democrats’ policies never have been as unfit for the office as they are now.” – Joy Pullmann


From Lockdowns to “The Great Reset” – Antony P. Mueller  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!

Pay Attention Because Your “New Normal” Should Be Survival Mode – Selco

Court docs detail Maxwell’s ‘constant’ orgies with young girls on Epstein’s island – Ben Feuerherd

WaPo’s Take on the New Clinton/Epstein Allegations Is Why We Can’t Trust Media – “A quick search of “Washington Post Bill Clinton Epstein” reveals nothing. Which reveals everything. But while they don’t appear to have covered the new information about Clinton, they did manage to post this, apparently trying to spin the news away from Clinton to implicate Trump because he knew Maxwell. This is pure deflection and an attempt to unfairly bash Trump. There were plenty of people named in the documents, so spin to someone who wasn’t? Giuffre did testify that she never saw Trump on the island. Yes, Trump did know and was friendly with Epstein. So when you try to make an equivalency with Clinton, who went to the island and flew on Esptein’s plane 26 times, it’s not even close. Plus, if we’re going to try to cast aspersions simply because Trump knew Maxwell, perhaps we should look at who else reportedly knew Maxwell and much more recently, according to reports. Such as Jeff Bezos, who is the owner of The Washington Post.” – Nick Arama

Gold Breaks $2,000, Pelosi Drunk Talking about ConRona and Rand Schools Fauci on Role of Government (VIDEO) – Jeff Berwick

The heart of the matter in the South China Sea – “The battle for the contested maritime region is over before the shooting even begins and China has won” – Pepe Escobar

Big Tech Giants are Forcing Their Way into America’s Public Health System – “A consortium of the most powerful tech players like IBM, Microsoft and Facebook are teaming up with hospital networks with links to the Vatican and tech lobbying groups to shape the conversation about the future role of technology in the public sphere.” – Raul Diego




Memo from Insiders: Dear Bagholders, Thanks for Buying Our Shares at the Top – “What looks like a powerful, can’t-lose rally to newbies is recognized as distribution by old hands. In low-volume markets (as in the past few months), insiders holding large positions can’t dump all their shares at once or the price of the stock would plummet due to the thinness of the bid. The only way to get top-dollar for one’s overvalued shares is to play distribution games: sell a little each day on the upticks, and buy back shares when they threaten to drop below the key support levels followed by trading algos.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Gold’s (And Silver’s!) Time Has Arrived – “Are you well-positioned for it?” – Adam Taggart

Gold and Silver Booming, Economy to Crash (VIDEO) Gerald Celente

The Resolutes Are Scaring The S**t Out Of The Shorts! – J. Johnson

WORST GDP in HISTORY! Jobs NOT Coming Back. Economy Meltdown Accelerates! (VIDEO) – The Money GPS




Isaiah 32:4   The heart also of the rash shall understand knowledge, and the tongue of the stammerers shall be ready to speak plainly.






The Virus Doesn’t Care about Your Policies – “At some point, we are going to have to throw in the towel. Whether a country locks down or stays open has as much predictive power over deaths per million as whether it rains today is related to the color of my socks. Or whether hurricanes are controlled by literacy rates. In other words, the claim that lockdowns control viruses is pseudoscience or magical thinking of a deeply dangerous sort; it wrecks economies and lives. To be sure, there are plenty of studies claiming that lockdowns saved lives but the high-profile ones are model-based extrapolations that presume the existence of a relationship that the facts do not seem to back up.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker   – GOOD ANALYTICAL ARTICLE FROM JEFFREY!!!!!!

America is Led by Murderers – What Can Citizens Do? – “There is overwhelming evidence that Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, is guilty of mass murder. Earning huge profits from the pharmaceutical industry, he has been the main leader in the United States controlling the Coronavirus response, which has included squelching public information about hydroxychloroquine, a safe FDA-approved drug which has been in the market for decades, and which thousands of doctors are now saying has a 100% cure rate for patients diagnosed with COVID-19. This action alone has led to tens of thousands of needless deaths, as well as billions of taxpayer dollars spent on “new” cures for COVID-19, such as the very profitable Remdesivir, and the upcoming COVID vaccines. He seems to wield more power and influence than even the President of the United States.” – Brian Shilhavy

Yale epidemiologist: Dr. Fauci running ‘misinformation campaign’ against hydroxychloroquine – “Risch said opponents of HCQ have been arguing that the drug “doesn’t work on patients near death in ventilators and therefore we can’t use it on healthier patients in outpatient settings.” “Why would you even entertain invoking a study on severely sick patients to bear on the efficacy of outpatients?” he asked.” – Daniel Payne  – MORE FROM DR. RISCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breitbart Still Suspended From Twitter After Viral HCQ Video; Doctor Gets Axe Over Involvement – “Dr. Gold has lost her job after her employer found out about the viral video where she dared to discuss hydroxychloroquine. “Until what seems like 5 minutes ago I was considered a ‘hero’ [as a frontline emergency physician] with people clapping at what I was doing… but now i have been summarily fired for appearing in what was told to me was ‘an embarrassing video’.” It is unclear exactly who Dr.Gold works for but her most recent role seems to be an affiliation with Centinela Hospital Medical Center” – Tyler Durden

Hydroxychloroquine: the narrative that it doesn’t work is the biggest hoax in recent human history – Filipe Rafaeli

Hydroxy Hysteria Reaching a Fever Pitch – “COVID-19 can cause a fever, but nothing like the fever of hysteria gripping broadcast and social media over hydroxychloroquine, a potential treatment for the Wuhan flu. Ever since President Trump mentioned hydroxy as a possible therapeutic, the media have castigated it as worse than rat poison” – Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.

Dispatches from the War: New York, Trump, physical freaks – “Ready? In today’s episode of the current president in the iron mask, and a 77-year-old physical freak, Biden, with a brain aneurysm (and twelve doctors) who won’t make it through the swearing-in ceremony if he’s elected, leaving the fate of the nation to one Kamala Harris; and a country smoking in ruins, sold out by Fauci to the Chinese—hold your horses, no self-respecting B studio will green-light this mess, it could never happen, this is America, this is the land of the rednecks with big guns ready to invade governors’ offices alongside coiffed soccer moms who see their kiddies quarantined and locked down in schools after several snot-bubble sneezing third graders test positive on a viral assay geared to inflate case numbers…” – Jon Rappoport

Are the COVID Tests a Way to Surreptitiously Infect or Implant People? – “The COVID PCR tests are administered with a 6 inch (15cm) long cotton swab through the nose, which goes to the very back of your throat. Why? The swab touches the sensitive cribriform plate with direct access to your brain. Is there an ulterior design to these tests? DNA tests are done with a simple mouth swab, and it’s ridiculous to think any virus test – when you supposedly can spread it by coughing, – would not be the same. Something is screwy with these tests.” – Makia Freeman  – INTERESTING ARTICLE. CONSPIRACY? WHO KNOWS ANYMORE!!!!!!!!

UN Officials Cite Study That Finds Lockdowns, School Closures KILLING More Children Than COVID – “There will be “intergenerational consequences for child growth and development.”” – Steve Watson

We may already have herd immunity – an interview with Professor Sunetra Gupta – “Are we already immune to coronavirus? Professor Sunetra Gupta, a theoretical epidemiologist at Oxford University, discusses her recent study on the herd immunity threshold, as well as her views on the social costs of lockdown, the inaccuracy of epidemiological models, and the curtailment of academic debate” – The Reaction Team

Vaccine distribution will be ‘joint venture’ between CDC and Pentagon – “The plan breaks with the longstanding precedent that CDC distributes vaccines during major outbreaks through a centralized ordering system.” – Sarah Owermohle



After 300 Million Infections It’s Time to Knock It Off With the “Survivor” Nonsense – “Would you ever call yourself a “flu survivor”? So for a cancer survivor, who has faced certain death and fought it victoriously, who made it to the finish and didn’t die on the way, who still has the surgery scars and the lifelong damage chemo causes, who now has a higher risk of new or returning cancers, as well as a lifespan shortened by several decades– those who’ve had corona calling themselves “survivors” is deeply offensive.” – Dissenters and Skeptics of Oregon

The Beast System is Almost Here! (VIDEO) – “Everything is moving at “warp speed” and soon the beast system will be in place. Are you ready? It’s coming… no matter if you like it or not.” – M.D. Creekmore

This Is What Most Americans Are Missing: The Ties Between Bill Gates, The Covid 19 Vaccine, Digital ID’s And The Full Implementation Of The Global Control Grid – Professor Steven Ferry




When the Going Gets Weird, the Weird Get Punked – “Did you happen to view the Attorney General being assailed by lunatics in the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday? It kind of looked like a scene from the French Revolution acted out by a road company touring Alice in Wonderland. Mr. Barr stolidly endured their orchestrated calumnies as though he had larger matters on his mind. Do not suppose it will end there, or end well for this shabby claque of mutts and harpies. If the forlorn homunculus Chairman Nadler accomplished anything, it was to ratchet up Mr. Barr’s determination to round up and indict the figures behind the years’ long campaign of sedition waged against the public interest and decency. Sometime before Halloween, an awful wrath is going to befall Barack Obama’s wingmen and handmaidens, and it will be a supremely sobering moment.” – James Howard Kunstler

When Corporate Power Is Your Real Government, Corporate Media Is State Media – “The New York Times published an astonishingly horrible article the other day titled “Latin America Is Facing a ‘Decline of Democracy’ Under the Pandemic” accusing governments like Venezuela and Nicaragua of exploiting Covid-19 to quash opposition and oppress democracy. The fact that America’s most widely regarded newspaper feels perfectly comfortable making such a spectacularly in-your-face lie on behalf of the US government tells you everything you need to know about what the mass media in America really are and what they do.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Should We Be Protesting About George Floyd or Julian Assange? – “Instead of protesting against the persecution of a truth-teller, agents of the Establishment, pretending to be “peaceful protesters,” are burning and looting properties belonging to black, Asian, white, and Hispanic business owners and destroying public monuments for no other reason than a felon, misogynist, drug addict, George Floyd, killed himself by overdosing on Fentanyl.” – Paul Craig Roberts  – THE MSM NEVER BRINGS UP THE FENTANYL ANGLE EVEN THOUGH IT WAS IN THE AUTOPSY!!!!!!!!

Neither Flyover Folk Nor AG Barr Showed Any Mercy To The Dems – “Heartlanders revolt against the political circus.” – Sarah Cowgill

White House: We’ve Sent Democrats Four Offers to Help Americans, They’ve Rejected All of Them – Katie Pavlich

Your TRUE ENEMIES Are Not Your Fellow Americans – Ken Jorgustin

The Biden Rule: ‘No Men Need Apply!’ – “Biden has suffered a transparent deterioration of his mental capacities… What are the odds that Biden would serve a full term? There is a real possibility that, this coming week, Joe Biden will be selecting the 47th president of the United States. For the woman Biden picks — he has promised to exclude from consideration all men, black, brown, white or Asian — has a better chance of succeeding to the presidency than any vice presidential nominee in U.S. history, other than perhaps Harry Truman.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

The great Herman Cain, R.I.P. – “Best president we never had.” – Monica Showalter

Cuomo Blames Trump for Cain’s Death, Claims Pres. Feels No Remorse – ““Implying evidence of cause of death without any evidence,” she said to former Arkansas Governor, Cain’s friend, and fellow former GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. “This is just painful to watch. If Chris Cuomo wants to dress someone down about COVID, why didn’t he talk to his brother whose stupid decision about nursing homes killed thousands of people, including the parents-in-law one of my dear friends that you and I both know and love, Janice Dean,” Huckabee blasted the mentally lacking Cuomo.” – Nicholas Fondacaro

concerned cuomo   – JUST BEING MY NORMAL, ASSHOLE, SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Ingraham sprints past Rachel Maddow to become most-watched female cable news host – Mike Brest  – THAT’S BECAUSE LAURA IS ACTUALLY INTELLIGENT AND DOESN’T GO ON RANTS LIKE RACHEL DOES!!!!!!

‘Divisive And Deeply Dishonest Campaign Speech’: Tucker Carlson Blasts Obama For Politicizing John Lewis Funeral – “Imagine if some greasy politician showed up at your loved one’s funeral and started throwing around stupid partisan talking points about senate procedure. Can you imagine that? You would be shocked if that happened. You’d probably walk out. Desecrating a funeral with campaign slogans? What kind of person would do that? But Democrats in the audience didn’t seem offended,” he said. “They didn’t blink. They cheered. It all seemed normal to them. And why wouldn’t it? Political power is their religion. It’s not out of place in a church. it’s what they worship.” – Scott Morefield

Nets Celebrate Politicization of Lewis Funeral for ‘Forceful Attack’ on Trump – “Though it often seemed more like a political rally, former President Barack Obama delivered the eulogy at late Congressman John Lewis’s (D-GA) funeral Thursday. Via the politicized address, the liberal media received their marching orders from their beloved leader: accuse President Trump of threatening the November the election and compare him to racist Alabama Governor George Wallace (D). And they celebrated him for it” – Nicholas Fondacaro

The Chicago Gun Myth – “The tragically incompetent mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” this weekend to deflect attention from the horror show unfolding in her city by blaming interlopers for its spiking murder rate: “We are being inundated with guns from states that have virtually no gun control, no background checks, no ban on assault weapons — that is hurting cities like Chicago.” Although these accusations have leveled by Chicago politicians for decades now, they are a myth. For one thing, there is no state in the nation with “virtually no gun control” or “no background checks.”” – David Harsanyi

4 French Revolution Trends That Have Started In The United States – “The bloody and terrible French Revolution featured attacks on religion, rewriting history, toppling statues, and abandoning tradition. Sound familiar?” – Krystina Skurk

Turkey’s Erdogan – From Hagia Sophia to the Shores of Tripoli and Beyond – “The Muslim Brotherhood or al-ʾIkḫwān al-Muslimūn, was created in British-ruled Egypt, then legally part of the ottoman Caliphate, in 1928 in the wake of the upheaval of World War I and the dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire. It was allegedly created by an obscure Sunni Muslim school teacher named Hassan Al-Banna. Much like the Jesuit Order of the Catholic Church, the Brotherhood of Al-Banna concentrated on a special education of youth, presenting the outside world with a façade of charity and good works while concealing a deadly and ruthless inner agenda of power by force. This is the organization behind Erdogan’s military agenda in Libya and far beyond. It bodes ill for any illusions of diplomatic agreements to end the wars either in Syria, Iraq or Libya and beyond.” – F. William Engdahl

What We Are Told and Not Told About the South China Sea – “If war breaks out between China and the United States, there is a high probability that the precipitating factor will be the South China Sea. The United States is currently running another of its so-called “freedom of navigation” exercises in the region, employing no less than two aircraft carriers, together with their supporting armada of warships. The western media regularly report these naval exercises but rarely if ever is the historical situation put into any kind of context.” – James ONeill

Russophobia Goes Viral Again… And Fatally No Cure – “This week saw U.S. media reports claiming that Russian military intelligence is spreading disinformation about the coronavirus to sow discord ahead of the November presidential election. Such reports are nothing but more bombast and reprehensible Russophobia as part of a chronic mental condition which seems to have no cure” – Strategic Culture Foundation

What Weapons are US Biolabs Testing? – “The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has shone the spotlight on the research being conducted within the network of US partner biolabs in many countries of the world, and on the fact that it has not been playing an active role in curbing the spread of COVID-19. And yet, the key goal of USA’s Biological Threat Reduction Program is to “counter and reduce the risk of biological threats and to prepare, respond to, and recover from them if they happen” in cooperation with partner countries.” – Vladimir Odintsov

Here Are The Top Highlights From Ghislaine Maxwell’s Unsealed Court Records – “No wonder she’s flipping out…” – Tyler Durden

Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew, Bill Richardson and … Bill Clinton: All Named in Epstein Court Documents as Involved With Underage Girls – Shipwreckedcrew

How To Become A DIY Survival Gear Expert – Martin Banks





Nobody Knows How to Ever Get Out of This Mess – ““Extend and Pretend” forevermore.” – Wolf Richter

We Are Experiencing Economic Devastation On A Scale That America Has Never Seen Before -Michael Snyder

Market Friday: Gold and Silver Close the Deal in July – Tom Luango

Silver: poor man’s gold no more? – “Prices for the metal trade 25% higher for July” – Myra P. Saefong

Where Silver Closes Today Sets An Important Trend For Next Month – Steve St. Angelo

The Next Leg Down: The Top 10% Are About to Take a Hit – “No federal bailout or stimulus can reverse these three dynamics, and no amount of legerdemain can replace the spending of the top 10%.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Amazon Had a Campaign to Destroy Competitors “the Way a Cheetah Would Pursue a Sickly Giselle” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.66EUR



Proverbs 12:18    There is that speaketh like the piercings of a sword: but the tongue of the wise is health.







Dr. Fauci: Wear goggles or eye shields to prevent spread of COVID-19; flu vaccine a must – Caterina Andreano  – THE NEXT STAGE WILL BE HAZMAT SUITS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hydroxychloroquine, COVID, FDA; and Pharma and all its whores around the world – “Pharma and all its allies and minions and whores are focusing on a jackpot bonanza for COVID treatment: vaccines and new antiviral drugs. Pharma does not want competition. It definitely does not want to see a landscape in which all sorts of alternative treatments for COVID (or any purported disease) are rampant and free-wheeling. We are seeing multiple censorship actions across platforms, when people, including doctors, speak positively about HCQ. Fauci is very much in the pro-Pharma camp, of course. He and Gates want an RNA vaccine to come to market, by any means necessary. They also want antiviral drugs to dominate COVID treatment.” – Jon Rappoport

Newsweek op-ed written by Yale professor blasts fake news media, leftist politicians for rejecting hydroxychloroquine – “The left-wing media is insistent that any scientist, doctor, or medical professional who supports the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a remedy for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is guilty of pushing unproven quackery. But is Dr. Harvey A. Risch, M.D., Ph.D., a renowned epidemiologist from Yale University who says HCQ is effective, really a quack?” – Ethan Huff

Rep. Louie Gohmert: ‘I Will Use Zinc, Erythromycin, and Hydroxychloroquine’ to Fight Coronavirus – ““My doctor and I are all in,” Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, told “Hannity” Wednesday while on quarantine from having contacted coronavirus.” – Sara Carter Staff Writer

Sweden’s Actual COVID-19 Results Compared to What Modelers Predicted in April – “Sweden’s top epidemiologist Anders Tegnell says a massive decline in COVID-19 cases shows “the Swedish strategy is working.” Is he right?” – Jon Miltimore

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Admitted He Follows UN Directives When Censoring Content (VIDEO) – “CDC gets their guidelines from the UN-controlled WHO. Pichai was specifically asked about Youtube’s censoring of a video of a group of doctors who talked about the hydroxychloroquine’s effectiveness in curing those sick with COVID-19. Pichai said they censor content contrary to CDC guidelines.” – Rory Hall

Ultra-Secret Covid Conspiracy Inside the Beltway – “Big Pharma and the WHO have known all along about the HCQ cure for COVID-19. Everyone at the CDC, NIH and FDA knows that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is the silver bullet for the coronavirus. They also know that, when combined with azithromycin and zinc, the 3-in-1 protocol provides the magic formula for almost anyone with coronavirus disease. However, what Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx and Robert Redfield are not telling anyone is that practically every VIP in Washington, D.C. is using HCQ prophylactically.” – Anonymous D.C. Insider  – TAKE THIS ONE WITH A GRAIN OF SALT SINCE THE SOURCE IS ANONYMOUS. BUT IT’S PROBABLY GOT SOME TRUTH TO IT!!!!!!

CENSORSHIP: CDC Takes Over Frontline Doctors’ Website and Replaces Content with Their Own Data – Brian Shilhavy

Why Did They Censor ‘America’s Frontline Doctors’? (VIDEO) – Ron Paul Liberty Report

The True Face of Covid-19: Fear and “Shock Therapy” to Impose a Totalitarian Society? – “It reminds us of the 2009 operation, with the fake H1N1 pandemic [3]: same tactics, same complicity (media, political, government), same “experts”, same scenarios, same narratives with an emphasis on fear, guilt, haste and always the same stench of this omnipresent money in the form of huge profits on the horizon for the Big Pharma vaccine producing industry. It is as if the H1N1 episode of 2009 has been used as a rehearsal. This time, the COVID-19 episode of 2020 is poised to turn the trial into a success?” – Dr. Pascal Sacré

Boris Johnson’s Lockdown Killed 21,000 Britons in First 8 Weeks Alone Study Finds – “A government hasn’t killed this many British civilians since the Blitz” – Laura Donnelly and Sarah Knapton

The Coming ‘Vaccine War’ (VIDEO) with Spiro Skouras – Free Man Beyond the Wall Peter R Quinones  – SPIRO IS ALWAYS A GREAT LISTEN!!!!!




Freedom and Political Dissent – “Are they military? They look and act and are armed as if they are, but the feds claim the Department of Homeland Security, not the Department of Defense, employs these forces. Does that make a legal difference? The Constitution and federal law prohibit the introduction of the military into domestic law enforcement unless requested by the state legislature or the governor. Both the Portland mayor and the Oregon governor have asked the feds to go home.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Our Slide into Social Psychosis and Breakdown – “Not only is our lifestyle on back-order, so is our sanity.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Trump floats November election delay, but it won’t happen – Zeke Miller and Colleen Long  –  CAN HEAR IT NOW FROM THE DEMS AND CNN; HE DOESN’T WANT TO LEAVE THE OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy Pelosi imposes mandatory mask policy for House floor after GOP Rep. Gohmert tests positive for coronavirus – Kevin Breuninger

Democrat Liars Are Barely Even Trying to Fool Us Anymore – Kurt Schlichter

Biden’s Civil War – “Starting slowly, Biden will precipitously increase taxes on guns and ammunition while restricting the amount of ammunition that can be legally purchased in a month. There will be mandatory gun registration under penalty of law. Failure to register will subject gun owners to felony prosecution, fines starting in the tens of thousands of dollars, and civil forfeiture of property such as real estate and cars. Then, after the midterm elections, with the left in full control of the legislative and executive branches of government, laws will be passed outlawing all guns in private hands (an exception will be made for Local Policy Council members). Gun confiscation will begin. The left’s power is concentrated on the coasts and in large cities. The vast majority of this country, what is derisively called “flyover country” by those on the left, is relatively conservative and armed to the teeth. There are not enough soldiers, National Guard, and potential Local Policy Council members to protect everything or seize all weapons. The fact is, Americans will never allow the government to take their guns, period!” – William L. Gensert

Why Electing Joe Biden Will Make The Culture War Even Worse – “If Biden wins the White House this November, his administration will be run by a shadow team of radicals bent on warping America’s culture to the left.” – Nathanael Blake

Has “Settle For Biden” Become The Official Democratic Campaign Slogan For 2020? – “Yes, it’s a real campaign and no, it doesn’t appear to be a joke. You can now head over to to check out the Democratic party’s latest brain child, which appears to be a campaign acknowledging the same message the organization tacitly put out back in 2016: we know our candidate sucks. ” – Tyler Durden

The Real Deep State Power Grab: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “The real deep state power grab underway isn’t about Covid, it’s about the new cold war agendas against China and Russia. All analysts who’ve been staring transfixed by Covid anxiety waiting for Bill Gates to usher in the New World Order have completely missed this story due to a misguided collective decision to fixate on this virus. The virus will certainly play a part in many ways, but the real large-scale power agendas at work revolve around the US-centralized empire’s increasingly urgent campaign to sabotage the China alliance before it upends the current world order completely.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Neither Trump Nor Biden Really Matter to China or Russia – “At the end of day, can either of these presidential candidates be trusted to pursue principled U.S.-China relations going forward? The toxic anti-China campaigning by both indicates a level of puerile treachery which foreshadows no possible return to any kind of normalcy. However, it is doubtful that Beijing is paying too much attention to what either candidate is saying or posturing at. If both of them can flip so much from talking softly to shouting loud anti-China profanities then their individual characters may be deemed malleable and unscrupulous. Both have shown a shameless streak in stoking anti-China bashing for electioneering gain.” – Finian Cunningham

A “Brazen Giveaway” GOP HEALS Act is a $30 Billion Bonanza for the Pentagon – “The new $1 trillion GOP HEALS act includes billions for F-35 fighters, Apache Helicopters, and other welfare programs for the Pentagon.” – Alan Macleod

The Washington Post Can’t and Won’t Stop Lying – “Fact checking becomes more of a joke every year. The media has escalated from bias to propaganda to casually lying on a level usually reserved for North Korean propaganda channels with no consequences on social media, even as that same media pushes to have its ‘fact checkers’ censor conservatives. The Washington Post, despite running its own fact checking operation, is one of the worst offenders around. The Jeff Bezos and Marty Baron social justice rag is to journalism what Pravda was to the news. It churns out social justice clickbait that it knows to be false as long as it makes for a better headline that is more likely to be shared on social media.” – Daniel Greenfield

Foreign Interference in Elections: Is it Real or Just Political Noise? – Philip Giraldi

About Those Strange Deliveries From China, I Got Mine!!! Whether it Is Agricultural Warfare Or Just A ‘Brushing Scam,” They Now Have Names And Home Addresses Of Americans – Susan Duclos

Bad News For Dems? Black Americans Embrace The Second Amendment – “Is Black Guns Matter the new rallying call?” – Jeff Charles

California Eyes Even More Gun Control – Teresa Mull

The Government Wants Your Crypto Data. And Lots of It. – Allan Stevo

9+ Essential Professions For A Post-SHTF World – Bob Rodgers

10 Lessons from the Business World That Cross Over to Survival – Daisy Luther

8 Reasons to use Wood Chips in the Garden – Ken Jorgustin




Second-quarter GDP plunged by worst-ever 32.9% amid virus-induced shutdown – Jeff Cox

The Big Lie: The EU is Fixed, The Dollar is Dying and COVID Will Kill You – Tom Luango

Fed’s “Whatever It Takes Moment” Is a Big Flop – Mish

Gold And Silver: Two Pictures – Jim Willie  – JIM ALWAYS HAS GREAT INSIGHTS!!!!!!

Gold Goes Mainstream, New York Times Edition – “There’s a stage in precious metals bull markets where even the least-interested mainstream media outlets feel compelled to acknowledge that something big is happening.” – John Rubino

Massive Investment Demand Puts Silver Back On The Mainstream Radar – Steve St. Angelo


The Precious Metals Bull Market Is Beginning To Rage (VIDEO) – Dave Kranzler

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.47EUR




Hebrews 6:8   But that which beareth thorns and briers is rejected, and is nigh unto cursing; whose end is to be burned.






Bill Gates: U.S. ‘sadly’ not taking coronavirus ‘seriously’ – Max Zahn and Andy Serwer

concerned sanjay   – OH, MY!!!!!!!!

Another failure of the COVID diagnostic test – “No large study validating the uniformity of PCR results, from lab to lab, has ever been done. You would think at least a dozen very large studies had checked for uniform results, before unleashing the PCR on the public; but no, this was not the case. It is still not the case.” – Jon Rappoport

Lockdown of children is harming immune systems and our best shot at herd immunity – Daniel Horowitz

Hanging with the Silenced Majority in Covid Country – “The specific formula is too convoluted to understand, let alone explain. What I do know is that I left a place where no one I know has had the disease and arrived at a place where most of the people I know have had it. I do not exaggerate.” – Jack Cashill

No jab, no job? NEJM says everyone needs to be vaccinated for coronavirus in order to go to work – ” A new paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) attempts to make the case that people who refuse a future vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) should no longer be allowed to work and make a living. In order to enforce compliance with potential vaccine mandates, the paper, entitled, “Ensuring Uptake of Vaccines against SARS-CoV-2,” states that “substantive penalties” need to be imposed, including loss of employment.” – Ethan Huff

Frontline Doctors on Censorship: We’re Coming After You Big Tech – We will Not be Silenced! – “Less than 24 hours after the Frontline Doctors first press conference in Washington D.C. was censored and removed from Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and after having their own website knocked offline in an attempt to silence them, the doctors were back in front of the steps of the Supreme Court building today (Tuesday, July 28, 2020) for their second press conference” – Brian Shilhavy

From Sweden To Uruguay The Evidence Is Clear: Lockdown ‘Cure’ Worse Than The Disease (VIDEO) – “While much of the world imposed strict population lockdowns in response to the outbreak of the coronavirus, the pressure on countries (and even US states) to conform to the lockdown demands was intense. But a few counties broke from the pack and now the results are in: not only did they not experience a cataclysm, they fared better in both cases and deaths than the lockdown countries. And they have economies to return to once the virus runs its course, which it is doing according to the history of viruses. Also today: Fauci’s “not concerned” by potential dangers of the Covid vaccine. Should the rest of us be?” – Ron Pau lLiberty Report

COVID19 Long Lasting Damage & More Hydroxychloroquine ‘Controversy’ (video) – Chris Martenson

Next Time You’re Called A “Crank” Or “Flat Earther” On Concerns About A ‘Rushed’ Coronavirus Vaccine, Show Them This – “Even CBS pressures Bill Gates on the topic that almost everyone had side effects. He doesn’t seem to care.” – Tyler Durden

BILL GATES’ RECENT COMMENTS ON CV-19 VACCINE SIDE EFFECTS ARE TYPICAL OF BIG BUSINESS – “Gates just passed the buck for vaccine safety to the FDA, made adverse reactions sound like collateral damage, and told us that multiple doses will likely be required.” – Alex Pietrowski

Of Red Herrings And Facemasks – “I get that some people don’t want to wear facemasks. I also get why people want to make up excuses to justify their stands. Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, it’s your choice no matter what the law says. Actions have consequences, but consequences do not have to determine choice. My take on facemasks? I’m wearing one in public because it gives me the best chance to survive the current pandemic, and I’m a survivalist. I don’t give a flying fig about the political aspects of the “facemask debate”, I just care about keeping me and mine alive and healthy. I’m also avoiding crowds, social distancing and avoiding being in enclosed places with other people unless absolutely necessary. It baffles me that any prepper would want to do things that would reduce their chances of surviving a pandemic, but it is what it is.” – Salty  – AGREE OR NOT – POSTING THIS ONE FROM SALTY, BECAUSE THERE IS ALWAYS 2 SIDES TO A COIN!!!!!!!

The Ultimate Divide and Conquer – “Western civilization, led by the US government and media, has embarked upon a campaign of mass psychological terrorism designed to cover for the collapsing economy, set up a new pretext for Wall Street’s ongoing plunder expedition, radically escalate the police state, deeply traumatize people into submission to total social conformity, and radically aggravate the anti-social, anti-human atomization of the people. The pretext for this abomination is an epidemic which objectively is comparable to the seasonal flu and is caused by the same kind of Coronavirus we’ve endured so long without totalitarian rampages and mass insanity.” – Russ Bangs




One Nation Under House Arrest: How Do COVID-19 Mandates Impact Our Freedoms? – “We have become one nation under house arrest. You think we’re any different from the Kentucky couple fitted out with ankle monitoring bracelets and forced to quarantine at home? We’re not.COVID-19, however, takes the surveillance state to the next level. There’s already been talk of mass testing for COVID-19 antibodies, screening checkpoints, contact tracing, immunity passports to allow those who have recovered from the virus to move around more freely, and snitch tip lines for reporting “rule breakers” to the authorities. The war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on illegal immigration, asset forfeiture schemes, road safety schemes, school safety schemes, eminent domain: all of these programs started out as legitimate responses to pressing concerns and have since become weapons of compliance and control in the police state’s hands. ” – John W. Whitehead  – EXCELLENT AS ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martial Law Is Unacceptable Regardless Of The Circumstances – “The federal government became fixated on the Bundy’s, and decided to make an example out of them. Their defiance of the crackdown on their use of the land was met with extreme measures, including their cattle impounded, their farm being surrounded and sniper teams placed in the hills nearby. The liberty movement saw this as the last straw, and so reacted at a grassroots level. The concern was that Bundy Ranch could become another Waco. They locked and loaded and went to defend the Bundy’s. I completely agreed at the time with the efforts surrounding Bundy Ranch and I still agree with them today. ” – Brandon Smith  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM BRANDON AS USUAL!!!!!!

Crash the Economy, Burn the Cities, Infect the People: the Evil Plan to Remake America – Mike Whitney

Political Legitimacy Dies in 2020 – James Bovard

Don’t. Side. With. The. Powerful. – “Those who respond to videos of police brutality with “Well what do you expect? They were disobeying!” aren’t just defending the police, they’re defending every power structure in the world where the weak are attacked for disobeying the powerful. From governments which attack, subvert and destroy weaker nations which disobey them, all the way down to parents who hit their children for annoying them. It’s the same mind virus, and it’s the same dynamic, and it all funnels upward in support of the same power structures” – Caitlin Johnstone

If this doesn’t infuriate you, then you are part of the problem. – Nomi Prins Tweet  – THANKS TO JIM QUINN AT THE BURNING PLATFORM FOR LINKING!!!!!!

Our Foreign Policy Nightmare: Vice President Susan Rice – “Susan Rice, former national security advisor to President Obama, is reportedly under consideration for the vice presidential slot in presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s administration. , Syria, Afghanistan—Rice was at the table for every Obama debacle. And she has no solid positions of her own.” – Barbara Boland

Judiciary Hearing Democrats Abuse Barr, Prevent Him From Speaking – “House Democrats’ extraordinary rejection of reality and reason.” – Graham J Noble

“I Thought I Was Supposed To Be Heard”: Full Highlights From Barr ‘Hearing’ – “A real class act…” – Tyler Durden

Time to defund the defunders – Jim DeMint

Getting Rid Of The Police, Or Trump, Will Only Enable More Riots – “Our political and media elite think that Trump and the police are the cause of the ongoing unrest. They couldn’t be more wrong.” – John Daniel Davidson

Pompeo Gives New Meaning to the Ugly American – “Judge him by his actions and rhetoric, defining the menace he represents. Time and again, he shows that he’s mentally unbalanced, recklessly dangerous, arrogant and contemptuous of the rule of law. He’s also able to manipulate geopolitical know-nothing Trump to go along with policies no responsible leader and government would tolerate. Along with majority congressional hardliners in both wings of the US war party, he’s going all-out to sabotage decades of Sino/US relations.” – Stephen Lendman

US Rhetoric Reflects a Long Past Era – “What is always revealing is to compare the rhetoric of US political leaders with the reality of their actual behaviour. Although billing itself as the leader of the free world, that alleged leadership more often manifests itself as unbridled bullying of nations it regards as lesser entities.” – James ONeill

China Says Mysterious Seed Packages Are “Forged” And Aren’t Really From The Country’s Postal Service – Tyler Durden

NYC Shootings Up 220 Percent From a Year Ago – Tom Ozimek

How Modern Jihadism Became Co-Invented by the U.S. and Saudi Governments – “Modern jihadism was co-invented in 1979 by Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan al Saud, and U.S. National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, working together, and here is the background for it, and the way — and the reasons — that it was done” – Eric Zuesse




The Nation Is Falling Into the Abyss Between Wall Street and Main Street – “I know this runs counter to every dominant narrative, but a vaccine doesn’t really matter, opening up doesn’t really matter, and the size of the “free money” stimulus checks doesn’t matter. What matters is that the nation is falling into the abyss that’s opened between Wall Street and Main Street, and nothing will stave off the collapse of the social order other than a fundamental re-ordering of the way we create and distribute money and political power, as money buys political influence.” – Charles Hugh Smith

25,000 Stores Will Close in 2020 as World Trade Plummets! Worst Economic Crisis in 100 Years (VIDEO) The Money GPS

Almost half of all jobs lost during pandemic may be gone permanently – Maurie Backman

Who Will Fund $24 Trillion in New Government Debt? – Brian Riedl

Goldman Sachs Warns Dollar Could Lose Its Reserve Status – “For years, Peter Schiff has been warning about a dollar crash and the end of the greenback’s role as the world’s reserve currency. Suddenly, the mainstream is starting to see that possibility as well.” – Peter Schiff

World on Verge of Spinning Out of Control (VIDEO) with John Rubino – “We don’t have a tool to fix this if the dollar starts to fall. That is the end game scenario in the financial system. When the world’s reserve currency starts to lose value and the central bank that’s managing it doesn’t have any way to stop it, then, basically, everything falls apart everywhere. . . . When it happens, the early stage of it will feel like the past few months here. I am not predicting we are heading straight to a dollar collapse or a fiat currency collapse, but when it happens, it’s going to start feeling a lot like it is now.” – Greg Hunter


Investors Buying Gold & Silver At Any Price For Wealth Preservation And Not Selling (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler – Silver Doctors




Proverbs 18:21   Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.






Dr. Fauci Rebukes Trump’s Tweetstorm Against Him: ‘I Have Not Been Misleading the American Public’ – Ken Meyer

Florida Is A Case Study In Media-Induced COVID-19 Panic – “Florida serves as a model of how to sow fear. First there’s the missing context. While 173 deaths reported in a single day sounds like a lot, it pales in comparison to the peak reached in New York and New Jersey earlier this spring. New York’s reported deaths topped 1,000 on more than one day in April. That’s in a state with 9% fewer people than Florida. Another way to look at it is that the death rate in Florida at the moment is 273 per million residents. In New York, it’s 1,680 and in New Jersey it’s 1,785. In other words, the current situation in Florida is nothing at all like what happened in the northeast in the spring. Yet that critical information never gets conveyed by the press.” – Issues and Insights

The Great Corona Con: Exposing Journalistic Malpractice – “The failure of major media to report truthfully is inexcusable, since accurate information would enable our society to deal with this crisis in a more reasonable manner. But this is apparently not something the leftist journalists wish us to do. Instead they try their best to keep us ignorant and frightened in order to wreak havoc in America, hoping to sink Trump. And if American society should be ruined in the process, so be it. It is difficult to recall any period in living memory in which manipulation of information by major news organizations reached such levels of cynicism. What we are witnessing these days is a most severe case of journalistic malpractice.” – Vasko Kohlmayer  – VERY GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!

Sweden: the One Chart That Matters – Mike whitney

Dispatches from the War: Black Lives Matter; Trouble in covid vaccine paradise – “Aside from the actual fact that vaccines are dangerous and ineffective—which I’ve been proving for the past 30 years—the mainstream COVID vaccine narrative is breaking down. Badly.” – Jon Rappoport

Dr Stella Immanuel The Truth about healing Covid (VIDEO) – Janine Johnson  – WATCH THIS ONE!!!!!!!

HCQ censorship, cubed: Social media giants shut down doctors testifying from experience that hydroxychloroquine works – “Picture it: A robust middle-aged doctor of matronly dignity commanding CNN pampered prince Fredo Cuomo to come on in and take a urine test for her like a good boy.That really happened, in so many words, when Dr. Stella Immanuel, a fiercely passionate doctor based in Texas, called for Cuomo to prove he hadn’t been using HCQ because he was such a loudmouth about denouncing it. For her, it was pretty obvious the treatment was easy and effective, based on her own experience as a doctor saving lives. ” – Monica Showalter

concerned cuomo   – I’M NOT PISSING FOR NO ONE. IT MIGHT WRECK MY NARRATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Twitter Locks Trump Jr Account For Posting Press Conference By Pro-Hydroxychloroquine Doctors – Tyler Durden

“Nobody Needs to Die” – Frontline Doctors Storm D.C. Claiming “Thousands of Doctors” are Being Silenced on Facts and Treatments for COVID – “America’s Frontline Doctors stormed into Washington D.C. today to host their first annual White Coat Summit on Capitol Hill to combat the misinformation and propaganda on COVID being fed to the American people through the corporate media, while successful treatments against COVID are being censored by Big Tech.” – Brian Shilhavy

Covid-19 and “The Spiderweb of Fear”. American Medical Doctors and Health Experts are being Silenced… America’s Frontline Doctors. SCOTUS Press Conference Transcript – “According to the CNN report, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), is allegedly sponsored by “Fake Pharma companies”. What nonsense. The corporate media did not even show up to ask questions to the medical doctors. The Video is down but we have the entire transcript below. Guess Who is behind this censorship?” – Prof Michel Chossudovsky  – VIDEO IS DOWN, WONDER WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Biden campaign declines ‘Fox News Sunday’ interview, 1 week after Chris Wallace’s Trump sitdown – “‘We’ll keep asking every week” – Andrew O’Reilly  – THAT’S BECAUSE BIDEN CAN’T HANDLE A ONE ON ONE INTERVIEW, EVEN WITH THE DEMOCRATIC FRIENDLY WALLACE!!!!!!

This is bigger than Covid. But few people are paying attention. – “I’m talking about conflict with China. Over the past several months we’ve witnessed a minor trade dispute between the United States and China escalating into a major diplomatic conflict, and now, into full-blow Cold War. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo left no doubt about this when he essentially declared cold war against China’s communist party in a speech late last week:” – Simon Black

Soros Has Pumped $50 MILLION (So Far) Into 2020 Democrat Election Campaigns – “Already $30 million MORE than in 2016.” – Steve Watson

It’s Now Or Never Time As America Rushes Full Speed Ahead Into The Danger Zone: One Election Stands Between ‘Freedom’ And America A Leftist Banana Republic Worse Than Venezuela – Stefan Stanford

Dems starting to panic that voters will blame them for riots – Thomas Lifson

American ‘Stormtroopers’ — A Bright Shining Lie – “When the protests turned into riots, when the looting and arson began, when the statues began to be pulled down, when the rampages went on and on for weeks and months after Floyd’s death, support began to wane. And it is dissipating quickly. The country is not going to sit still for three more months of this. At some point soon, America is going to say: Enough is enough.” – Patrick J. Buchanan  – I AGREE WITH PAT THAT SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE, BUT THIS COULD STILL BE A VERY SLIPPERY SLOPE TOWARDS THE DIRECTION OF A POLICE STATE!!!!!

“I Need To Buy A Firearm”: Radio Host Who Defended “Peaceful” Protesters Has Apartment Destroyed By Rioters – “Today in liberal hypocrisy…” – Tyler Durden

Minneapolis Residents Form Militias, Begin Armed Patrols as Riots Surge – Teresa Mull Teresa Mull

Why Marxist Organizations Like BLM Seek to Dismantle the “Western Nuclear Family” – Bradley Thomas

White Liberals Have Destroyed the Prospects of US Multiculturalism – Paul Craig Roberts

As US Eviction Crisis Looms, Remember That Poverty Is Weaponized By The Elite – Caitlin Johnstone

Europe Gets its Fiscal Integration Package – Tom Luango

Red Bull and Goya Foods Resist Cultural Warrior Group-Think – and Sales Are Off the Charts – Robert Bridge

Mystery seeds from China are landing in Americans’ mail boxes – “Agriculture officials in multiple states issued warnings Monday about unsolicited shipments of foreign seeds and advised people not to plant them. We don’t know what they are, and we cannot risk any harm whatsoever to agricultural production in the United States” – CBS News

How Government Entities Use Geolocation Data To Identify Everyone – MassPrivateI

Survival Lessons From The Mountain Men: Courage, Tenacity, and Grit – Dan Mowinski




Nonsense from the WSJ on Gold vs the Dollar – Mish


Gold’s Record Price Is All About Currency Debasement – Michael Maharrey

The Price Of Gold And The Price Of Silver Are Both Soaring Into The Stratosphere As The Global Economy Collapses – Michael Snyder

$5000 Gold, $200 Silver, Will It Happen? (VIDEO) with John Rubino – Financial Survival Network

Silver Scarcifies – “There is now a ferocious buying of silver metal.” – Keith Weiner

Silver Adds Nearly $2 & Closes At Important Technical Level – Steve St. Angelo

Hammers and Nails and Golden Vaccines – Gary Christianson

New York Times Rewrites the Timeline of the Fed’s Wall Street Bailouts, Giving Banks a Free Pass – Pam Martens and Russ Martens




Proverbs 26:28   A lying tongue hateth those that are afflicted by it; and a flattering mouth worketh ruin.






Fauci’s Lies and the Political Cowardice of Mask Mandates – ” I’ve seen an awful lot of people wearing masks around since the beginning of the pandemic, and few of them are wearing anything resembling medical equipment. Many of them are wearing nothing more than ordinary pieces of cloth. If Dr. Fauci had actually believed, as he seems to believe now, that loosely wearing any common rag over your face might be effective in preventing COVID-19 spread, there would have been nothing to prevent him from saying so. If masks truly work, how many millions were infected before he advised Americans to wear them? How many died as a result of his lie? Inescapably, we must conclude that either Dr. Fauci was lying to the American people back in then, as he now says he was, or, much more likely, he’s lying to us now by telling us he was lying to us back then.” – William Sullivan

CENSORED: Peer-Reviewed Published Study Showing 5G Induces Coronaviruses Disappears from Journal – “The peer-reviewed study referenced in this article has been “withdrawn” since this article was published a few days ago, according to the NIH PubMed website.” – Brian Shilhavy  – BRIAN IS TALKING ABOUT MAKIA FREEMAN’S ARTICLE WHICH WAS LINKED YESTERDAY AND IS HERE AS WELL!!!!!

Dispatches from the War: COVID trauma-based mind control – “The government and media messaging about the “pandemic” was immediate, and it was launched as a wall-to-wall campaign. News reports, ads, public service announcements, talk shows, newspaper articles, press conferences, etc. No room was permitted for counter-opinion and evidence or intelligent discussion and debate. The messaging flood plays a major role in the trauma effect.” – Jon Rappoport

Kennedy Jr. warns parents about danger of using largely untested COVID vaccines on kids – “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warned against mandatory COVID-19 vaccination in a debate with Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, pointing out that ‘key parts of testing’ were ‘being skipped’” – Martin Bürger

The Biggest Lie of this Coronavirus Hoax Is That the State Cares About Any of You – “But with this fraudulent virus ‘pandemic,’ the real U.S. government is being exposed for what it truly is, and now is unclothed so that all can see the truth should they desire to do so. America has gotten away with the lie that it is different, that it is better, and that it is innocent in the horrors of man, but that is all coming to a screeching halt, as the ruling class eugenicists and the political elites in government are showing their true colors, and are aggressively seeking total control over all of humanity.” – Gary D. Barnett

The Sordid History of Scam Science Panics – “From peak oil to killer eggs” – Marko Marjanović

Rage unmasked: How a piece of cloth has America going mad – “Two killings. A stabbing.” – Tresa Baldas




The Insane Leading the Blind – “On our way to becoming a nation of hobos, the Democratic Party’s Antifa shock troops brought out the lethal weapons this weekend, hoping to provoke a Kent State 2.0 type bloodbath that would clinch the election for the mummified remains of Joe Biden, currently reposing in his basement sepulcher. How’d that work out? In Louisville, Saturday, just after lunchtime, the self-styled Not Fucking Around Coalition (NFAC) was mustering for action and “inspecting firearms” (according to NFAC comandante Grand Master Jay) when one of said weapons accidently discharged and mowed down three NFAC warriors — nicely demonstrating the hazards of fucking around with loaded weapons. In Austin Saturday night, one feckless BLM mob marcher name of Garrett Foster brought his AK-47 to the street party. When he pointed it at a motorist trapped by the crowd, he got blown away to that great struggle session in the sky, the surprise of his life, I’m sure.” – James Howard Kunstler   – EXCELLENT AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

America Invades America – “Since terrorism is a special case and seems to have “no jurisdiction” any claims of an “invasion” of Oregon by the feds go right out the window.” – Tim Kirby

US protests: More riots and lawlessness in cities across nation – “Saturday’s unrest included damage to federal buildings and local police precincts — and even a fatal shooting” – Dom Calicchio

How Much Blood Must Run On The Streets Before The Zombified Masses Wake Up To The Deliberate Destruction Of America? – Susan Duclos

America’s Major Cities Are Being Turned Into War Zones, And It Is Not Going To End In November – Michael Snyder

Chicago Mayor Blames Everyone Else For Her Violent Crime Problem – “Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has a bit of a history. Then again, all of the recent Chicago mayors share that history. In particular, they all have a history of blaming everyone else for their problems with violent crime. You see, the state of Illinois has a lot of gun control on the books. It’s not easy to buy a gun there, at least not when compared to the rest of the nation. You have to approach the state, hat in hand, and get a FOID just to buy a gun. While they don’t deny these except for prohibited people, they don’t trip over themselves to issue them either. It also drives the cost up, making it harder to poor people in the state to protect themselves. But criminals have no trouble getting guns. No trouble at all.” – Tom Knighton

NFAC black militant group members accidentally shoot each other while trying to intimidate White Americans with “trained soldiers” theatrics – “The Black militant group known as “NFAC” — Not Fu#king Around Coalition — enjoys running around the streets of Louisville, Kentucky, intimidating and bullying White people with a show of arms. But yesterday, one of the members of the NFAC accidentally shot two other members of the Black militant group, generating what’s known as “Black-on-Black shootings,” which the entire mainstream media pretends doesn’t exist. (Chicago, anyone?) This is earning the NFAC a new name: Totally Fu#king Around CLOWNS.” – Mike Adams

Violence Is Spreading City to City! Soon All Americans Living In Democratic Party Run Cities Will Be On Their Own – Dave Hodges

We Asked Our Readers to Send Photos of the Democrat Party Sanctioned Destruction and Rioting in their Community — We Were Shocked at What They Sent In – “For weeks now since the death of George Floyd in May Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Marxists and other far left groups with the support of the Democrat Party have been looting, rioting and destroying businesses, homes and public property across America. The mainstream media HAS YET to air this destruction from the weeks of Democrat-endorsed violence and destruction. The Democrats don’t want you to see the destruction.” – Jim Hoft

Yankee McYeehaw: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “Hi I’m Yankee McYeehaw. My government assistance during the pandemic consists of $1200 and a dick pic while congress passes a $740 billion annual military budget and trillions are funneled to giant corporations, so obviously I’m very very angry at Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – SOME MORE GREAT GEMS FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s Time For Congress To Get Serious About Big Tech’s Threats To Individual Rights – “Lawmakers have a duty to protect the American way of life. The upcoming hearing with Big Tech is an opportunity members of Congress can’t afford to waste.” – Rachel Bovard

The Big Skedaddle – “The Big Skedaddle from the US Empire is therefore only in its initial stage. The very visible stage is yet to come, but very much on the horizon.” – Jeff Thomas

Biden’s Revenge Agenda – “He doesn’t want to help you. He’s not even interested in leaving you alone. Instead, the progressive Geppetos holding the strings to this withered old Pinocchio, should he become a real boy next January, are entirely committed to punishing you and ensuring that you are nothing like a citizen ever again. All they have to do is hold the House, flip a few Senate seats, and fool America into thinking that Grandpa Badfinger is still “Middle Class Joe” instead of a basement-dwelling, desiccated, gropey old strange-o with delusions of mental competence and a running feud with that uppity squirrel who lives in his backyard. There’s not a single policy he and his controllers will impose, after they bust the filibuster, that will make your life better.There’s not even a single policy that will just let you be. ” – Kurt Schlichter

GOP Reach Agreement On COVID-19 Relief; $600 Unemployment Boost Becomes 70% ‘Wage Replacement’; Pelosi Pops Fuse – Tyler Durden

Pelosi hold stimulus checks hostage to left-wing ambulance chaser lobby – “At a time when most Americans just want to get back to work and on with life, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi remains, the troll at the bridge, not just holding up $1,200 worker stimulus checks expected in the next coronavirus stimulus package, but in keeping the entire economy shut down until Joe Biden is elected president. Here’s her witch-like stance:” – Monica Showalter

More willful blindness by the media on spying by Obama administration – Jonathan Turley

REPORT: Red Flag Gun Confiscation Included in U.S. Defense Budget? – “Nancy Pelosi is trying to get federal gun control passed by sneaking it into the national defense budget.” – Teresa Mull

Agricultural Warfare? People Are Receiving Mysterious Unsolicited Packages Of Seeds In The Mail From China – Tyler Durden





Why Does It Feel Like We’re in “Life During Wartime”? – “The laughably hopeless hope is that by propping up the corpses, the populace will discern some faint flicker of life in the decaying carcasses and return to their free-spending ways.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Clock Just Ran Out on $600 in Weekly Unemployment Benefits – Mish

Fedcoin: A New Scheme for Tyranny and Poverty – “If some Congress members get their way, the Federal Reserve may soon be able to track many of your purchases in real time and share that information with government agencies. This is just one of the problems with the proposed “digital dollar” or “fedcoin.”” – Ron Paul

Gold Hits All-Time Record High ($1941.90) And Silver Price Tests $25 As All Of The News Is BAD, Badder, Or DOWNRIGHT HORRIBLE! – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

BIG CHANGE IN SILVER: New Bull Market Is Here – Steve St. Angelo

American Silver Eagles Approaching $40 / Gold Eagles Flying Around $2,150 – Is A Smash Imminent? – “If we look specifically at physical silver and gold what we find today is unprecedented. The asking price of gold has never bounced around $2,100 – $2,200 ever. This is like throwing gasoline on the silver fire. For the past several thousand years as gold climbs to levels that leave the average citizens ability to acquire they run as quickly as possible to silver” – Rory Hall  – PRICES ARE WAY ABOVE SPOT ON BOTH GOLD AND SILVER AND BOTH ARE STILL RISING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The CASE For Silver Going ABOVE $100! – This Is A GAME CHANGER! (VIDEO) with Keith Neumeyer – World Alternative Media

What? Default? Where? Dollar? – “I don’t see anything there that would make me think the dollar is collapsing, no more than the euro is. What I see is gold and silver rising. People move into precious metals, perceived as safe havens; they always do when the world is in turmoil. And don’t forget there are trillions in additional recent central bank money sloshing around that have to move somewhere.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

US Dollar Decimation By Design. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Coin Shortage or Cashless Conspiracy? – Ed Moy




Job 31:3    Is not destruction to the wicked? and a strange punishment to the workers of iniquity?






Fauci tells MarketWatch: ‘We should try as best as we possibly can to open up the schools’ – “‘We are still in a pretty big first wave,’ says Dr. Anthony Fauci, the veteran epidemiologist. I’m not sure taking temperatures is all it’s cracked up to be, because there are a lot of false negatives and false positives. It’s best to just question people: “Do you have any symptoms? Have you been near someone who is infected?” The time spent asking a couple of simple questions is probably more effective than just taking temperatures, to be honest with you.” – Quentin Fottrell  – DOES FAUCI EVER STICK TO THE SAME STORY, DON’T TEMPERATURES INDICATE AN INFECTION. BUT THEN AGAIN, I AM NOT AN  ( EXPERT ? ) EPIDEMIOLOGIST!!!!!!!!!

Does A Newly Published Study Prove The 5G-COVID19 Connection? – “A newly published editorial posits that there exists a connection between millimeter waves used by 5g technology and COVID-19. Is this the smoking gun or something else entirely?” – Derrick Broze

The Real Virus Plaguing Humanity. The Numbers of Corona Deaths are Being Skewed. (VIDEO) – “Manipulated test data are not the only culprits. CDC guidelines and administrative pressures have resulted in a “skewing” towards COVID on Death Certificates, wherein presumptions of COVID or an assessment that COVID may be a contributing cause of death, are marked as COVID deaths.” – Dr. Annie Bukacek and Mark Taliano

Corporate Media and Big Tech Trying to Stop Judy Mikovits Interview Exposing Dr. Fauci from Airing this Weekend – “The video is an interview with whistle-blower Dr. Judy Mikovits and her attorney, Larry Klaman, where Dr. Mikovits is claiming that Dr. Fauci was manufacturing coronaviruses in monkey cell lines at Ft. Detrick in the U.S., a biosafety level 4 facility, and shipping them to Wuhan, China.” – Brian Shilhavy

The Models Were Wildly Wrong about Reopening Too – “Although all five states remain under COVID-19 restrictions of varying degrees, even partial reopening has increased mobility at levels that match or exceed the ICL’s modeled scenarios” – Phillip W. Magness

Mental Health and the Pandemic: What Preppers Need to Know – Daisy Luther

Prepping For the Second Wave: How To Avoid the Fastest Rising Food Prices in a Decade – “Planning for a future of food price inflation now will help you save money and invest in your future. Here are some tips to help you beat the rapid swings of food prices.” – Tess Pennington




Who’s afraid of Tucker Carlson? Just the entire US establishment, that’s all – ” Indeed, Tucker Carlson is a one-man information wrecking crew challenging, night after night, the combined efforts of the mainstream media to keep the average American viewer strapped into a form-fitting straitjacket of ‘acceptable opinion’. Billions of dollars have been spent purchasing that outfit, and the owners will not relinquish control without a major fight, which usually happens behind the scenes.” – Robert Bridge

Biden Equals ‘Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated’ – “Joe just said two things so stupid, moronic, mindless, revolting and offensive to most Americans we should just freeze the election right here. With all the problems plaguing America including COVID-19, the economic meltdown, riots in the streets, mob takeovers of Portland and Seattle, and a potential war with China, Biden thinks the big problem is we need to teach more about Islam in schools. That’s a quote. But wait; there’s more. Joe just promised to end Trump’s Muslim travel ban on day one of his presidency. It’s THAT important to deal with. Basement Joe is horrified that we don’t have more immigrants from the terrorist havens of Somalia, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, North Korea and Venezuela. Isn’t this just what America needs during a pandemic and economic collapse? Islam being taught to your kids? And welcoming Iranians, Somalis and Yemenis? I can’t wait. How about you?” – Wayne Allyn Root

We Are On Our Own In The Post-Covid World – “It’s time to be our own heroes, because those in charge sure won’t be” – Chris Martenson

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Jobless Thursday – How the Donald Is Making America Poor Again – ” Maybe it is time to don our tinfoil hat. Here’s the flat-out lie the WSJ reported this morning in response to the weekly unemployment claims release. It sure did make you think that the jobs picture is improving by the week:” – David Stockman

Black Lives Don’t Matter To #BlackLivesMatter – “We need to stop pretending that the group “Black Lives Matter” gives a damn about the lives of black people, police brutality, or anything other than hammering huge corporate checks and electing Democrats. This sham of focusing on a dozen or so instances of unarmed black people killed by police (many of whom had cars as weapons) is an insult to the thousands of black lives snuffed out every year by other black people.It’s a great marketing gimmick – come up with a slogan that is basic, simple, and no one disagrees with it. ” – Derek Hunter

Seattle Rioters Attack Police and Citizens, Throw Explosives at Precinct, Torch New Youth Detention Center – Nick Arama

Protests Erupt Across Country; Black Militia Member Accidentally Shoots Comrades In Park – Tyler Durden

Main Source Behind the Steele Dossier Was Outed – Beth Baumann

Epstein floodgates open as judge rules explosive docs detailing Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex life can be UNSEALED in Virginia Giuffre’s defamation case within a week – Daniel Bates

N. Korea announcing 1st suspected coronavirus case & ‘maximum emergency system’ may actually point to problem being far worse – RT

While Covid Distracts, Turkey And Egypt On Brink Of War Over Libya (VIDEO) – Ron Paul Liberty Report

Why Are We Ignoring The Coming Autism Avalanche? – “If we stay on the same trend line, half of all children born in the year 2025 will have autism. What happened between the 1980s and the present day to make our children the sickest of all first-world nations? One strong contender for the answer to that billion-dollar question is that in 1986, beset by scores of costly vaccine injury lawsuits, pharmaceutical companies effectively blackmailed the federal government. Acting in concert, they asserted they would no longer manufacture vaccines if they were to be held liable for revenue-killing vaccine injuries and deaths – and the government relented.” – Pennel Bird  – AND JUST WAIT TILL THE BIG PUSH ON THE COVID VACCINE HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




How To Live On $1500 Per Month (After Taxes) – “Not so long ago, 1500.00 a month would have seemed like incredible wealth. Today, people making 60,000 a year are struggling just to pay for the basics of life. If you have 1500.00 per month after taxes per individual in your home, here is a budget that may make it easier to manage current expenses as well as prepare for future problems.” – Carmela Tyrell

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All Roads Lead to Gold in a Credit Implosion (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – ““All roads lead to gold” especially in today’s economic environment. Holter explains, “Gold is the arch enemy of fiat currencies. . . . You can just use your common sense and see we have a big, big problem out there, and capital is going to need a place to hide. Gold and silver are the only money that do not have any liability. As much as Holter likes gold, he says silver is way undervalued compared to gold. Holter has long said when silver prices takes off, “it will be like gold on steroids.”” – Greg Hunter   – ANOTHER GOOD LISTEN, AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Deuteronomy 28:43   The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low.



A wall of denial
Is fallin’ down
Wo it’s fallin’ so hard
Down to the ground
Never knew something so strong
Could be washed away by tears
But this wall of denial
Was just built on fear

We’ve all had our demons
From the garden of white lies
Dressed them amused them
Pullin’ wool over our eyes
Go so far as to love them
To keep from letting them go
All the while they we’re killin’ us
But we couldn’t let it show

No matter what the trouble
We carry round inside
We’re never safe from the truth
But in the truth we can survive
When this wall of denial
Comes tumblin’ down
Down to the ground

Simple things in life
Bring the greatest pleasure
A smile, a kiss
A little baby’s laughter
It makes no difference
If we run away in fear
The little things in life hold us so near

No matter what the trouble
We carry round inside
Never safe from the truth
But in the truth we can survive
When this wall of denial
Comes tumblin’ down
Yeah this wall of denial
Must tumble down
Down to the ground

( Wall Of Denial by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Doyle Bramhall )