The WHO Pandemic Treaty. A Backdoor to Global Governance: “Stripping Away Individual Rights and Liberties” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Major Medical Mystery: Why Some People Despite Exposure Don’t Get COVID – “A longer article worth your serious attention” – Joel S Hirschhorn

“The ‘five pandemics’ driving 1 million U.S. Covid deaths” – “STAT News has a new article titled, “The ‘five pandemics’ driving 1 million U.S. Covid deaths.” Like almost everything they publish, the article is clever, well-written, and almost entirely wrong. In this short article, I’ve stolen his title (in hopes of messing with the search engines) and I set the record straight. Any honest assessment of the last two years leads to the inexorable conclusion that every facet of the pandemic is a direct result of the intellectual and moral failures of the “expert class” itself.” – Toby Rogers

Dr. McCullough/John Leake Interview – The Courage To Face The TRUTH About COVID-19 & Those Behind It (VIDEO) – “Joining me today is Dr. Peter McCullough & author John Leake, here to discuss the truth about COVID-19 and the many different ways that it has been hidden from us all. The withholding of that information has has catastrophic consequences to health of those unlucky enough to have been manipulated into taking a COVID injection, and even many who did not.” – he Last American Vagabond

Hypervaccinating gigamasker Bill Gates tests positive for SARS-2 – “Strange how this keeps happening. Maybe it’s time for celebrities, politicians and loser philanthropists to shut up about their infection status.” – eugyppius

Bill Gates wants to create a 3,000 person social media unit to quash “vaccine misinformation” – Cindy Harper

Russia & the WHO: Relationship status update – “It’s complicated?” – Edward Slavsquat

CG enrichment in covid vaccine mRNA – “Why the vaccines may have VERY different systemic effects vs covid virus” – El Gato Malo

Australian Children Are Dying Post-Covid Injection – “During a 17-day period in March 2022: 2 boys aged 6 and 7; and, a 9-year-old girl died after being injected with Pfizer’s “vaccine” – and there are many more victims” – Rhoda Wilson

Democrats Urgently Want to Hold “Covid Origin Hearings” before November Defeat – “What are they Trying to Hide?” – Igor Chudov

US Navy boots over 900 from its ranks for refusing to get experimental COVID shots – “Discharges of Navy personnel for COVID jab refusal came despite the fact the shots haven’t been shown to stop transmission of the virus.” – Ashley Sadler

Germany’s Top Hospital: Half A Million Germans Experienced Serious Adverse Events after COVID-19 Vaccination – “Serious AE’s in 1 out of every 125 vaccinated; 40x underreporting factor for severe adverse events; government urged to take vaccine injury seriously, find solutions” – Josh Guetzkow


Spreading Fear of ‘Climate Change,’ ‘Pandemics,’ Proxy Wars, and Planned Economic Destruction: The Ammunition Needed to Construct a ‘New World Order’ – “How can any sane person look at this country and the world today and not fully understand that everything going on has been purposely planned and staged, and meant to create an environment to allow for the implementation of global rule via a ‘New World Order?’ It seems impossible, but most are still oblivious to this truth, and have willingly become slaves, even if they have not the capability to understand their own complicity in this heinous transformation of humanity. What this means, is that most have little if any idea of the scope of this plot to rule the world, and are ignoring the indisputable evidence of it that is right before their eyes.” – Gary D. Barnett  – GARY ON THE BIGGER PICTURE AS USUAL!!!!!

The Pragmatic Musings of an American Nobody Trying Not to be Evil – “Furthermore, manifestations of good and evil have always coexisted in either circumstance of war or peace. For example, fighting to defend innocents against a tyrannical aggressor is not evil, per se. But obsequiously accepting a peace accord with the same aggressor out of cowardice, apathy, sloth, greed, or even pragmatism, could be considered as evil by some. But what if the tyrannical aggressor and the populations being infringed upon were all evil in different ways and varying degrees? What then?” – Doug “Uncola” Lynn

“Genetically Edited” Food – The next stage of the Great Reset? – “The Queen’s Speech was interesting this year. For all the people outside the UK who don’t understand what the “Queens Speech” actually is, it’s a farcical state occasion in which the Queen (or, in this case, Prince Charles since her majesty is ill/secretly dead/having “mobility issues”) makes a speech about what “her government” intends to do for the next 12 months. It’s the UK equivalent of the State of the Union, only done in Halloween costumes made out of shiny stolen rocks. But the part I found most interesting is the stated plan to “encourage agricultural and scientific innovation at home” via the proposed Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill.” – Kit Knightly – MORE ON THE SPEECH BELOW !!!!

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words – “In the speech Prince Charles announced that the government’s top priority was to help ease the “cost-of-living” for families. This coming from a man who is part of the richest family in the world and whilst sitting on a gold throne. Time to return the power and wealth to the masses.” – The Naked Emperor – SEE IMAGE FOR THE DAY!!!!

Imagine the Unimaginable – “When revolutionaries undermine the system, earn the antipathy of the people, face looming disaster at the polls, it is then they prove most dangerous—as we’ll see over the next few months.” – Victor Davis Hanson

The Slaughter of Babies Should Be Unfathomable – “Only God creates rights that are unconditional and integral to our humanity. The right to live is the highest right, as life is the greatest good. There is no right to kill, just the right to defend against a conscious aggressor. When confronted with an enormous evil — 63 million American babies killed in 49 years — should one do all in one’s power to stop this or can one do so incrementally? The Alito opinion chooses the latter.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Five Major Stories You’re Being Distracted From While Roe V. Wade Dominates Headlines – Don Via Jr.

The Baby Formula Shortage Is Serious – “This is 2022, why are American babies and toddlers at risk of starving? Where are our leaders? What is going on? I’m sorry Biden administration, “we’re working on it” just isn’t good enough.” – Laura Rosen Cohen – THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE OR THIS COUNTRY, WHEN WILL PEOPLE GET THAT?  ESPECIALLY THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR THESE CLOWNS AND THAT IS, IF INDEED THEY DID. THEIR PRIORITIES ARE ALL ABOUT THE WAR WITH RUSSIA, THE UKRAINE AND THE IMMIGRANTS!!!!!

Why is biggest baby formula plant in US STILL shut down after three months? Abbott says plant is safe and was not responsible for bacteria that killed two kids – but FDA refuses to reopen it as parents across US struggle to feed their babies – Natasha Anderson – BUT THEY WILL APPROVE KILLER JABS IN AN INSTANT. ARE YOU STARTING TO GET THE BIGGER PICTURE YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pallets and pallets of baby formula for illegals, nothing on the shelves for Americans – “The Bidenites find the nationwide baby formula shortage these days literally a laughing matter.” – Monica Showalter – NOT SURE HOW FACTUAL THIS IS AS THE PICTURE THE CONGRESSWOMAN SHARES SHOWS FRUIT POUCHES AND SOME BABY FORMULA AND NOT STACKS OF PALLETS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Head of Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ Previously Compared Free Speech to “Fairy Dust” – “Hinting she doesn’t believe it should even exist.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Still No Dramatic Global Warming – “A lack of catastrophic global warming is bad news for the climate-grifting industrial complex.” – Caroline Adana

Instead of Biden, the White House is Changing its Megaphone – “With the nomination of Joe Biden for presidency, the United States has become a kingdom of buffoons, where politics has become a comedy and a farce. As many US observers have pointed out, and as US public opinion polls show, Joe Biden has become one of the worst presidents in American history. Demonstrating a complete ignorance of the current world situation and incapable of making adequate diplomatic decisions, Joe Biden’s actions have contributed to a significant deterioration of the economic situation in the United States and, consequently, of the financial position of most ordinary Americans. The current occupant of the White House has managed to crash the stock market in just 15 months, triggered food shortages in the United States and lowered overall life expectancy” – Vladimir Odintsov

Pelosi Bashes ‘Big Oil’, Pitches Plan To Make Gas Price Increases Illegal – “Brilliant! During her weekly press conference, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveiled the Democrats’ latest plan to slow the surge in gas prices that is top of mind for Americans. Their solution is (drum roll please): price controls! Perhaps an ‘economist’ could explain what happens to supply of something is government enforces a cap on the price of that thing… (Hint: it does not go up!) Brace for more shortages if this bill passes!” – Tyler Durden

Fake Political Parties In A Fake Democracy – “I remember feeling such solidarity with Democrats who opposed Bush’s warmongering. I sincerely did not know it was just empty political posturing for them and they’d happily sign off on any war no matter how insane as long as the president doing it had a (D) next to their name.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Good Evening Vietnam – “By now, the Russian economy was supposed to be collapsed, the army in chaotic retreat and Putin awaiting execution by the revolutionary mobs. That was what the planners promised the Biden administration, who made the same promise to NATO and the EU. Not only have none of the promises materialized, but it is also becoming clear that the war against Russia was poorly conceived and executed.” – The Z Man

The Latest Media Assault on Freedom – “Prominent journalists are calling for the media to champion a “pro-democracy” bias in how they portray politicians and government agencies. But tub-thumping for democracy — or at least for politicians who claim to be pro-democracy — is a poor substitute for exposing the proliferation of government abuses. Freedom will be the victim if journalists grasp a new pretext to portray government as a trustworthy savior. When did Washington reporters became qualified to serve as Grand Inquisitors for Democracy, casting judgment on every politician and proposal? Most reporters have the same level of intellectual curiosity as the average lottery ticket buyer. Reporters react to the word “bipartisan” like cocaine addicts desperate for another political virtue signal.” – James Bovard

‘Russia Started the War’ and Other Fallacies – Mike Whitney

US/West Getting Fleas from Lying with Nazified Ukrainian Dogs – “Playing with matches risks getting burned. Associating with undesirables risks self-inflicted harm. Dominant Nazi-infested Ukrainians aren’t the type folks you’d invite to meet family and friends. Nor what individuals of good sense would want to hang out with. Yet hegemon USA and its Western vassals treat them like normal people, their extremism ignored, their war crimes and related atrocities encouraged. For how much longer will this go on if Ukrainian dogs spreading destructive fleas keep biting the hands feeding them.” – Stephen Lendman

Blinken, Austin Past Ties to Investment Firms Completely Forgotten by Media The Biden administration isn’t a revolving door to private sector riches, the door is wide open (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

EU, U.K. Join U.S. in Launching Online ‘Disinformation’ Policies, Prompting Concerns About ‘One-World Governance’ of Social Media – “The EU’s Digital Services Act and the U.K.’s proposed Online Safety Bill are among the latest government policies designed to hold social media companies responsible for hate speech and “disinformation” posted by users, a move experts suggested could bring us closer to global government.” – Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

Planning Your Garden? Read This First. – “The first thing required for proper garden planning is a food list.” – Amy Allen

Fast Growing Vegetables For Quick Veggie Garden Results – Ken Jorgustin



More than $200bn wiped off cryptocurrency market in a dayBitcoin and Ethereum have plunged amid a broader crypto selloff. – Bloomberg News

Food, Rent, and Energy Prices are Totally Outside the Fed’s Control – “Let’s discuss food prices and other factors totally outside the Fed’s control.” – Mish

Inflation Crisis: People Facing ‘Real Food Poverty for the First Time in a Generation’ – Supermarket Boss – Peter Caddle

The Big Problems And Crash Dynamics Of The Spring/Summer 2022 Housing Market Crisis, Simplified (VIDEO) – “Is it good neighbors, well maintained lawns and rising home prices forever, or is the market about to crash like it’s never crashed before?” – Charles Hugh Smith and Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Americans Are Using Plastic to Make Ends Meet as Prices Continue to Rise – Schiff Gold

Coinbase Shares Go Thunkadunk, -88% from High, amid Crypto Chaos, Plunging Revenues, Huge Loss: New Paradigm Where Gambling Tokens Blow Up the Casinos? – “You’re just “unsecured creditors” if we file for bankruptcy. But hey, CEO tweets: “We have no risk of bankruptcy.”” – Wolf Richter

The War on Gold Ensures the Dollar’s Downfall – Matthew Cortez

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.09EUR


Ezekiel 28:23    For I will send into her pestilence, and blood into her streets; and the wounded shall be judged in the midst of her by the sword upon her on every side; and they shall know that I am the Lord.





                           NEWS ( VIRUS EDITION )

The Plan of the WHO Revealed by the Insider: 10 Years of Pandemics, From 2020 to 2030 – “Are you ready?” – Lioness of Judah Ministry

Biden Is Handing US Sovereignty To The W.H.O. and C.C.P. In 2 Weeks – David Boyle

Trends to keep an eye on – Neonatal Deaths – ‘New Scottish Data” – The Naked Emperor

The mRNA red flags fly ever-higher – “Omicron is surging in highly vaccinated states; data from Vermont show the jabbed are now MORE likely to need hospitalization than the unvaccinated” – Alex Berenson

Are we pfinding Pfizer pfraud? (part 1) – “The document trail from the Pfizer data dump has a number of worrying signs. They drop 50k pages without regard to completeness or organization. Here, we have a huge box of who knows what! This is a longstanding legal trick. And it works well. It’s the time honored fashion in which big companies bury small legal teams and create a $3 million bill just to sort and read the stuff. But here’s a fun little wrinkle: this time is not going to be like that. Battalions of interested parties are all over it. The documents are posted and reading and sorting them is crowdsourced. And many hands make for light work. And a lot of very skilled sleuths are at work here.” – El Gato Malo

Are we pfinding Pfizer pfraud? (part 2) – ” More on trial site shenanigans and questions about the pfizer vaccine trial” – El Gato Malo

Urgent Call to Action: FDA announces FIVE meetings in June to push through Novavax in adults, Moderna in kids 0-17, and Pfizer in kids under 5 – “The blitzkrieg culminates with a “Future Framework” that will automatically deem all reformulated Covid-19 shots as “safe and effective” WITHOUT further clinical trials. The FDA must be stopped! FDA goes full Shock & Awe in the attempt to get several toxic shots authorized in quick succession” – Toby Rogers – TOBY DOES ADMIRABLE WORK IN GETTING THE NAMES OUT AS TO WHO TO WRITE TO AND TO PROTEST. WRITE EMAIL, OR CALL IF YOU WANT…  DOES IT HELP? NOT SURE. CAN’T HURT!!!!!!

44,348 Dead 4,279,200 Injured Following COVID-19 Vaccines in European Database of Adverse Reactions as More Pfizer Fraud Uncovered – Brian Shilhavy  – BRIAN’S UPDATE ON THE EUROPEAN DATABASE!!!!

Israel: Chronic Covid Persists in Guts and Immune CD8 Cells, like AIDS – “Delta Variant seen Massively in Wastewater long after Omicron took over!” – Igor Chudov





An open letter to the American people, as Russia celebrates its WW2 victory over the Nazis – ” Even as time and old age removed the Russian “Greatest Generation” from the society and nation they had served, the Russian people continued to honor them, with the children and grandchildren of the departed veterans marching in their stead, holding aloft a photograph of the veteran, part of what is called “The Immortal Regiment.” Unlike the Germans, the Russian people don’t forget. Sadly, I cannot say the same thing about the American people. There will be no Victory in Europe celebration in the United States this year, just as there hasn’t been for years past. We have forgotten our “Greatest Generation” and the sacrifices they made for our future. There is no American “Immortal Regiment” of family members marching proudly down the main streets of US towns and cities honoring the cause for which these young men and women served. We have forgotten what they even fought for.” – Scott Ritter – A GOOD ONE FROM SCOTT. BUT KEEP IN MIND, ALTHOUGH MANY DIED FOR A CAUSE THEY TRULY FELT WAS RIGHTEOUS, IT WAS STILL A WAR. WHICH IS NEVER GOOD!!!!!

The Disinformation of Misinformed Informers – “This post has been fact checked by official fact checkers who are experts in disinformation. On the official disinformation front, Ukraine is dominating Russia. They’re charging through those Russian lines so fast at this rate they’ll be in Siberia’s arctic circle just in time for the midnight sun. The Ghost of Kyiv is kicking those evil Ruskies out of the sky one jet fighter at a time. Ukraine has suffered no losses and the poor Russians are running out of able-bodied fighting-age men. It just keeps going from good to great for our blue and yellow patriotic democracy-loving friends. The cocaine comic’s regime has been so dominant they’ll need another $40 Billion looted from the U.S. treasury to keep up their dominance.” – The Good Citizen

Biden Disinformation Czar Demands Power to Edit Other People’s Tweets – “She wants to turn Twitter into Wikipedia.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Watching the Western World dissolve into Nazism. – “President Trump’s Free Speech Depends on Who Owns Twitter. How is it that in the exceptional and indispensable USA, a former American president can be denied his constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech by a private communications company? How can a mere private company cancel the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights? How is it possible that the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of the lowest American can depend for a former US president on who owns Twitter? And Facebook? And Google? And the New York Times?” – Paul Craig Roberts

Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘2000 Mules’ May Be Most Important Film Of Our Lifetimes – David Robb

You’ve Been Flagged as a Threat: Predictive AI Technology Puts a Target on Your Back – “Before long, every household in America will be similarly flagged and assigned a threat score. Without having ever knowingly committed a crime or been convicted of one, you and your fellow citizens have likely been assessed for behaviors the government might consider devious, dangerous or concerning; assigned a threat score based on your associations, activities and viewpoints; and catalogued in a government database according to how you should be approached by police and other government agencies based on your particular threat level. If you’re not unnerved over the ramifications of how such a program could be used and abused, keep reading.” – John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead

Is Ukraine’s War Now America’s War? – “By bragging publicly that we helped engineer the killing of Russian generals and the sinking of the cruiser Moskva, we taunt Russian President Vladimir Putin. We provoke him into retaliating in kind against us, thereby raising the possibility of a wider U.S.-Russia war that could escalate into World War III.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Rising to the Bait – Again – “$40 billion is still a great deal of money – even in the Biden Thing’s America. Except it’s not going to help Americans. When the government – and the corporations that own the government – want war, they usually get what they want.” – Eric Peters

Biden Insults Americans on Inflation and Shows How Far Gone He Truly Is – “Joe Biden has a lot of issues — from incoherence to not being very bright. I don’t say that last part as a shot but just as an unfortunate statement of fact. But one of his worst problems is his refusal to ever admit he’s wrong. We see it again now with inflation and the economy. None of it is his fault, Joe says. But if he can’t admit where he went wrong, then he can’t fix it and he’ll just keep doing it. His economy is just terrific, Joe says. What’s the problem then? It’s you. You dumb Americans. You just don’t understand his greatness.” – Nick Arama

Biden Wanted $33B More For Ukraine. Congress Quickly Raised it to $40B.. Who Benefits? – “Tens of billions, soon to be much more, are flying out of U.S. coffers to Ukraine as Americans suffer, showing who runs the U.S. Government, and for whose benefit.” – Glenn Greenwald

Welcome To The Greatest Energy Crisis In History – Things Will Only Get Much More Painful From Here – Michael Snyder

What Is DARPA Planning With The WEF? – “DARPA only discusses the peaceful, medical aspects of their neuroscientific research. But a funny thing turned up in a FOIA request back in 2018. A journalist for Muckrock magazine sent in a FOIA request regarding Antifa/BLM activity. Along with the information he requested, another file was accidentally slipped in with everything else. The Muckrock journalist was shocked by his accidental find, to say the least, and they published this back in 2018. It’s unclear how much progress has been made in weaponizing the human-digital interface, but people are thinking about it, and it looks like they have been for a long time.” – Marie Hawthorne

The slimy hand of Soros emerges in abortion protest outrages – “…and Joe Biden the leftist billionaire’s eager little handmaid. Over the weekend, we were treated to outrageous demonstrations of incivility and outright illegality” – Monica Showalter

The Rise of BlackRock and Fascism in the US – “BlackRock mystifies and amazes me. It came from ground zero in the late ’80s, started by Larry Fink and a few of his friends. How did they manage to garner $10 trillion and become the biggest financial management entity in the world? Are they super competent, or just super well wired with the Fed? They’re certainly competent at garnering funds. But they’re absolutely “connected.” In today’s world, where governments, directly and indirectly, control everything, rest assured that the top guys in BlackRock are charter members of the Deep State.” – Doug Casey

The Biden administration continues the Democrat war against Mike Flynn – “For the left, it’s not enough to hamstring a political opponent. The person must be destroyed. Now Biden’s Department of Defense is trying to force Flynn to return speaking fees from 2015.” – Andrea Widburg

Insurrection or Advocacy? Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Issues “Call to Arms” After Leaked Abortion Ruling – ” I do not believe that Lightfoot is encouraging anything other than peaceful advocacy. Yet, it is striking how virtually identical language has been used by Democrats to seek the disqualification of GOP members and criminal charges against figures like Donald Trump. Indeed, such rhetoric featured greatly in the second impeachment of Donald Trump.” – Jonathan Turley

The Ruckus over Roe is Just Another Racket – “Roe v. Wade is more than a civil rights issue. It’s more than a political football. It has always been a litmus test for the Democrats’ perception of its chances in the upcoming election. Rarely does it ever come up during off-year, or mid-term elections. They usually save the ‘get out the outraged womyn vote’ campaigns for the presidential elections. So, to me it is telling that Roe is now big news for this election cycle.” – Tom Luongo

Canada and the Banderites – “In previous articles, Thierry Meyssan has shown how the banderists, collaborators of the worst Nazi exactions in Ukraine and Poland, came to power in kyiv, in the young independent Ukraine. He shows here that, for eighty years, Banderist immigrants have embedded themselves in the Canadian Liberal Party to the point of occupying the position of number 2 in the current government of Justin Trudeau. The first foreign fighters to arrive in Ukraine at the start of the war in February 2022 were Canadians. The first foreign officer arrested by Russian forces on May 3 was a Canadian general. Clearly, Canada, although more than 6,000 kilometers from Ukraine, has a hidden involvement in this conflict.” – Thierry Meyssan

US is having trouble finding Asian countries willing to shoot missiles at China – “What was supposed to be a satirical headline is actually just an instance of saying the quiet part out loud. As it turns out, a recent article by the decidedly non-satirical RAND Corporation, a highly influential American nonprofit global policy think tank, had the exact same take as the satirical headline.” – Bradley Blankenship

China surrounds Taiwan for massive invasion ‘rehearsal’ drills – Ryan Morgan – “INVASION DRILLS”?  DON’T YOU LOVE THE NARRATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

GUNNED DOWN Israeli troops accused of ‘assassinating’ US Al Jazeera journalist in West Bank raid but Israel blames Palestine gunfire – Tariq Tahir

Sinn Féin is now the party of Empire – “The one-time political wing of the IRA is now the political wing of the globalist elites.” – Brendan O’Neill

CIA, NATO and the Great Heroin Coup: How Miami Became the Center of International Fascism and the Murder of President Kennedy – Cynthia Chung – PART 4 IN A 5 PART SERIES FROM CYNTHIA, THE FIRST THREE HAVE BEEN LINKED PREVIOUSLY, VERY GOOD READ!!!!!!!

Letter to the Menticided: A 12-Step Recovery Program – “Are You a Victim of Menticide? Look for These 10 Signs!” – Margaret Anna Alice

The Fat Woman and the Genie – “Further thoughts on pain and truth. Is it the case that the majority of people who turn blind eyes towards the events forming and deforming our world simply don’t care at all about the truth? I’m sure that’s very much the case in a few, pathological examples. Society is full of malignant narcissists and high-functioning sociopaths for whom ‘the truth’ is whatever helps them get ahead. You can see them every day on CNN. I don’t think that’s generally true, however. As Doc Hammer notes, in order to move towards a goal, one must first want the goal.” – John Carter

What Are Gog And Magog? One Of The Most Remarkable Predictions In The Bible (VIDEO) – Grace Digital Network via Randolph Jason

17 Best Vegetables for Bucket Gardening -Tricia Drevets





Honey, What’s That Smell? – “It might be the dog…. but do check the curtains — they may be on fire. The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 0.3 percent in April on a seasonally adjusted basis after rising 1.2 percent in March, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 8.3 percent before seasonal adjustment. The 900lb Gorilla in the room is the food index, which was up 0.9% on the month, and 1% for food at home. Much worse, all items less food and energy was up 0.6% which was double the same index for last month. ” – Karl Deninger

Herd on the Street – “The casino has become complex and there are no easy answers or predictable paths. The Wall Street herd had it easy from 2009 to 2021. Life was simple and life was good: markets were easy to predict. As long as the Federal Reserve kept interest rates near-zero and increased its balance sheet to buy Treasury bonds, the stock market rose. To make money all one had to do was buy the dips. Easy-peasy. Alas, life is not so simple these days, and the herd doesn’t know quite which way to run.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Politicized Money and the Death of Capitalism – “As far as we are concerned, it is no great secret nor any great surprise that our faith in fiat money (in general) and the central bankers who have debased it (in particular) and precipitated the death of capitalism is anything but robust. To the contrary, our astonishment with the open mismanagement of global currencies as a whole, and the world reserve currency (i.e., the USD in particular), grows daily. In fact, to fully un-pack the long series of comical errors and the failed experiment of politicized central bankers seeking to solve a debt crisis ($300T and rising) with more debt, which is then monetized by mouse-click money, would take an entire book rather than single article to address.” – Matthew Piepenburg

Household debt nears $16 trillion despite rising rates and inflation – Jeff Cox

Consumers Can Handle Fed Tightening: Their Debts, Delinquencies, Foreclosures, Collections, and Bankruptcies – “But the first upticks in delinquencies from breath-taking record lows are cropping up.” – Wolf Richter

BlackRock’s $9 Billion Star Stock-Picker Just Turned Bearish – Tyler Durden

Reality Bites: An Update – “The central premise of this year’s forecast was that the “hawkish” Fed would soon find themselves painted into the same corner in which they got stuck in late 2018. They can talk all they want about higher rates and balance sheet reductions, but once the stock market crashes, economic reality will bite them from behind. This is how it played out in late 2018, and this was quite obvious how it was going to play out in 2022 as well. We are now all experiencing this process firsthand. As all of this inevitably plays out, what does this mean for the precious metals?” – Craig Hemke

Fed Cannot Fight Inflation (VIDEO) with Peter Schiff – “Everything I predicted with inflation breaking out and the way the Fed would react to it has come true. The next thing is the Fed is now pretending it’s going to fight inflation. I say they are pretending because they have no real intention of doing it because they can’t. If the Fed could fight inflation, it would have started the fight a long time ago. They would have acted preemptively when it was obvious it was a problem. . . . I have been warning about this for over a decade.” – Greg Hunter

Charlie Munger Is Right: China Is Making The U.S. “Look Foolish” On Bitcoin – Quoth the Raven

Bitcoin erases losses, jumps back above $30,000 despite hot U.S. inflation report – Tanaya Macheel

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.26EUR




Romans 2:1    Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.






The delusion called Fauci – “This one was too good to pass up. In an interview with the National Geographic, Tony Fauci made comments about “alternative views” of the origin of the coronavirus. But he was really talking about all unorthodox medical information: “Anybody can claim to be an expert even when they have no idea what they’re talking about…”” – Jon Rappoport

Why Won’t They Admit Failure? – “It seems strange that one of the world’s richest men would feel the need for a book tour to boost sales. But that is what Bill Gates is doing, granting a series of interviews with deferential journalists. The thesis of his book and his interviews is that we should have locked down harder, sooner, and more precisely. Plus the vaccines need to be better next time. But make no mistake: in his view, there is no overall failure in the whole theory of pandemic control they deployed two years ago. That is sound. To be sure, mistakes were made but we can only learn from them, which is why public health agencies need more resources, more intelligence, more power, more deference.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Bill Gates wants to build a dystopia – “The multi-billionaire says one thing, and funds another. Now Gates is tired of all the conspiracies. He asks his critics to judge him by his actions. Gates-World is one where citizens make sacrifices for his model to work. And it’s also one where class is totally ignored. Does Gates know what it was like for Angolan children to be forced to stay at home for seven months in 2020?” – Toby Green

None of the “experts” really believed this #4,291 – “Don’t take my word for it, take Laurie Garrett’s. It’s laurie garrett, mask maven and proclaimer of the free-face apocalypse who has done nothing but shrill for masks for 2 years. In her own words. In 2018. Speaking about SARS-1. Watch the video. it’s astonishing.” – El Gato Malo

FDA Chief Claims “Misinformation” is Leading Cause of Death in the United States – “Fails to quantify how or why.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Vaccines made no difference to Covid deaths in the Disabled – “ONS data, released today, adjusted by vaccination status” – The Naked Emperor

Pfizer fraud? Or just great execution? – Steve Kirsch

COVID Positivity Tops 20% in Hot NYC Neighborhood as 5th Wave Intensifies – “The COVID-19 transmission rate in New York City is up 20% in the last week and nearly 90% in the last month, to the same levels as late January. Gov. Kathy Hochul revealed late Sunday that she tested positive for COVID, even though she’s vaccinated and boosted.” – NBC New York – SO MUCH FOR BEING VAXXED AND BOOSTED. JUST POP A PAXLOVID, KATHY, THEN YOU CAN GET IT ON THE REBOUND AS WELL. PFIZER IS LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK!!!!!!!!!

Does CDC Have Legal Right to Impose Federal Mask Mandate? – Kaiser Health News


Leftists Hate Free Speech Because They Fear Dissent, Not “Disinformation” – “The level of mental gymnastics on display by leftists to justify their attacks on freedom and the 1st Amendment is bewildering. So much so that I begin to question if liberals and leftists ever actually had any respect for 1st Amendment rights to begin with? Or, maybe the only freedom they cared about all along was the freedom to watch pornography… One can see the steady progression of this war on speech and ideas, and the end game is predictable: Is anyone really that surprised that the Biden Administration is implementing a Ministry of Truth in the form of the DHS Disinformation Governance Board? Can we just accept the reality at this point that leftists are evil and their efforts feed into an agenda of authoritarianism? Is there any evidence to the contrary?” – Brandon Smith

The Rise of the New Normal Reich – “I don’t know about you, but I kind of feel like the threat of global thermonuclear war qualifies as a “different kind of ugly.” And, OK, before you accuse me of exaggerating the danger of the ungodly mess that GloboCap has made in the Ukraine, I’d like to point out that even Thomas Friedman is starting to sound the alarm. Thomas fucking Friedman, folks … a man with no moral conscience whatsoever, who has never met a GloboCap war of aggression that he could not support, and who has justified the gratuitous barbecuing of millions of men, women, and children without so much as a second thought throughout his long and lucrative career as an A-List mouthpiece for the ruling classes. When The Stash gets nervous, I start to get nervous.Also, there’s the GloboCap Nazi thing. ” – CJ Hopkins

Truth Hurts – “Pain tolerance and truth avoidance: why smart people keep believing obvious lies” – John Carter – A VERY GOOD READ FROM JOHN CARTER!!!!!!!!

Busybodies Beware – “The fight to preserve speech online is a microcosm of the larger war to rescue civic life from the worst people in society. As we see with Twitter, when you empower maladapted weirdos they quickly invert the social hierarchy, placing the deviants at the top and normal people at the bottom. This inverted moral universe inside Twitter is what is killing it, but it is also what is killing civic life in general. Musk has a chance to set the tone for reversing this and maybe restore some decency to public life.” – The Z Man

The Ruling Elites Redefined Character in order to Elect Joe Biden – “On August 20, 2020 Joe Biden accepted the Democrat party’s nomination for president by fatuously declaring, “Character and decency are on the ballot.” A claim which is an unfathomable stretch of the imagination, considering Joe Biden’s long and well-known history of corruption” – Steve McCann

Exactly When Did the Nazis Stop Being ‘The Baddies’? – “The Western hemisphere is now, incredible as it may seem, siding with neo-Nazi elements against Russia” – Robert Bridge

Slouching towards war with Russia: Biden’s drift is getting dangerous – “Joe Biden, the man who has been “wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,” as former defense secretary Bob Gates wrote, has nebulously put the U.S. on a path to war with Russia. Not because he wants to. But because he doesn’t know what he’s doing.” – Monica Showalter

Democrats want to boost Biden Ukraine aid plan to near $40B – “Congressional Democrats are preparing a plan that would boost President Joe Biden’s requested $33 billion Ukraine aid package to nearly $40 billion” – Alan Fram – WHAT’S A FEW EXTRA BILLION FOR WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lockheed Martin to ramp up Javelin missile production amid Ukraine war – Monique Beals  – “KA-CHING”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Putin Blames the U.S., West for Ukraine War During ‘Victory Day’ Speech – “The Russian leader has been vilified in Western media. He said Russian troops are fighting for “our people in Donbas, for the security of Russia, our homeland.” ” – Gerald Celente

Trump is Just Not Going to Jail – “If you had “Trump goes to jail” in the office pool, better double-down on “Trump Gets a Minor Civil Fine.” The end of any possible criminal prosecution out of New York over Trump’s finances has come as the grand jury seated to find them has sunseted. The possibility of a civil penalty, likely a fine, looks poor but anything is possible.” – Peter Van Buren


Lighting the Gas under European Feet: How Politicians and Journalists Get Energy So Wrong – “Eighty-five percent of human energy usage comes from burning things. Either plants or trees grown in a geologically recent past or plants or trees (and decomposed animals) from ancient times. Solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, etc.—all the things that occupy a climate-conscious citizen, activist, or politician’s dreams—are frizzles around the edges. Human civilization is powered by combustion; human beings are a fossil fuel–burning civilization. You can take away the civilization part, which seems to be the end goal for some environmentalists, but bar that, you can’t take away the fossil fuel part.” – Joakim Book

Florida Approves Release of Billions of GMO Mosquitoes – Sustainable Pulse

Home gardening tips: A beginner’s guide to composting – “Composting at home is good for your garden, the soil, your crops and the planet. It is a great way to repurpose food waste and improve soil quality in your home garden. If you’re curious about composting, read on for tips on how to get started.” – Zoey Sky

The Feds Are Coming For Your Supplements (VIDEO) – “A well-organized, coordinated campaign from the FDA and Big Pharma is threatening access to the supplements you depend on. Using the false premise that supplements are unsafe, the FDA is working to gain more power over the regulation of supplements in order to further solidify Big Pharma’s monopoly over medicine. These efforts must be opposed.” – Tim Reihm


The Stock Market Carnage That You Have Been Waiting For Is Here – Michael Snyder

Gasoline & Diesel Prices Spike to New WTF Records, But Don’t Blame Crude Oil – “Predictions a few weeks ago of peak gasoline prices have been obviated by the inflationary mindset.” – Wolf Richter

Don’t Worry, Janet Yellen Says the Financial System is Still Orderly – “Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen tried to comfort the markets today. Her comments appear to have been counterproductive.” – Mish

Chart Huggers Say “Gold To Bottom At $1820” (SPOILER: They Will Flip Flop All The Way To “Bottom At $1640”) – “Like a fish out of water…” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Robert Kiyosaki: Inflation Will “Wipe Out 50% Of The Population” – Mac Slavo


Isaiah 10:14    And my hand hath found as a nest the riches of the people: and as one gathereth eggs that are left, have I gathered all the earth; and there was none that moved the wing, or opened the mouth, or peeped.



                                     NEWS ( VIRUS EDITION )

Thinking Caps – “Remember them? Kids used to be encouraged to put them on – and think about things. Maybe more adults ought to try it. We hear – from the Gimp in the White House – that “cases” of the ‘Rona are likely to “surge” to as many as “100 million” this coming fall/winter, a prediction of doom made before we’re even officially in summer. It is interesting to think about how it and its agents can make such an assertion so far ahead. Or rather, why they might be making it. Why is that people who have been “vaccinated” to avoid the ‘Rona need to be “vaccinated” again, before six months have elapsed? Because “waning immunity”? Wait a minute. The people who’ve been “vaccinated” were never “immune” at all – though they were told they would be by the Gimp in the White House and those managing him. Put on those thinking caps now and try to remember: “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations . . .”” – Eric Peters

Dear Colleagues. – “When the vaccines first rolled out, I was blown away by how well received they were by my colleagues. It is one thing for the scared and unaware public, whose lives have been disrupted to no end, to enthusiastically anticipate the arrival of ‘life-saving’ new interventions – but, doctors? It is hard to imagine that things would have gotten this scandalous if you had just said no. If you stood by the ideals you claim to uphold. If you had set your emotions aside, and thought critically. It is time for reflection. It is time for courage. It is time to take back your profession from the clutches of corporate influence and regulatory capture.” – Remnant | MD

Blaming the victim – “An all too typical pattern for abusers. The government threatens Andrew and so Andrew feels justified in persecuting other citizens also being threatened while trying to assign the blame for that threat upon them. There could be no clearer cut case of blaming the victim. Those choosing to be unvaxxed did not break any social contract nor infringe upon the rights of others. They simply asked to be left alone.” – El Gato Malo

White House warns of Covid surges in the winter – “Ashish Jha urges more funding for vaccinations and testing.” – Hannah Farrow – LET’S SEE 2020 WAS GOING TO BE A “VERY DARK WINTER”, 2021 WAS GOING TO BE THE “WINTER OF ILLNESS AND DEATH. LET’S SEE WHAT THEY CALL THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Medicine Regulators believe attenuated viruses in AstraZeneca & Janssen COVID Vaccines are to blame for rise in deadly Hepatitis among Children – “The theory behind the AstraZeneca virus going rogue is that the virus contained in the vaccine combines with the E1 gene from another circulating adenovirus, of which there are many.” – The Expose

New Data Show Troubling Trend in Vaccinated with Jefferey Jaxen and Del Bigtree -The Highwire

The Booster Campaign Has Been A Stupid Thing – “A look at the German efficacy data, which show temporary effectiveness against symptomatic infection and severe outcome, collapsing to the same baseline after a few months.” – eugyppius

‘Lockdown established a new caste system’ – “Jay Bhattacharya on the devastating consequences of lockdown for the world’s poorest.” – Spiked

Health Authorities Tracked Movements of Canadians via Cellphones During Pandemic – “PHAC claims data was anonymized.” – Paul Joseph Watson


Got the Heebie-Jeebies? – “Everyone I know is walking around in a baseline state of nervous agitation. Are they beset by “disinformation” or is it rather the reality of a cratering nation run by idiots and maniacs? Everywhere you look, calamities gather speed while the klaxons of alarm blare from all compass points. Got money? Looks like soon it will be worthless. Wondering if Mr. Putin has had enough of “Joe Biden’s” brainless effrontery to lob some hypersonic Big Ones in our collective face? Relying on that retirement account you have no direct control over while the financial markets wobble? Need to fill up the gas tank of your pickup truck twice a week? Can’t find a new condenser to fix the failing fridge? Entertaining rumors of looming famine. Credit cards maxed out? Sheriff stapling an eviction notice on your door? Beloved younger brother declaring that henceforward they are your sister? Hearing that all those vaxxes and boosters you obediently submitted to might rearrange your DNA?” – James Howard Kunstler – GREAT READ FROM MR. KUNSTLER AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victory Day in the Motherland – “Earlier today, I read that the Russian ambassador to Poland was hit by a paint bomb while laying a wreath for WWII fallen soldiers, with the culprits chanting: “fascist, fascist”! And I thought that is rich, on the day that Russia commemorates the 25-40 million Russian lives lost in WWII fighting fascism. But of course Russia cannot just ignore or deny all those deaths, just because Hollywood wants to sell tickets to Saving Private Ryan. For Russia, WWII meant: never again. And for them that means something slightly different than for us. It’s not just never again fascism or nazism, it’s also that these two things are symbolic for having your motherland invaded from the west, and by the west. Never again. That is why Russia moved into Ukraine.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Civilizationalism – “It is hard for Western people, especially Americans, to grasp why Victory Day is so important to the people of the Russian Federation. America lost about 400,000 soldiers in the war. The Brits lost about the same and the French lost close to 600,000. For narrative purposes, the Axis powers are not allowed to talk about their dead. The Soviet Union lost twenty million people” – The Z Man

National Self-Perception – “It must be said that the US still displays the accoutrements of a proud republic, but, at this point, it’s for show only. The inner workings of the US are not that of a republic, nor even a democracy. The US is quasi-capitalist/quasi socialist amalgam that’s run by a corporatist oligarchy. But, how does the world outside the US see the US? However, generally speaking, the world at large observes US national behavior and sees the US as a whole as a potential (if not current) threat.” – Jeff Thomas

The Exasperated American – “Will the voters channel their furor at this regime of lies into an unprecedented turnout at the polls in November?” – Victor Davis Hanson

Democrats And The Left: Addicted To Rage – “It now seems little more than a gauzy memory, but we can all recall the days – in fact, most of the modern era – when actual political debate took place in this country on the great issues of the day. But that is no more. By both their words and actions, leftists have clearly concluded they can no longer win debates on policy. So, they have stopped trying, and replaced reason with rage.” – Tim Donner

Just a few questions, Mr. Biden – “Things going on these days just do not make sense. One just can’t understand why Mr. Biden and his Deep State do the things they do. Biden and his cabal are acting in a way that is totally against the American heritage and, even more perilously, against America’s future. So here are some sincere, honest questions for the placeholder in the White House.” – Andrew W. Coy

Unleaded Gas Headed to Another Record High, Biden to Address the Nation – “Unleaded gas futures hit a new record high last week. Pump prices will follow. On Tuesday, Biden will comment on inflation.” – Mish – WHY BOTHER, HE’LL JUST BLAME PUTIN OR SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!

Why the Warmongers Are Wrong About China – Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Jesus, Endless War, and the Rise of American Fascism – “The Democratic Party is hoping to thwart an election rout by running against the expected Supreme Court decision on abortion. This is depressingly all that is left of its political capital.” – Chris Hedges

Bono Showed up in Kyiv, Ukraine Along with Justin From Canada – “It’s the new cool thing. It’s the latest rage on Insta. All the most virtuous people are doing it. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to support the movement. Travel to Kyiv, Ukraine, snap a few selfies… Social media archives will record history. According to pop culture, the Facebook, Insta, Twitter and YouTube social media campaign to save Kyiv, is bigger than the Berlin wall falling. The CIA, DoS, DHS and Nina Jankowicz have declared it true.” – Sundance – LIKE I SAID YESTERDAY AFTER MISS JILL’S VISIT, IT CAN’T BE THAT BAD THERE. IT’S LIKE A TOURIST’S DESTINATION. IT’S STARTING TO BECOME A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The US Could’ve Prevented This War Just By Protecting Kyiv From Nazis – “As we hydroplane toward the brink of nuclear armageddon while Bono and the Edge play U2 songs in Kyiv, it’s probably worth taking a moment to highlight the fact that this entire war could have been avoided if the US had simply pledged military protection for Zelensky against the far right extremists who were threatening to lynch him if he enacted the peacemaking policies he was elected to enact.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Russia Bashing Once Again Top Featured on Propaganda TV – “When hegemon USA wants an invented enemy vilified, MSM collectively deliver — based on state-approved talking points. Leading bad guy nations shift from one time frame to another. Post-9/11 — the mother of all state sponsored false flags to that time — Afghanistan and Yemen topped the bad guy nations list first. No matter than neither nation had anything to do with 9/11 or threatened the US/West. Then came Iraq, Libya and Syria and dozens more nations targeted by sanctions war. Since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev — replacing democratic governance with Nazi-infested tyranny — Russia became invented bad guy nation No. One. The same designation applies to China longer-term.” – Stephen Lendman

US ‘coercive diplomacy’ with Saudi Arabia – “While a carrot may advance US interests infinitely better than a stick at this sensitive juncture in US-Saudi relations, all indications are that Biden will resort to the stick.” – MK Bhadrakumar

Yawn – Yet Another Never Trump Loser Sucks Up to the Media – “If there’s a genre that’s worn out its welcome, it’s the self-hagiographical tell-all tome by some second-tier Trump administration hack who tries to leverage his track record of failure into a cash advance and some MSNBCNN hits fielding softballs from guys best known for punishing the primate on Zoom calls. How fitting. The latest example is Mark Esper, who would be the worst Secretary of Defense ever if not for the determined competition from the current one.” – Kurt Schlichter

The Truth About China, Russia and the Pentagon’s Global Bioweapon Complex (VIDEO) – “How did this opaque and dangerous network grow out of the 2001 Anthrax attacks which began on Sept. 18, 2001 and the earlier Dark Winter exercises? How is this connected to the absorption of General Hiro Ishii’s Unit 731 bio terror network into Fort Detrick after WWII? How were plans for a post-war age of win-win cooperation sabotaged by the same machine that funded and directed the rise of fascism both prior to and even during WWII?” – Matthew Ehret

Finding Sources of Fresh Food – Pete Kennedy  – GOOD ARTICLE WITH EXCELLENT LINKS, RECOMMENDED BY COREY LYNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Food Supply Shutdown: Deer, fish, pigs euthanized; crops not planted (VIDEO) – “Christian has a candid conversation about the overwhelming number of attacks on our food supply. With crops unplanted and with more food facilities burning down, the media runs stories about “food fire conspiracy theories.” And it’s not just chickens — the state is also killing deer and fish in the name of stopping diseases. Start growing food now.” -Ice Age Farmer

18 Signs That Food Shortages Will Get A Lot Worse As We Head Into The Second Half Of 2022 – Michael Snyder

Joe Biden’s breezy windmills of his naive mind – “To dispel any doubts on the matter, President Biden extolled bountiful and beautiful environmental virtues of wind energy to a staged throng of dozens assembled for his April 22 Earth Day speech in a Seattle, Washington, park setting. Biden boasted that he had “made it clear to [his wealthy] friends up in Nantucket and that area” that they were to drop their objections to offshore wind farms planned for the Martha’s Vineyard area. Lowering his voice to a whisper for dramatic effect, Joe claimed to have told them, “I don’t want to hear any more about you don’t like looking at [wind turbines]. They’re pretty.” Former Massachusetts Senator Kerry hadn’t been the least bit keen on having a 24-square-mile, 130-turbine offshore Cape Wind development which would have supplied 75% of the Nantucket, Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard electricity clutter his panoramic view or interfere with his windsurfing.” – Larry Bell – KERRY IS ANOTHER HYPOCRITICAL ASSHOLE. FLYS AROUND IN JETS BURNING TONS OF FOSSIL FUELS AND DOESN’T WANT WINDMILLS IN HIS BACKYARD; BUT HE WILL LECTURE YOU ON WHAT YOU NEED!!!!!!!!!!

What the Media Still Isn’t Telling You About Russiagate – Ray McGovern

The Nazi Evil Behind Germany’s Wealthiest Companies – “You’ll definitely recognize a few of Hitler’s biggest corporate financiers.” – Janet Levy

Are You As Safe in the Country As You Think? – J.G. Martinez D

The Healing Oils for Heart Health: Do NOT Trust Your Government for Nutritional Advice – “As more and more people in the United States are waking up to the fact that our federal health agencies, such as the FDA and CDC, are corrupt and serve the interests of Wall Street Billionaires and not the public, it is more important than ever to understand the corruption that also exists within the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) and their years of bad nutritional advice that has demonized traditional, healthy fats and oils that have nourished populations for thousands of years, in favor of the newer “polyunsaturated” oils which are toxic, and dangerous to your health.” -Brian Shilhavy


Dow loses 500 points, S&P 500 tumbles to new low for 2022 as sell-off intensifies – Samantha Subin and Jesse Pound

Do You Still Ask “When?” – “Over the years, many have continually asked “when”? When will the system break down? Well, I have some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is; you are watching the collapse in real time with your own eyes. The bad news? You are watching the collapse in real time with your own eyes! This will be short and sweet.” – Bill Holter

Markets Uncertain – More pain to come? – “Markets look distinctly soft, and vulnerable to further downside pressure. The gaps between value, hype and narrative are becoming clearer – spelling opportunity, but also raising the risk of a crash.” – Bill Blain – I WOULD TEND TO LEAN MORE TOWARDS CRASH THAN OPPORTUNITY!!!!!!

The Fed Has Already Lost the Inflation Fight (VIDEO) – “It doesn’t matter. It’s too little, too late. Fifty, 75, 100 — the Fed is not in a position to raise interest rates anywhere near enough to slow down inflation. But any attempt to raise interest rates, even slightly, will prick the bubble, which it’s already done, and the air is coming out. So, the Fed will succeed in killing the economy, but it will not kill inflation.” – Peter Schiff

Did the Fed Wait Too Long, Is the Stock Market Correction Over, Where’s the Fed Put, What’s the Psychological Effect on the Housing Market, and Will there Be Food Shortages? (VIDEO) – Wolf Richter

Take Advantage When Markets Succumb to Fear – Stefan Gleason – STEFAN IS OF COURSE REFERRING TO PRECIOUS METALS AND NOT STOCKS. GOT SILVER? !!!!!

These Stock Patterns Are Impossible – Without Brazen Manipulation that the SEC Is Choosing to Ignore – “Beginning in November of 2008, the Fed was allowed by Congress to manipulate the U.S. bond market through purchases of bonds with money it creates at the flick of an electronic button. The Fed calls this “Quantitative Easing” or QE. ” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens


The Housing Bubble Has Popped (VIDEO) – Dave Kranzler

US Gas Prices Soar As Europe And Asia Scramble For LNG – John Kemp

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.00EUR


Isaiah 1:4   Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters: they have forsaken the LORD, they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger, they are gone away backward.



                                      NEWS ( VIRUS EDITION )

These were never really experts – “Mistaking sheep for shepherds” – El Gato Malo  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM THE BAD CAT!!!!!!!!

Your next pandemic will be controlled by the WHO – “After all, they did such a WONDERFUL job with this pandemic … NOT!!!! So the US is going to cede control in the next pandemic to the WHO and I don’t think it can be stopped.” – Steve Kirsch

Pro Vaccine Journalist Is Asking for an Inquiry Into Covid Shots’ Side Effects After Her Friend Suddenly Dies of a Heart Attack – “Despite massive cover up by governments and the MSM, the avalanche of injuries and sudden deaths becoming more difficult to hide” – Lioness of Judah Ministry

Сase of rare disease confirmed in England – “There’s no cure for the Africa-linked infection, which can cause severe disease in some people, British medics say. A rare case of monkeypox has been confirmed in England, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) announced on Saturday.” – RT – BETTER GET A HOLD OF FAUCI!!!!!

Two TV “journalists” flip out as Dominique Taugeon explains why everything they think they know about those “vaccines” is dead wrong – “She knows the subject, whereas they “know” nothing but the propaganda that they’re paid (a fortune) to regurgitate non-stop” – Mark Crispin Miller – WATCH THE SHORT VIDEO, IT’S AMAZING HOW SO-CALLED JOURNALISTS WON’T LISTEN TO ACTUAL FACTS!!!!

99.6% of COVID deaths in Canada were among vaccinated people between April 10-17 – Thomas Lambert


A Reality Czar? What Could Possibly Go Wrong. – “So who could be trusted as the reality czar? No one. That is why Democrats never suggested one when Trump was in office. In politics, truth is subservient to power. Further, any attempt to provably establish the truth when it is in doubt would be littered with obstacles and controversies, and often beyond possibility, but it would create a clear path to eviscerating Americans’ freedoms.” – Gary M. Galles

The Delingpod ( VIDEO ) with Andrew Tate – James Delingpole Podcast – VERY INTERESTING VIDEO, STARTING TO LIKE THIS GUY!!!!!!!

POTATUS Speaks, A Nation Groans – “A shot and a chaser from a drowning man. It’s hard to single out just one thing which came out of the Biden administration this past week which best illustrates how transformationally awful it is. We’ll have to settle on two of them, which together made up a one-two punch to the gut of American morale.” – Scott McKay

Anti-labor Amazon clinches a massive government contract despite Biden’s pro-worker pledge – “So much for Joe Biden’s pledge to be loyal to the little guy.” – Rajan Laad

Biden is a human- and drug-trafficking monster – “By stopping the building of the border wall (and leaving the paid-for supplies to rust in the desert) he declared the border open to all comers, luring thousands of naïve migrants wanting a better life to risk their lives to get here. But the opened border was open as well to the cartels that traffic in drugs and humans, especially young girls. Biden effectively went into business with the most brutal, barbaric people on the planet.” – Patricia McCarthy

No matter what weird language Biden prefers, today is still Mothers’ Day – “The word “mother” is being erased by the federal government, the edict “Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation” is leading to the elimination of traditional terminology.” – Laramie Seven

Ukraine Alone Makes Biden The Worst US President In A Long Time – “Antiwar libertarian hero Scott Horton has a viral tweet going around which reads simply, “Biden’s refusal to attempt to negotiate an end to the war in Ukraine is the greatest scandal in American political history.” Kind of smacks you in the face, doesn’t it? I’ve never seen anyone put it quite like that before, but if you think about it, how could it not be true?” – Caitlin Johnstone

Jill Biden pays surprise visit to Ukraine, meets first lady – “Biden traveled under the cloak of secrecy, becoming the latest high-profile American to enter Ukraine during its 10-week-old conflict with Russia. – Darlene Superville – SERIOUSLY, CAN’T BE NEAR AS BAD AS THEY SAY IF THE DEMS CAN JUST JET OVER THERE WHENEVER THEY FEEL LIKE IT. OR MAYBE THEY AREN’T ACTUALLY MEETING IN THE UKRAINE. POLAND PERHAPS!!!!!

Biden Signs New $150 Million Military Aid Package for Ukraine – “The package includes additional artillery munitions, radars, and other equipment” – Dave DeCamp  – MAYBE JILL DELIVERED IT PERSONALLY ON HER LITTLE PR TRIP!!!!!!

If The U.S. Is Giving Ukraine Real-Time Battlefield Intel, Congress Needs To Vote On It – “It’s not too much to ask that Congress debate and vote on whether to authorize a U.S. march to war that’s now well underway.” – John Daniel Davidson

Ukraine Is None Of America’s Business! – “Ukraine borders Russia, not America. Mexico borders America, not Russia. Russia never coup-grabbed Mexico, but in February 2014, America coup-grabbed Ukraine. That was an act of war against Russia (in order to steal Russia’s naval base in Crimea and in order for America to become able to place U.S. nukes in Ukraine only a five-minute missile-striking-distance away from obliterating Moscow),” – Eric Zuesse

Democrats Are Desperate for a Distraction – “Honestly, did you care about Ukraine before the invasion? Do you care about Ukraine now? Your first answer is probably no, but it’s likely yes now. Why? Aside from human decency and not wanting to see people killed, you’ve been convinced that Ukraine matters to your daily life. That the war in Ukraine is at least adding to all sorts of problems worldwide. Weirdly, however, all those problems existed before Putin invaded Ukraine; all the invasion did was give Democrats something to blame their failures on.” – Derek Hunter

The Military Situation In The Ukraine – “Because finally, what makes the conflict in the Ukraine more blameworthy than the war in Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya? What sanctions have we adopted against those who deliberately lied to the international community in order to wage unjust, unjustified and murderous wars? Have we sought to “make the American people suffer” for lying to us (because they are a democracy!) before the war in Iraq? Have we adopted a single sanction against the countries, companies or politicians who are supplying weapons to the conflict in Yemen, considered to be the “worst humanitarian disaster in the world?” Have we sanctioned the countries of the European Union that practice the most abject torture on their territory for the benefit of the United States? To ask the question is to answer it… and the answer is not pretty.” – Jacques Baud  – LONG AND VERY GOOD ANALYSIS!!!!!!!!!

The NATO to TikTok Pipeline: Why is TikTok Employing So Many National Security Agents? – “TikTok has become an enormously influential medium that reaches over one billion people worldwide. Having control over its algorithm or content moderation means the ability to set the terms of global debate and decide what people see. And what they don’t.” – Alan Macleod

Blinken signals zero change from failed Trump Venezuela policy – “Crippling sanctions have yet to topple Nicholas Maduro — yet they punish the very people we supposedly want to liberate.” – Daniel Larison

Will You Starve to Death This Year? – “The economy does not produce energy. It uses energy. It depends on energy. No energy = no economy. It’s a very simple equation really, and one that is easily intuited.” – Chris Martenson

Warning Signs of America’s Destruction (VIDEO) with Jonathan Cahn – “best selling author and renowned Christian leader Jonathan Cahn says America is paralleling ancient Israel before it was destroyed by God. Can we turn it around before it is too late? According to Cahn’s new upcoming movie called “The Harbingers of Things to Come,” we can turn it around, but it’s going to take repentance, prayer, faith and God to do it.” – Greg Hunter

OCCULT SYMBOLS, SUBCONSCIOUS SLAVERY, AND HOW TO AVOID BECOMING FOOD FOR DEMONS – “I’ve always been interested in the occult symbols that pervade our world and pollute our souls, although, my interest has little to do with esotericism or the numinous value these symbols supposedly have in unlocking some innate spiritual potential that’s been locked down by a nefarious elite.” – Dylan Charles

DHS Coordinated with Chinese Drone Company to Create the First Totally Surveilled City in America – Matt Agorist

How to Grow 100 Pounds of Potatoes in 4 Sq Feet – Amy S. – NOW IS THE TIME TO GET STARTED!!!!!



The Monetary Madness Among the Central Bankers – “Here is the combined balance sheet for the four most important central banks in the world: the Fed, the European Central Bank (ECB), the Bank of Japan (BOJ) and the People’s Bank of China (PBOC). On the eve of the great financial crisis in 2007, their combined balance sheets stood at just $5 trillion. Today the figure is $31.5 trillion. Need we say more?” – David Stockman

Acting Fed Chair Powell Held Private Meeting with Blackstone Board Director During March FOMC Blackout Period – “Powell met privately with Google CFO/Blackstone director on March 17; then BlackRock’s Fink on March 24 just week before major stock market turbulence. Just since being renominated, Powell has now had more than 60 private meetings off-the-record with U.S. Senators — the same Senators who will soon decide whether to approve his renomination! One can only imagine what kind of lobbying or horse trading might go on in those private meetings.” – Occupy the Fed Movement

Why the Fed will fail to fight inflation until the recession beats it down – David Haggith

Holy-Moly Mortgage Rates Hit 5.64%, 10-Year Treasury Yield 3.12%, Long-Term Treasury Bond Fund Gets Massacred – “So the Fed Gets Ready to Walk Away from the Bond Market, and All Kinds of Stuff Happens.” – Wolf Richter

What Happens When Complexity Unravels? – “When finances tighten, there are two choices: cut expenses or increase revenues. Monopolies, cartels and governments can increase revenues by increasing taxes or the price of goods and services because users / customers / taxpayers have no alternative. The rest of us have to cut expenses.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Stock Market Swoons on Fed Hikes and Economic Contraction – Mike Gleason

Poor Rail Service Threatens US Economy, Shippers Tell Federal Regulators – Bill Stephens


Revelation 18:14      And the fruits that thy soul lusted after are departed from thee, and all things which were dainty and goodly are departed from thee, and thou shalt find them no more at all.


He goes out at night with his big boots on
None of his friends know right from wrong
The kick a boy to death ’cause he don’t belong
You’ve got to humanise yourself

A policeman put on his uniform
He’d like to have a gun just to keep him warm
Because violence here is a social norm
You’ve got to humanise yourself

Rehumanise yourself
Rehumanise yourself
Rehumanise yourself
Rehumanise yourself

I work all day at the factory
I’m building a machine that’s not for me
There must be a reason that I can’t see
You’ve got to humanise yourself

Billy’s joined the National Front
He always was a little runt
He’s got his hand in the air with the other cunts
You’ve got to humanise yourself

( Rehumanize Yourself by Stewart Copeland, Gordon Sumner )





                                     NEWS ( VIRUS EDITION )

“We didn’t understand” that COVID is “kind of like flu,” says Bill Gates – “Speak for yourself, white man” – Mark Crispin Miller

The FDA effectively withdraws the Janssen / Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 shot from the market – “The J&J shot is a disaster. But the Moderna and Pfizer shots are even worse. Why is the FDA pushing all in on mRNA??? More recently, Anthony Fauci has been trying to scuttle the Emergency Use Authorization application for Novavax — a Covid-19 shot that uses a traditional (inactivated virus) approach. In January he told Yahoo Finance: I’m not sure what people are waiting for when you say they’re waiting for something else. They are waiting for a shot that works and does not maim and kill people you knucklehead.” – Toby Rogers

Geert Vanden Bossche: “Unfortunately, the pandemic is anything…anything but over.” – “Geert Vanden Bossche largely predicted this incredible ongoing tragedy well in advance. This incredible mass vaxxing into the middle of a pandemic tragedy; an experimental mass intervention with experimental vaccines using the world’s population as experimental lab rats. He saw it coming like a train down the tracks. He was ignored. Not by me. I didn’t ignore him. By the WHO. By Build Back Better. By the Public Health Criminals. GVB explains that you cannot establish herd immunity unless you can dramatically diminish the level of transmission. The exp. injections don’t do this and now in fact, do the opposite. Which doesn’t stop our useless or sinister bureaucratic criminals from still relentlessly pushing them. Geert also posits that the number of current cases is tremendously underestimated due to the mildness of the current strains of the virus. People are just dealing with the infection and going on with their lives, no testing, no hospital visits. This is the goalpost shift that True Believer Covidians are hanging with for now. “Look at the reduction of disease and death!” As usual, this is a checkers approach, when the virus and Nature are playing chess.” – Sage Hana  – GOOD ARTICLE WITH SOME GOOD POINTS!!!!

Pfizer’s New 80,000-Page Data Dump Is A Nightmare – “Pfizer tested their COVID vaccine on rats and then let pregnant women take it. You probably didn’t know that Pfizer dumped 80,000 pages of documents this week. That’s because the American corporate media refused to cover it — and that’s because almost all of them took money from the Biden regime to promote the experimental vaccines and kill any critical coverage of them. Anyway, it turns out that Pfizer’s COVID vaccine was not 95% effective: the data shows it has a 12% efficacy rate. But wait: it gets worse. There were no human clinical trials to determine if the experimental COVID vaccines were safe for pregnant women. They were excluded from all the trials. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.” – Emerald Robinson

More Than 8,000 New COVID Vaccine Injuries Reported to VAERS, CDC Data Show – Megan Redshaw

Think Kill Shots Are Safe? – “Indisputable evidence since 2020 proved otherwise. Some of the latest proof is as follows: According to the European Medicines Agency latest report last week: They’ve been over 4,190,000 injuries from flu/covid jabs and nearly 44,000 deaths. The latest CDC reported VAERS data through April 22 includes over 1,247,000 kill shot injuries and more than 27,500 deaths. The above numbers are a tiny snapshot of far greater numbers of adverse events and deaths following flu/covid jabs. The more gotten, the greater the harm to health.” – Stephen Lendman

The Vaccine Passport: Gaslighting of an Egregious Kind – ““New York City could bring back Covid mask mandates, vaccine checks if hospitals come under pressure,” reads a recent headline from CNBC. “New York City could bring back mask mandates and proof of vaccination status to go to restaurants, bars and other venues if Covid hospitalizations rise to a concerning level, according to the city’s top health official,” announces the article’s opening sentence. The city’s health official referenced above is one Ashwin Vasan, New York’s Health Commissioner. It is beyond astonishing that Mr. Vasan would contemplate bringing back vaccine passports.” – Vasko Kohlmayer

Can Vaccines be Dangerous to Pregnant Women, Babies and Human Reproduction ? – A Credible Mechanism of Action – “Vaccine Safety Myth – Occasionally vaccines can damage endothelial blood-to-tissue barriers leading to pregnancy dramas and to infertility” – Marc Girardot

Brain Fog A Stubborn Symptom of Long COVID – “The COVID pandemic lives on” – Joel S Hirschhorn

“Optimized” Russia – “They really care about us. What is the true cost of the Virus Scam? What is the total damage from more than two years of gaslighting, coercion, humiliation, and healthcare “optimization”? What are the long-term consequences of deciding that the meaning of life is to suppress the number of positive PCR tests? Incalculable. But Russia’s Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) is doing its best:” – Edward Slavsquat 




The Government Wants Slaves – “Narrated by Andrew Tate and David Icke and Edited by The Good Citizen” – The Good Citizen  – VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our World of Lies – “None of the narratives we are fed are true. The narratives serve agendas that are not disclosed to the public. It is a fiction that “Western democracies” are self-governing. How can people self-govern when they live in a world governed by false explanations serving hidden agendas?” – Paul Craig Roberts

Wealthy Americans are buying second passports as a ‘plan B’ for their families, citing the pandemic, climate change, and political turmoil – Hannah Towey – AND JUST WHERE IN THE F*CK DO THEY THINK THEY ARE GOING TO GO THAT DOESN’T HAVE THE SAME SO-CALLED PROBLEMS THAT MOST OF THEM HELPED TO CREATE!!!!!!.

REPORT: “90% of nations planning Central Bank Digital Currency “ – “As with all globalist agendas, the push for CBDCs is always part of “the current thing”. First, it was a response to Covid. Then they could help us halt climate change. Then they’re a response to the war in Ukraine. Using that method they have moved from a barely-discussed fringe idea to regular mainstream coverage and 90% of the world trying them out, all within the space of a couple of years” – Kit Knightly

Zelensky & World War III – “Zelensky has polarized the entire world. By him suddenly pretending to be a practicing Jew when his children were baptized Christian, he has ignited the threat of war again in the Middle East .Obviously, Zelensky has destabilized the world much more than people realize.” – Martin Armstrong   – VERY GOOD READ FROM MARTIN. THIS WAR HAS MANY IMPLICATIONS!!!!!!

The War For Globalism In Ukraine – “Washington’s proxy war in Ukraine is the globalist scheme to transcend the continuity of history, culture, and geography embodied in the nation-state.” – Douglas Macgregor

Psycho-Pervert Democrat Congressman: “We’re Fundamentally at War with Russia” – “Do you see how this works? They were claiming up until a few days ago that people at the Daily Stormer or the Grey Zone who were saying “this is a proxy war between the US and Russia” were conspiracy theorists. We were told that the entire conflict was about protecting the territorial sovereignty of the Ukraine. So we go on with this for a few months, this talk about the sacred nature of the Ukraine borders, then all of the sudden the US is announcing that we’re actually responsible for killing generals, shooting down transport planes, and blowing up major boats.” – Andrew Anglin

Ukraine’s Forces Are Told To Hold The Line Where Russian Artillery Is Pulverizing Them – “The Ukrainian artillery has been destroyed or lacks ammunition. The Ukrainian forces have orders to stay in their position and to hold the line. That only makes sure that Russian artillery strikes will destroy them. The order was given because the ‘west’ has pushed the Ukrainian president to not make peace with Russia. The consequence will be the assured destruction of the Ukrainian military.” – Moon of Alabama

Biden is sending Ukraine billions of dollars of weaponry it can’t use properly – “Kiev can’t maintain and repair complex US and NATO arms – if they break, they’re useless” – Scott Ritter

No, Hungary is not doing Putin’s bidding – “Stop using the war in Ukraine to bash Hungary. Hungary has said that it will not support the EU’s proposed sanctions on Russian oil and, potentially, gas. For some among the Western media, this is further proof that Hungary is too close to Russia, and that Viktor Orbán is ‘Putin’s puppet’. This is grossly unfair. Hungary’s president, prime minister and parliament have all condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as an unprovoked, barbaric attack on a sovereign country. They have also condemned the alleged war crimes committed by Russian troops. Does this sound like a nation that is too close to Russia?” – Attila Demko

Biden’s new press secretary raises serious conflict-of-interest questions – “However, there is a major concern with Jean-Pierre’s appointment, which few in the media have focused on, obviously. The media coverage celebrated Jean-Pierre’s sexual orientation, but there was scant mention of her domestic partner. Why? Because she happens to be prominent CNN reporter Suzanne Malveaux. A White House press secretary in a long-term relationship with a prominent media personality is a blatant case of conflict of interest in both appearance and substance. It is blatantly unethical of the White House to offer Jean-Pierre the job, and it was unethical of her to accept the position. But ethics and morals have no place in the world of Democrats.” – Rajan Laad – GUESS CNN’S REPORTING IS ABOUT TO GET MORE FAIR AND BALANCED!!!!!

The Hunter Biden Laptop Lawsuit: Heartlanders React – “How does CNN have any reserves in the lawsuit fund at this point?” – Sarah Cowgill

When Republicans take the House, we’ll finally get answers about Hunter and Joe Biden – Elise Stefanik – I DOUBT IT. ALL TALK FROM REP. STEFANIK. REPUBLICANS TALK THE TALK BUT DON’T WALK THE WALK!!!!

Biden DOJ sets up a new ‘Office of Environmental Justice’ — headed by another fanatic – “As if we didn’t need yet another government agency in this age of behemoth federal spending, the Biden administration has saddled the U.S. with a new one, the Office of Environmental Justice. It will be headed by one Cynthia M. Ferguson, whose title is acting director. And you can bet it’s going to be a problem.The set-up of this phony-problem agency follows from the Biden administration’s bid to set up a speech regulator at the Department of Homeland Security, in its Disinformation Governance Board, ” – Monica Showalter

Proper pronouning – “Them/they never fail to provide a perfect heuristic. I have never seen a community so thoroughly and gleefully badge themselves as irrational and toxic. Put pronouns in your self description and you pretty much suck.” – El Gato Malo

Terror from Balochistan: a menacing tool to disrupt Sino-Pakistani economics – “A Baloch suicide bombing targeting Chinese workers in Karachi comes a mere month after the US-backed ousting of PM Imran Khan. Pakistan is a critical BRI hub in Beijing’s vast Eurasian connectivity project, and it looks like CPEC is the ultimate target of this disruption.” – Pepe Escobar

Meet Jacques Attali, Another Globalist “Prophet” Who Predicted Pandemic, Genetic Therapies and World War III Beginning With Ukraine – Ruby Eden via Lioness of Judah Ministry




A Picture is worth a Thousand Words – “All the helicopter money dropped on the nation has quickly disappeared. Personal saving rates (in red) are quickly falling back to recession levels. At the same time, consumer credit (in blue) is spiking upwards, already well past previous recession levels. If the forecasts are accurate, it will be a terrible few years. However, we can all see where things are really heading.” – The Naked Emperor


Stocks Suffer Longest Losing Streak In 10 Years, Long-Bond Battered As Fed-Cred Crumbles – Tyler Durden

Collapse Is Happening Before Our Eyes – “It’s no longer a matter of a major event on the horizon; it’s occurring in real-time. Russia has just linked the ruble to gold at a rate of 5,000 rubles to one gram of gold. China is discussing with Saudi Arabia the prospect of paying for oil in yuan. Israel is likewise considering taking yuan in exchange for its high-tech exports. China and Russia are creating new payments systems to avoid U.S. sanctions. You get the point. Foreign Central Banks Aren’t Dumb.” – Jim Rickards

State of the American Debt Slaves: Borrowing More to Buy Less due to Raging Inflation – “Credit card balances up 3.0% from March 2019, but CPI inflation up 13%, LOL. Auto sales plunged, but auto loans jumped. You guessed it, ridiculous price increases.” – Wolf Richter

Settling Wreckage from the Past – “The world has changed markedly over the last 22 years. Certainly, the economy and financial markets have become twisted and warped. Without the proper perspective everything from the price of a gallon of gas to the price of a house is muddled and confused. The main culprit, no doubt, is quantitative easing (QE) and zero interest rate policy (ZIRP) employed by the Fed. The troubles financial markets and the economy are now facing are the direct result of decades of Fed market intervention. The main purpose of these interventions has been to artificially suppress interest rates. Ultra-low interest rates have the effect of robbing from the future. They pull consumption forward and mask business failures. They also reward risk takers while hurting savers.” – MN Gordon

Poor Crop Estimates Aggravate Food Shortages, India Resorts to Protectionism – Mish

80% Stock Crash, Credit Freeze, NO CASH In Banks (VIDEO) with Gregory Mannarino – Liberty and Finance GREG IS ALWAYS ALWAYS A GREAT LISTEN!!!!!!!



Ecclesiastes 11:8    But if a man live many years, and rejoice in them all; yet let him remember the days of darkness; for they shall be many. All that cometh is vanity.



tonto and gates



                   NEWS ( VIRUS EDITION )

Do the Pfizer “data dumps” really mean anything? – Kit Knightly

The Level Of Crime Here Is Beyond Any Ordinary Court – ‘I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This’ – Naomi Wolf (VIDEOS) – “So that’s a level of really a Truth and Reconciliation Committee; it’s a level of Nuremberg Trials.” – Zach Heilman

The Triumph of Natural Immunity – “One important role of public health agencies during a pandemic is to conduct seroprevalence studies to determine how many people have developed antibodies to the disease from having been infected. The CDC has now finally got its act together with a national survey. The results are illuminating.” – Martin Kulldorff

Fully Vaccinated Gorilla Dies of Multiple Organ Failure – “Gorilla Martha and Human Kassidi Kurill did NOT have to Die. Apparently, a previously healthy gorilla died suddenly and unexpectedly of “multiple organ failure”. By the way, we should be sorry about dead and injured people as much as we are sorry about Martha. Meet Martha’s human analog, Kassidi Kurill: she also died of multiple organ failure.” – Igor Chudov

Horrifying: 99.6% of Deaths in Vaccinated, 70% Boosted According to Health Canada Weekly Numbers – “There are currently 8,607 Unreported Vaccinated COVID deaths in Canada. Why isn’t Health Canada Reporting them?” – Lioness of Judah Ministry

Bird Flu Outbreak Nears Worst Ever in U.S. With 37 Million Dead – Zijia Song, Elizabeth Elkin and Michael Hirtzer

We Must Find a Way to Prevent Bill Gates from Preventing the Next Pandemic – “How are we to explain Gates, exactly? I know that for many of you he is a calculating conspiratorial goon. Pretend for a moment that he’s not, though. Imagine, for the sake of argument, that he’s every inch the obtuse, naive and self-important former software developer that he seems to be. How did he get this way, what does he even think he is doing, and what can it mean? A whole world of unusual vices stands open to him: Instead, he has chosen the path of moral vanity, perhaps the least interesting vice of all, founding a ponderous grantmaking foundation and pooping around the globe in manboobs and ill-fitting polo shirts, pronouncing to all and sundry on subjects he hardly understands.” – eugyppius  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UK government data shows NOBODY should take the COVID vaccines – “The official mortality data from the UK government Office of National Statistics shows that the all-cause mortality rate for vaccinated people is higher than the unvaccinated for the data range from January 1, 2021 to January 31, 2022 for all age cohorts EXCEPT for people over 90 where the data was not reliable enough to make an assessment. This is precisely why health officials never showed us the ACM data. Because it would be an admission that they killed people.” – Steve Kirsch

UN: Obesity levels in Europe at ‘epidemic proportions’ – “The World Health Organization says the rates of people who are obese and overweight in Europe have hit “epidemic proportions,” with nearly 60% of adults and a third of children in one of those categories.” – – EXCUSE ME. DOES THAT MEAN WE NEED A LOCKDOWN OF FAT PEOPLE!!!!!!

Serious adverse jab reactions 40 times higher than previously reported – “A German study has found that the number of serious side effects after Corona vaccines was 40 times higher than previously reported. The Charité, a well-known hospital in Berlin, interviewed 40 000 vaccinated people after they had received their mandated jabs.” – Free West Media

INSIGHTS | 3. Biologic Clock & Immune Dysfunction – “Plants, Fungi, and animals have evolved in relationship to the sun. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that there is a direct relationship between the rhythm of light-dark exposure and health/disease.” – Remnant | MD


Nausea Rules – “The way financial markets puked this week, they must have started reading the news. Let’s face it, the headlines are a little short of reassuring. The $6.49 price on a gallon of diesel is enough alone to tell you that the nation can’t do business the way it’s set up to do, and there isn’t a new model for running things ready to launch — not even Klaus Schwab’s utopia of robots and eunuchs. What’s out there, rather, is a model of breakdown and collapse which the Woked-up, globalist neo-Jacobins are doing everything possible to hasten. US-inspired sanctions on Russia have quickly blown-up in America’s face. How’s that ban on Russian oil working?  Truckers just won’t truck at $6.49-a-gallon, and before long they’ll be out of business altogether, especially the independents who have whopping mortgages on their rigs that won’t be paid. The equation is tearfully simple: no trucks = no US economy.” – James Howard Kunstler – MR. KUNSTLER ON THE BIG PICTURE!!!!!

Economic World War: Who Benefits And How Much Time Is Left? – “I have been warning about an inevitable East vs. West economic war for many years now. The question was never a matter of likelihood, it was always just a matter of timing. When would the most convenient time be for World War III? The issue of “convenience” might sound odd, but I want readers to remember one rule: All wars are banker wars. The only wars that are not are wars of rebellion against the bankers. There is nothing you cannot eventually understand in terms of geopolitics as long as you accept the fact that international conflicts are generally engineered and are always designed to benefit a particular group of establishment power brokers and financial elites.” – Brandon Smith – BRANDON ON THE BIG PICTURE AS WELL!!!!!!

Children of The Free States #2 – “Young lovers of the future across two worlds.” – The Good Citizen – A LOOK INTO THE DYSTOPIAN FUTURE, A VERY GOOD READ. PART ONE IS LINKED IN THE ARTICLE AND ALSO ON THIS SITE ON 02/07/22. YOU MIGHT WANT TO READ IT FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Real Black Swan of 2020: The Assault on Small Business – “Large corporations never shuttered; in fact, they prospered during the year. The government allowed large-box retailers to remain open, while smaller stores – possibly environs of lesser infectivity – were penalized for opening. Polices favored large companies and many businesses were made dependent on government handouts. Relief programs were heavily slanted towards big business, while small businesses were ordered closed, sending their customers to bigger companies.” – Janet Levy – CONSOLIDATION OF POWER!!!!!!

On Psychopathy, Power, Empire And Ego – “I mean, think about it. What kind of person seeks power over others? Psychologists have been saying for years that psychopaths routinely ascend to power not just in political spheres but in business, academia and law enforcement as well. The competition-based models that shape our society tend to reward those who are willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top, and the type of person who is willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top happens to be the type of person who enjoys the power which comes from being at the top.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Why is the White House Bragging About Conducting Military Operations in Ukraine to Kill Russians? – Sundance

Is the left agitating for war with Russia so it can cement domestic tyranny? – “It has been odd and alarming watching the powers-that-be relentlessly escalate the proxy war our government is waging against Russia. But there may be method to this madness. And, no, a mere desire to enrich weapons-manufacturer political donors doesn’t explain it. There is one motivation that would, however: A serious conflict would provide the Left an opportunity to seize complete domestic control, to cement its power — perhaps permanently.” – Selwyn Duke

US Intel Assisted In Sinking Russian Flagship Vessel: Officials Claim Bombshell Escalation – “In case you are wondering how WWIII starts…” – Tyler Durden

Zelensky Critic Arrested in Spain on Orders of Ukrainian Government – “Even though he condemned Russia’s invasion.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Zelensky, Putin Equally Responsible For the War: Lula; U.S. Intel Used to Kill Russian Generals? – “Ukrainian leader has benefited from Western adulation since war started” – Gerald Celente

Global Grain Reserves “Extremely Low,” Will Be Depleted For Years, Warns Top Fertilizer Boss – Tyler Durden

Nationwide Baby Formula Shortage Hits ‘Shocking’ Levels, Sparking Panic Among Parents – Jack Phillips

Psaki chokes up as she introduces her ‘partner in truth’ Karine Jean-Pierre as Biden’s new press secretary: Openly-LGBTQ deputy will be first black woman to take job on May 13 – when Jen leaves and likely goes to MSNBC – Elizabeth Elkind – HITTING ALL THE DIVERSITY CATEGORIES WITH THIS ONE, THIS OUGHT TO BE GOOD. WONDER HOW MUCH CIRCLING BACK SHE WILL BE DOING. JEN GAVE A WHOLE NEW MEANING TO  SECRETS-TARY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2000 Mules Documentary Provides Compelling Evidence That 2020 Election Was Stolen – “After the 2020 election, government officials and their allies in the media repeated the mantra that the election was the “most secure in American history,” Dinesh D’Souza pointed out before the premiere of his new documentary film 2000 Mules. But how would they know that? D’Souza wondered. D’Souza’s question is a good one. Did election officials study the security of every election prior to 2020 to make the determination that the 2020 election was “the most secure ever”? Or were they just spinning another false narrative that benefits one side of the aisle?” – Debra Heine

Black Crime: Why Our Rulers Hide It – ““Why the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch doesn’t always identify suspects by race.” The answer? It can contribute to “stereotypes about one group or another.” I wonder which group. In California, it’s illegal. “New state law prohibits law enforcement from posting mugshots on social media.” Mugshots might “perpetuate racial stereotypes, overstating the propensity of communities of color to commit crimes.” Mugshots doesn’t overstate anything. They reflect reality. And reality is what our rulers want to hide. The crowning absurdity is refusing to mention the race of dangerous suspects on the loose. So, the papers mention a white murderer’s race four times more often than a black murderer’s race, and put it in lights early in the article. Our rulers clearly don’t want you to know about black crime. They would slit their wrists before they told you that blacks are 13 percent of the population but commit nearly 60 percent of the murders. Why do they hide the truth? They would probably say they don’t want to fuel white racism. Facts aren’t racism.” – Jared Taylor

PayPal’s IndyMedia Wipeout – “A series of moves against media outlets by PayPal shows the next step in speech control: confiscation. Why won’t the company answer questions?” – Matt Taibbi

Davos Man, his World Economic Forum, and his Servants – Who are the ones trained to serve the self-appointed globalist overlords?” – Robert W Malone MD, MS –  SOME NICE DOWNLOADABLE LISTS OF YOUNG GLOBAL LEADERS AND LEADERS FOR TOMORROW.

Ireland is Discussing Abolishing Personal Property Rights. Are We Next? – “We’re getting that much close to “owning nothing.”” – Marie Hawthorne

“No Longer Supported” – “You’ve probably had something electronic that still worked just fine but which could no longer be used – because it was no longer supported – i.e., rendered useless by the company that made it, in order to cajole you into buying a replacement. Owners of one of the first mass-produced electric cars – the Chevrolet Spark – are getting just this treatment. it means that once the Spark you own’s battery pack no longer holds charge – an inevitability with every battery – you are left holding the keys to about 3,000 pounds of essentially worthless deadweight, since a car that cannot move is about as useful as a toilet that doesn’t flush. But this “toilet” is only ten years old.” – Eric Peters

West Asia’s economic savior is called ‘multipolarity’ – “The transition from a western economic order toward a multipolar one is ushering in unprecedented economic and security advancements for West Asia.”- Matthew Ehret

23 Things You Can Forage For From April to June – “Foraging for your own food or medicine may become a necessity in the coming months unless you want to fork over massive amounts of money for a limited amount of food. With soaring inflation and grocery store shelves emptying, it is important to correctly identify medicinal or edible plants that grow naturally and abundantly all around you.” – Sara Tipton


The Stock Market Is Crashing! Is This 1,000 Point Wipeout Just The Beginning Of A Historic Financial Nightmare? – Michael Snyder

‘We are nowhere near the bottom,’ top economist says as global markets crater – Matt Clinch

Buckle Up for a Crashing Economy and More Inflation – Michael Maharrey

The Great Crash of 2022 – What happens next? Go read the Book! – “Yesterday’s market meltdown was heralded as a “capitulation trade”, but who knows? What we do know is there an awful lot to worry about, and the conditions for the BIG ONE have been building for decades. Time to re-read The Great Crash, 1929.” – Bill Blain

Economic Explosion – The Fuse Is Lit (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – “”In an urban environment, when the financial system goes down,” he says, “you will not make it.” He suggests living rural to prepare for the collapse of the system. 90% constitutional silver could be the ideal transaction medium in a currency crisis, he says, because of its recognizability and divisibility.” – Liberty and Finance – ALWAYS A GREAT LISTEN!!!!!!

Financial war takes a nasty turn – “There is an increasing inevitability about it all. China has been riding the inflationist Western tiger for the last forty years and now that it sees the dollar’s debasement accelerating wonders how to get off. Russia perhaps is more advanced in its plans to do without dollars and other Western currencies, hastened by sanctions. Meanwhile, the West is increasingly vulnerable with no apparent alternative to the dollar’s hegemony. By imposing sanctions on Russia, the West has effectively lined up its geopolitical opponents into a common cause against an American dollar-dominated faction.” – Alasdair Macleod

El Crazo (Un)Employment – “Oh boy, look at the pretty pictures! Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 428,000 in April, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 3.6 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Job growth was widespread, led by gains in leisure and hospitality, in manufacturing, and in transportation and warehousing. Watch me put lipstick on this pig! And what a pig it is….” – Karl Denninger – KARL BREAKS DOWN THE NUMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For April, Jobs Rise by 428,000 but Employment Drops by 353,000 – “The employment report for April was a mixed bag. On the surface the report looks good. Details show some weakness. It’s important to put the jobs numbers into proper perspective. In the payroll survey, three part-time jobs count as three jobs. The BLS attempts to factor this in, but they do not weed out duplicate Social Security numbers. The potential for double-counting jobs in the payroll survey is large.” – Mish

Do or Die Time for the Fed – David Brady

The Fed’s New “Tightening” Plan Is Too Little, Too Late – “Since 2008, a key component of Fed policy has been to buy up mortgage-based securities and government debt so as to both prop up asset prices and increase the money supply. Over this time, the Fed has bought nearly $9 trillion in assets, thus augmenting demand and increasing prices for both government bonds and housing assets. For all this period, the Fed repeatedly stated that it would at some point “normalize” the balance sheet, presumably by returning the Fed’s total assets to a level at least somewhat close to its pre-2008 levels below $1 trillion. Many skeptics of Fed policy frequently wondered aloud when this normalization would take place. It never did.” – Ryan McMaken

Oil Prices Hit $110 As Europe Prepares To Ban Russian Crude – Charles Kennedy

The Renewed Politicization of the Federal Reserve – “Central bank independence can only be maintained by focusing on the narrow goals assigned by Congress. By straying from its mandate, Fed officials have chosen to base their decisions on politics rather than on sound economics.” – Thomas L. Hogan

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.37EUR


Psalm 141:9     Keep me from the snares which they have laid for me, and the gins of the workers of iniquity


market down 2

                               NEWS ( VIRUS EDITION )

The Invasion of Humanoids Makes Me As Mad As Hell!? – “There is no way at this point to be absolutely certain, but have tens of millions of Americans and even billions around the world already taken the first step toward effectively becoming more non-human? All those who have taken these experimental poisonous bioweapon injections and ‘boosters’ wrongly called ‘vaccines,’ may have already begun the eugenic transformation desired by the master class of monsters known as the ruling ‘elites.’ ” – Gary D. Barnett – GARY HAS BEEN ON A ROLL THIS WEEK, THIS IS HIS THIRD ARTICLE FOR THE WEEK AND ALL HAVE BEEN VERY GOOD READS!!!!

FDA Dismisses Paxlovid Concerns, Gaslights Recurrence Sufferers – “Viral Rebounds are Extremely Rare, Says the FDA” – Igor Chudov

Meanwhile, back in the northeast – “Covid hospitalizations among the old were surging out of season” – El Gato Malo

The Return to the Good Old Days of Ignoring CDC Recommendations – Adam Dick

I don’t want half a revolution – ““I’m not anti-vaccine. I just want them to be safer and more effective.” I love that statement. It’s a lullaby. When I can’t go to sleep at night, I just repeat it to myself a few times, and I’m out cold. It’s typical of half a revolution, which never wins. For the past 32 years, I’ve presented overwhelming evidence that no vaccine was ever safe or effective. The whole “science” of vaccination is a rank fraud. But stuffed-shirt journalists, who sort of go against the grain while maintaining a front of respectability, don’t want to venture that far. They know the price they’ll have to pay. They’re hedging their bets.” – Jon Rappoport

Dialogue with a Curious Injectee – “It Happened! It Finally Happened! An Open-Minded Pro-Vaxxer Asked a Question! + Updates Galore, Including Twitter Locking My Account!” – Margaret Anna Alice

11,000 % increased risk of stroke due to the COVID injections; Huge LIE for any health authority, public  health official like Francis Collins, Fauci, Walensky or Pfizer’s Bourla that vax is safe – “These COVID injections have shown to be not effective as we were and are told, and not properly safe; these injections/inoculations/vaccines must be stopped based on the data” – Dr. Paul Alexander

Greater all-cause mortality from the mRNA Covid vaccines versus the old-school adenovirus Covid vaccines? YES, according to one recent study (The Lancet, 5 April 2022). – “Concerns about the mRNA vaccines were labelled as either conspiracy theories or irrational fears. It now seems the mRNA evangelists were the ones ignoring the data, practicing faith not science.” – Data Humanist

Did Project Warp Speed Warp the Regulators? – “Evidence of fraud within the regulatory system?” – The Naked Emperor

SO MUCH EVIL, SO MANY DEATHS, SO MANY DOCUMENTS (VIDEO) with MELISSA MCATEE – “Pfizer whistleblower Melissa McAtee returns to SGT Report to expose the evil spewing from this criminal corporation. Melissa has posted new documents on her website:” – SGT Report

Bill Seeks to Muzzle Doctors Who Tell the Truth About COVID – “A California bill is now threatening to strip doctors of their medical licenses if they express medical views that the state does not agree with.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola


Nancy and the Nazis. Speaker of the House Arrived Unannounced in Ukraine – “Pelosi met with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and received the Order of Princess Olga (or Olha) award. It is an ideal award for a woman who celebrated the gruesome murder of Libya’s Moammar Gaddafi by Obama and his NATO assassins.  Pelosi, Biden, the Democrats, and no shortage of Republicans, stand firmly behind a government run in large part by avowed racist nationalists responsible for overthrowing an elected government in 2014 (a feat engineered by Obama’s State Department) and turning a blind eye to the organized mass murder of ethnic Russians in the Donbas and elsewhere in Ukraine. In short, Pelosi received a medal celebrating ethnic cleansing, the sort of behavior the nationalist right in Ukraine is attempting to inflict on ethnic Russians and Russian-speakers in the Donbas and southern Ukraine, including Crimea. It is an irony lost on the American people” – Kurt Nimmo

US Officials Say US Intelligence Is Helping Ukraine Kill Russian Generals – “The US has expanded its intelligence sharing with Ukraine” – “Ukraine has claimed to have killed 12 Russian generals, but the number is not confirmed, and Kyiv has an interest in exaggerating its success on the battlefield, and the officials wouldn’t specify how many Russian officers were killed as a result of the assistance. But either way, the claim by US officials that they are helping kill Russian generals is a major provocation toward Moscow.” – Dave DeCamp

Losing the People? Then Change the Rules – “The Left sees success only through altering the rules of governance or changing the demography of the electorate—or both.” – Victor Davis Hanson

The American Mushroom Cloud – “The left’s reaction to anything that doesn’t go its way becomes louder, shriller and more hysterical by the day, if not the hour. Its response to the alleged draft of a Supreme Court ruling that would overturn Roe v. Wade landed like a cruise missile with a hot warhead. But that’s the way today’s Democrats operate. Counterattack any and every event that threatens their agenda by scorching as much earth as possible. There are plenty of candidates for the most hinge-free response to the draft. But before we go further, we’d like to highlight Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren descent into madness.” – I & I Editorial Board

Joe Biden slanders America’s 80 million Trump supporters – “One of the things about senility is that, like alcohol, it can free the speaker of inhibitions. That’s why Biden’s characterization of Trump supporters (all 80 million or so of them) as “the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history” is honest. You know he means it. Although this characterization is so defamatory that it would be easy to laugh off, it’s no laughing matter. That’s because his government criminalizes political opposition and his supporters enjoy violence.” – Andrea Widburg

Watch: Psaki Says Biden Will Continue To Call Americans Who Do Not Support Him ‘Extremists’ – “Biden proclaimed that “MAGA is the most extreme political organization” in history” – Steve Watson

We Can’t Let Ourselves Be Oppressed by Weirdos, Losers, and Mutations – “Have you noticed the absolute freakshow quality of the people who want to keep us in chains? Perhaps it’s one thing to be repressed by people who are at least nominally badass, like Romans or Mongols. But these geebos who make up the Democrat Party’s loudmouth wing? The sexually hopeless toads outraged because other people who might someday know the loving touch of another human can’t whack their babies? No. Not only does their tyranny fail the freedom test, it fails the aesthetic test. We simply cannot allow ourselves to be serfs toiling in the fields of a bunch of people who, in any just and sane society, would spend their lives living in fear of getting wedgies for being so bizarre.” – Kurt Schlichter

Biden Adopts the Same Strategy as Hitler to Cancel Free Speech – “Hitler created the very same type of ministry formally called Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment. It was responsible for controlling the content of the press, literature, visual arts, film, theater, music, and radio in Nazi Germany. Today, we call it “cancel culture.”” – Martin Armstrong – AND TO THINK THE MSM USED TO COMPARE TRUMP TO HITLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Homeland Security’s “Disinformation Board” is Even More Pernicious Than it Seems – “The power to decree what is “disinformation” now determines what can and cannot be discussed on the internet. It is now in the hands of trained disinformation agents of the U.S. Security State.” – Glenn Greenwald

Is the West at war with disinformation or dissent? – “As populism rises in the West, so do crackdowns on narratives that deviate from those of the state” – Rachel Marsden

Biden Begins Buying Back Oil To Refill Strategic Reserve… Will Send Gas Prices Back To Record Highs – “Just 6 weeks after President Biden unveiled the greatest, most-massivest, democracy-saving plan to release millions of barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve into the market to bring down the price of gasoline at the pump for Americans… which was crushing his approval ratings as the average joe’s pocket book is eaten alive by Biden-flation… CNN reports that the Biden administration plans to seek bids this fall to buy 60 million barrels of crude oil as the first step in a years-long process aimed at replenishing America’s shrinking emergency oil reserve, an Energy Department official said. …sell low… buy high?” – Tyler Durden – WHAT AN IDIOT, GUESS THAT MOVE DIDN’T ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING!!!!!

The Obama Revolution (VIDEO) – The Rees Report – GOOD SHORT VIDEO FROM GREG!!!!!

Spreading Roe disinformation: Where are the disinformation police? – “For decades, scholars on both sides of the issue have said Roe v Wade was wrongly decided by the Supreme Court. Now that it looks like the Supreme Court may correct the wrong, and send the issue back to the states or Congress, the media and other Democrats are having a collective cow and colluding to just make s*** up to scare the public. In other words, they are intentionally spreading misinformation to influence and interfere in the election.” – Jack Hellner

The Bill of Temporary Privileges – “Last week, the Director of National Intelligence, the data-gathering and data-concealing arm of the American intelligence community masquerading as the head of it, revealed that in 2021, the FBI engaged in 3.4 million warrantless electronic searches of Americans. This is a direct and profound violation of the right to privacy in “persons, houses, papers, and effects” guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment. By failing to comply with these constitutional requirements, the FBI violated the natural and constitutionally protected right to be left alone of millions of Americans. Yet, all of this was perfectly lawful. How can government behavior be both lawful and unconstitutional at the same time and in the same respect?” – Andrew P. Napolitano

If You Don’t Want an Emperor, Stop Giving Him Your Money – “BlackRock’s funds collectively contain trillions of dollars of capital. But it’s not BlackRock’s money. It’s your money. BlackRock’s equity funds are typically in the top 5 shareholders of every major company on the planet. For example, BlackRock is the #2 largest shareholder in Apple, Google, Exxon-Mobil, JP Morgan, and more, which means that Fink can practically hand pick these companies’ Boards of Directors. The Boards, in other words, work for Fink. He has the power to pressure them into accepting his woke ESG capitalism requirements. And if they refuse, he can have them fired. Reminder — Fink doesn’t have this power because of his own money. He has this power because he’s in control of OUR money. And he isn’t afraid to use it. Fink works very closely with Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum ” – Simon Black  – THINK ABOUT THIS WHEN YOU ARE INVESTING IN YOUR 401ks!!!!!!

Economic Devastation: The Real “Long COVID” – “The “pandemic” has already plunged a quarter of a billion people into poverty, and IMF “Covid loans” are set to make it all much worse.” – Colin Todhunter

Human catastrophe, flowing from Ukraine and across the globe – “While the war is not causing all of the world’s economic crises, ending it is becoming a matter of life and death.” – Rajan Menon

Manufactured Outrage – “What’s Real? What Isn’t?” – Monica Hughes PhD

Seniors Are Getting Suckered Into Medicare Advantage Plans – “Too many who face health problems will have a tough time getting benefits” – Joel S Hirschhorn  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JOEL!!!!

Sweden and the crisis of integration – “Bombings, shootings and rioting are on the rise in Sweden. We need to talk about why.” – Brendan O’Neill

Why You Might Need to Rethink the Possibility of Bugging Out – “Are you sure you’ll NEVER bug out? There are so many people who only have Plan A, and many of them have very good reasons for planning to hunker down in their homes. But take one moment and look at the photos in this article. What if your home was reduced to that state? What if your home was reduced to that state, and an invading army was making its way through your streets, killing and raping without mercy?” – Daisy Luther – SOME GOOD POINTS FROM DAISY!!!!

Don’t Throw These Fruit Seeds and Grow New Plants Easily! – Part 1 – “The part of a plant that contains its seeds is technically the fruit. This means that the avocado is a fruit, and so is a peanut or an almond. The seeds you find within fresh fruits are the best you can buy to start your own plants.” – Rhonda Owen

You Need Physical Training to Improve Your Chances of Survival = Fabian Ommar


Dow tumbles 1,100 points, Nasdaq loses 5% in worst day of the year so far – Jesse Pound and Tanaya Macheel – LOOKS LIKE THE MARKET IS IN THE RED, BETTER GET READY, THE COLLAPSE WILL SOON BE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fed Is Not Fixing the Problem – “after the Fed pulled out all the stops in March 2020 and commenced buying $120 billion per month of government debt, the bottom dropped out in the bond pits. Real yields plunged to territory never before visited, meaning that unless inflation suddenly and drastically plunges, the Fed is still massively behind the curve. The fact is, there is no chance of staunching inflation if real yields remain mired deep in negative territory. Yet if the nominal yield on the UST should rise to 5-7%, and thereby marginally enter positive real yield territory, there would be carnage on Wall Street like never before.” David Stockman

JoeBamanomics, 77 Percent of Americans Rate Economy as Poor, 23 Percent Say Good, 63% of Americans Buying Fewer Groceries – Sundance

The Great Currency Reset and Why Europe is Trapped – Tom Luongo

Sorry, Boy And Girl Geniuses, But How Does Inflation Go Down If Commodity Prices Keep Going Up – Michael Every

Powell Says Fed Doesn’t Have a Credibility Problem with the American People – Despite Gallup Poll Showing Lowest Confidence Since 2008 Financial Crisis – Pam Martens

Stocks, Gold, Oil, Rip Higher as Dovish Powell Wins Hoot of the Day Award – “The Fed meeting was very dovish. Fed chair Jerome Powell’s Q&A was even more dovish. In response, markets ripped higher. Alas, it won’t last. Finally, let’s discuss credibility.” – Mish

Following the Fed’s Hike, Which Markets Have Legs? – “Virtually all asset classes – stocks, bonds, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and precious metals – moved higher by the end of the day. The question for investors is which rallies are sustainable – and which ones aren’t.” – Stefan Gleason

Worker output fell 7.5% in the first quarter, the biggest decline since 1947 – Jeff Cox

The Dollar Is ‘Mighty’ In the Way That Kim Jong Un Is ‘Tall’ – “Indeed, while currencies no longer have a gold definition, gold still speaks through the markets. At present the “mighty” dollar is worth 1/1900th of a gold ounce. When the 21st century began a dollar purchased roughly 1/300th of a gold ounce, when Joe Biden entered office the price of gold was around 1/1853rd of a gold ounce. What the gold signal tells us is that the dollar has long been weak, but not notably weaker in recent years. In other words, it hasn’t been “mighty” as much as the pound, euro and yen have been in decline.” – John Tamny

World’s Largest Shipper Warns About Stagflation: “Don’t Think It’s Temporary” – Tyler Durden

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.40EUR


Psalm 19:2      Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.


big sis

                                  NEWS ( VIRUS EDITION )

Irredeemable Orange – “The Orange Man is still pushing “vaccines.” He did an interview about a week ago with Piers Morgan during which he not only touted their wonderfulness in a general sense, he took personal credit for “saving millions of lives.” He said nothing about the millions of lives he personally wrecked. The thousands of lives the “vaccines” have taken. So far . . . It was the Orange Man who enabled America’s Lysenko – Anthony Fauci – by literally handing him the microphone and giving him the podium. For almost all of OM’s last year in office. Leading to the new man, now in the office. It is unforgivable.” – Eric Peters – FOR ONCE I HAVE TO SAY, DON’T JUST BLAME THE DEMOCRATS FOR THIS ONE!!!!!!

Choice Quotes from Bill Gates’s New Book – “Imagine yourself sidled up to a bar. A talkative guy sits down on the stool next to you. He has decided that there is one thing wrong with the world. It can be literally anything. Regardless, he has the solution. It’s interesting and weird for a few minutes. But you gradually come to realize that he is actually crazy. His main point is wrong and so his solutions are wrong too. But the drinks are good, and he is buying. So you put up with it. In any case, you will forget the whole thing in the morning. In the morning, however, you realize that he is one of the world’s richest men and he is pulling the strings of many of the world’s most powerful people. Now you are alarmed.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker – A GOOD READ FROM JEFFREY!!!!

Drug Cartel: Pfizer scores record profits via taxpayer funnel, on track for $100 billion in 2022 revenue – “Most of Pfizer’s revenue comes via taxpayers subsidizing their junk products.” – Jordan Schachtel

Moderna blows out first-quarter earnings expectations, triples Covid vaccine sales – “Moderna maintained its full-year guidance of $21 billion in Covid vaccine sales.” – Spencer Kimball  – JORDAN’S ARTICLE AND THIS ONE SHOWS THAT IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!!!

Project Lightspeed – Too fast to be true? – “However, I suspect that Ugur knew more than just what he had read in the Lancet. And if Ugur knew enough to risk tens of millions of dollars then so did the WHO and other public health authorities. As I’ve explored before, there is mounting evidence suggesting that the virus was already spreading globally in 2019. So, when did our governments really know about the spread of Covid? If it was already widespread then did the panic produced by the response in March/April 2020, cause many of the excess deaths, instead of the virus itself?” – The Naked Emperor

New study: Face mask usage correlates with higher death rates – “Using data from 35 countries and 602 million people, peer-reviewed study confirms previous research and cautions use of face masks “may have harmful unintended consequences.”” – Y Rabinovitz

Another conspiracy theory comes true – “The Centers for Disease Control used cell phone tracking data to measure whether Americans were complying with lockdowns, possibly including the (unconstitutional) state travel quarantines.” – Alex Berenson

Biosecurity grooming – “This is biosecurity grooming, plain and simple. Schoolchildren across Russia are being conditioned to view themselves as potential biohazards requiring constant monitoring and surveillance. They’re being trained to believe they are suspects in an epidemiological pre-crime. It starts with “harmless” temperature checks but it leads to a Gattaca-inspired biometric control grid. We know this because it’s already happening (albeit in pilot form) in Russia. Is this a school or a medium-security bio-prison?” – Edward Slavsquat

Even Big Pharma CEOs Recognized That Not Everyone Could be Vaccinated – So Why the Mandates? – Dr Chris Flowers MBBS, FRCR, FSBI

Study of 23 Million People Shows Risk of Myocarditis After COVID Vaccines – “a study showing an increased risk of heart problems in young men following COVID-19 vaccines highlights how a safety risk once labeled “misinformation” becomes news that can no longer be dismissed.” – Susan C. Olmstead

A War Against Humanity: Canadian Government Declares the Unvaccinated To Be a Danger to Society – “What’s next? Concentration camps and gas chambers? They just love the “final solution” theme… I am not going to repeat myself about the similarities between Covid tyranny and Nazi Germany, and what is coming upon the world in a near future. Nazi Germany was a trial in preparation for the coming Global Genocide. We are currently witnessing its first stage, the worst is yet to come.” – Lioness of Judah Ministry


The Power and Deadly Design of Purposely Fabricated Inflation: A Tool for Tyrants – “The inflationary game being played by the evil U.S. government and the rest of the West, is more dangerous than most Americans could ever imagine. It has implications that reach to the core of the attempt to form a ‘new world order,’ to such an extent as to possibly be the final nail in the coffin of freedom. This tactic is part of the planned destruction of economies, the elimination of cash to affect a cashless society in favor of a digital monetary monstrosity. This will lead to a vast social credit scoring system based on the China model; supported, funded, and built with full U.S. complicity over time.” – Gary D. Barnett

Burn It All Down To Keep Power – “A story about civilizational arsonists in five memes.” – The Good Citizen

Down with Biden’s Ministry of Truth – “The Disinformation Governance Board should horrify everyone who believes in freedom. It’s as if someone has written a satire of hollow woke virtue. Joe Biden’s US sets up a government unit that puffs itself up as the clearest-eyed warrior against the propagation of falsehoods and appoints as its executive director someone who has at the very least dipped her toe into the pool of falsehood.” – Brendan O’Neill

Biden is Obama’s ‘front man’ – Tulsi Gabbard – “The former Hawaii congresswoman blasted the new disinformation org as a “propaganda arm” of the government” – RT

Staggering breach, Supreme Court; abortion draft leaked – “The Alito draft was obviously LEAKED to the press from inside the Court. An employee passed the draft to Politico, or to someone who then passed it to Politico. The leak was a staggering breach of ethics at the Court. These drafts are, of course, supposed to be secret until a final decision is published out in the open. The leak puts massive pressure on the Court, from the Left, to change its stance.” – Jon Rappaport

When the Government Plays God: The Slippery Slope from Abortions to Executions – “The government wants to play god. It wants the power to decide who lives or dies and whose rights are worthy of protection. Delve beneath the rhetoric and spin that have turned abortion into a politicized, polarized and propagandized frontline in the culture wars, and you will find a greater menace at work.” – John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead

Astounding, I Tell You… – “I rarely comment on abortion on this blog. There are plenty of people who write on it all the time. It’s the polarizing issue of our day, thus one that sells both clicks and subscriptions and it is an issue the Supreme Court created out of whole cloth with Roe. May I remind you that my body, my choice may have been the mantra of abortion rights for fifty years but suddenly didn’t apply when it came to jabs, did it? Indeed while “wrongthink” there might have impacted someone else abortion obviously always does extinguish a fetus; it is thus wildly incoherent to be a hard-core supporter or choice in only one of those two cases. Intellectual honesty, in short, went straight into the bin in both circumstances.” – Karl Denninger

Kamala Harris Goes Full Nails on a Chalkboard in Response to Abortion Ruling Leak – “Now, she’s appeared in person, doing her best Greta Thunberg impression. Behold, the world’s worst politician in all her ear-splitting glory. “How dare they? How dare they tell a woman what she can do and not do with her own body? How dare they? How dare they try to stop her in determining her own future?” The vice president apparently believes that shouting “how dare they” in her best angry voice is a persuasive argument. But since Harris brought up the topic of people daring to do things, how dare Democrats scramble children in the womb and suck them out with a vacuum line? How dare they pretend that convenience overrides a baby’s right to life?” – Bonchie

The Violence of Democracy – “For generations in the West, it has been asserted that democracies do not go to war with one another. This claim was a gratuitous assertion for the purpose of selling democracy as the cure for national conflict. In the same way that globalism is pitched as solution to war, democracy is pitched as the antidote to human conflict.” – The Z Man

Are Biden Democrats Holding a Losing Hand? – “The wild card in Biden’s poker hand is the war in Ukraine… But dissent is rising. Why, it is being asked, are we so focused on the Eastern borders of Ukraine when the Southern border of the United States is being breached illegally by 200,000 invaders every month… some of whom are sex traffickers, drug dealers, terrorists and members of Mexican cartels. “Sometimes nothing is a real cool hand.”” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Illegals mass at the border in anticipation of Biden’s plan to scrap Title 42 – “Illegal aliens, like anyone else out there, respond to incentives. Joe Biden’s plan to end Title 42, the one measure that kept some illegal migrants out on COVID concerns, is one whopping incentive.” – Monica Showalter

A Black Man Tells the Truth About Racism in America – Vasko Kohlmayer

Sleepy Joe’s $33 Billion Abomination – “Donald Trump has been well relegated to the sidelines of America’s political debate, but the TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) lives on, more virulent than ever. The latter is what’s behind Washington’s descent into the current mindless Ukraine war fever—an outbreak of irrationality that makes even the post-9/11 hysteria seem like an orderly discourse. Consequently, when Trump got ushered off the stage (barely) by the American electorate in November 2020, Washington’s war on the Donald simply got re-focused with fevered intensity on Putin. In the target practice galleries of Washington politics, Vlad became the Donald’s avatar. Needless to say, with the politicians in both parties foaming at the mouth against Putin, the Deep State and military-industrial complex had a field day hyping Russia into a national security threat that was not remotely justified,” – David Stockman

Provoking Nuclear War with Russia (VIDEO) with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – “In the middle of a serious situation that can already go out of control, we are adding new provocations. It is clear Washington intends to push these provocations to the hilt. In a normal sane world, everyone would understand that it is recklessly irresponsible to put Finland and Sweden in NATO, particularly at the present time. . . ” – Greg Hunter

Hungarian PM, Croatian president, Noble prize winner on Ukrainian ‘hit list’ – “Not only Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban but also Croatian President Zoran Milanovic and a Nobel Prize winner have been listed on Myrotvorets, the Ukrainian intelligence database which acts as a hit list.” – Free West Media

Close observers shoot down still more propaganda missiles fired off by, and for, the Nazis in Ukraine – “Two videos expose still more Big Lies that are stupefying countless people as completely as the COVID propaganda did, and does” – Mark Crispin Miller – IS THE GIRL IN GONZALO’S VIDEO VITA ZAVERUKHA WHO WAS FEATURED IN AN ARTICLE BY THE DAILY MAIL IN 2015. SOME PEOPLE THINK SO. SEE THE FOLLOWING LINK!!

Teenage girl soldier hailed as Ukraine’s ‘Joan of Arc’ by Elle magazine is revealed as neo-Nazi and is arrested over cop killing – Will Stewart and Flora Drury

Tucker Carlson’s Apocalyptic Worldview? – “Once again, the self-styled newspaper of record NYT found a new way to embarrass itself. And now hatchet job mass deception on Tucker Carlson last weekend in three parts, There’s no ambiguity about why the Times went all-out to demean Carlson. In stark contrast to MSM managed news misinformation and disinformation rubbish on virtually all important domestic and geopolitical issues, Carlson is a rare exception to the rule.” – Stephen Lendman

Home Theft – “”Did you know that in some states, if you miss one tax payment, local politicians will take your home, sell it and keep all the profits? Really. – John Stossel

The war on cars is a war on ordinary people – “Greens seem blissfully unaware that cars are a necessity for most Brits.” – Guy Birchall

Destroying Food to Fight Climate Change Is Madness—and a Conceit That Could Prove Fatal – “What is happening in Northern Ireland is part of a larger push to wean humans off red meat, particularly beef, which humans consume to the tune of 350 millions tons each year.” – Jon Miltimore

China is Stockpiling Food in Preparation of Looming Food Shortages While U.S. Increases Exports – “In December of 2021, reported that China had the world’s largest stockpile of grains: The world’s most populous country, China, has managed to stockpile more than half of the globe’s corn and other grains, and is expected to boost food reserves further, statistics show. According to data from the US Department of Agriculture, China is likely to have 69% of the globe’s corn reserves in the first half of the 2022 crop year – 60% of rice and 51% of wheat.” – Brian Shilhavy

On the Digital Wall, Part II (VIDEO) – “Follow up to the video Where Did the Rest of the Internet Go?” – Truthstream Media – THE FIRST PART WAS LINKED ON 04/30/22!!!!!


A Recession Might Just Eat Some of the 11.5 Million Job Openings, Labor Shortages, Other Shortages, and Not Create Much Unemployment – “A soft landing, cushioned by excesses, for an economy that has gone nuts.” – Wolf Richter

Central banks, Inflation and Debt: We’re in trouble… – “Central Banks have one real job: avoid inflation! It’s here, and the consequences will be devasting as conventional rate-hiking wisdom is used to fight a wholly exogenous supply side shock. There may be alternatives, but “credibility” is everything to Central Banks.” – Bill Blain

“That’s Not How The Fed Works” – “Today is Fed day. A 50bp is a shoo-in: as absolutely nobody was predicting a year ago when they told us inflation was all about lumber and used cars and was “transitory”. The FOMC sit down to their decision against the backdrop of a JOLTS report that says there are now 11.5m open job positions in the US. That’s vastly more than the number of people looking for work. So, there are only a few strategic choices:” – Michael Every

Will Fed’s Expected Rate Hike Bring Down Wall Street? (VIDEO) – “Jay Powell once called inflation ‘transitory'” – Gerald Celente

Fed Perception vs. Fed Reality – “Wednesday brings the long-awaited conclusion of the May FOMC meeting. How will the statement read? More importantly, how will Chief Goon Powell respond in his “press conference”? But perhaps most important of all, does it even matter?” – Craig Hemke

Time for a Silver Trade? – “The price of silver has been going down, and then down some more. From over $28 a year ago, and over $26.50 a month ago, it’s now at a new low under $22.50. Four bucks down in a month. However, it’s been behaving differently than gold behind the scenes. Let’s look at the gold and silver basis charts to see.” – Keith Weiner

US Trade Deficit Explodes To Record High In March – Tyler Durden

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.86EUR


Proverbs 12:27    The slothful man roasteth not that which he took in hunting: but the substance of a diligent man is precious.


cool hand



                             NEWS ( VIRUS EDITION )

Between Natural and Vaccine Antibodies, When is Enough Enough? – “Haven’t we reached herd immunity at this point? Does COVID have an end, as in a final chapter or act? Or will it be like a movie theme that keeps spitting out sequels, each one worse than the last one, and none even close to the first movie that started the franchise? Think of Star Wars or Fast and Furious.” – Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.

Photos, Maskless Fauci Hangs Out With Leftist Media Puppets At Crowded Dinner Party – “The servants were masked” – Steve Watson

Vaccine Shedding Finally Proven! – “Statistically Significant Vaccine Shedding from Parents to Children. Even I believed that there was no plausible mechanism for vaccine shedding. I thought that it was a baseless conspiracy theory. Stupid me. It turned out that I WAS WRONG and vaccine shedding is real and can be measured.” – Igor Chudov

Judicial Watch FOIA: Pfizer/BioNTech Study Found Lipid Nanoparticles Materials Outside Injection Site in Test Animals; MATCHES the Japanese biodistribution findings – “This supports what we have been saying all along, that the vaccine and its content leave the injection site (we were told it would not) & DANGEROUSLY enters the blood stream and goes all over the body” – Dr. Paul Alexander

On What Basis Did Pfizer Claim 95%? – Sonia Elijah

Most Americans Don’t Want Those Shots – “Pay close attention to the numbers. 257.6 million (of a total 334 million Americans) got at least one dose of vaccine. That is 77% of the country. If you remove the 0 through 4 year olds, it is 82% of those eligible by age for vaccine. It seems like the vast majority of Americans went along with the vaccine program. But not for long. A surprising 15% of the initially vaccinated (and 11% of all Americans) never went back for their second shot. That is huge.” – Meryl Nass

The Relentless Banality of Bill Gates’s Mind – “Today is the day that nobody anywhere has been waiting for: Bill Gates’s wretched new book, How to Prevent the Next Pandemic, hit the shelves. In case you were wondering whether the world’s most malevolent philanthropist had learned any lessons at all from the past two years of absurdist apocalyptic catastrophe, multidimensional failure, and wilful social and economic destruction, wonder no more: The dusty, poorly illuminated beige space that is Gates’s brain thinks our response has been fantastic, and he wants to do all of it more and harder the next time around.” – eugyppius

Rheumatologist Robert Jackson: 40% of my 3,000 vaccinated patients report a significant vaccine injury – “Also, he’s had 12 deaths following the jab. Normally in his patient base he’ll see 1 or 2 deaths a year. So if there is a question of whether all-cause mortality goes up or down after the jabs rolled out, his numbers make it crystal clear.” – Steve Kirsch

Trust your gut – “New Research shows benefits of gut bacteria in fighting COVID” – Joel S Hirschhorn





Girls Just Wanna Have Bombs – ““There would be no more wars if women were in charge!” And here we are with women in power everywhere and closer to world war three and nuclear annihilation than we’ve been since the 1962 Cuban Missile crisis, and it’s all coming down to the belligerent actions of two female Prime Ministers near Russia’s border. The female leaders are all in their Schwab-made stables, fresh from their young global leaders’ etiquette courses and the future global leaders’ finishing school where they learned how to obey western Oligarchs with curtseys and bootlicking. New Zealand, Denmark, Estonia, Sweden, the unelected head of the European Union, and the clueless little lollipop of Finland, like a traveling band of 1950s doo-wop girls.” – The Good Citizen – FANTASTIC READ. ONE OF THE CITIZEN’S BEST!!!!!!!

Reckless and ruthless? Yes. But is Putin insane? No. – “Declaring someone irrational leads to a place in which no one wants to negotiate, because, no one wants to talk to crazy people.” – Anatol Lieven

This Time, NATO Better Take Putin’s Ukraine Warnings Seriously – Ted Galen Carpenter

Putin Tells Macron In 2-Hour Call: ‘Moscow Still Open To Dialogue’ – Tyler Durden

A Weird, Stupid Dystopia – “The last few days in the United States have seen a parade of wealthy freaks fellating each other’s egos and preening for the cameras in outlandish garb while ordinary Americans suffer more and more. The weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner saw a gaggle of media celebrities congregate to congratulate one another on what a great job they’ve been doing bravely telling the truth and holding the most powerful government on earth to account. Of course there are people who’ve said things that US presidents don’t like who are not in fact fine. Julian Assange continues to waste away in Belmarsh Prison as the US government continues its efforts to extradite him to he can become the first publisher ever tried under the Espionage Act.” – Caitlin Johnstone

DELEGATION OF DOOM: Pelosi Visits Zelensky With Warhawk Dems, ‘Weapons, Weapons, Weapons’ (VIDEO) – “No talk of peace, just more war” – Gerald Celente

U.S. Director, Oliver Stone, warns of possible False Flag Nuke in Ukraine – “His thoughts on potential Neocon objectives, That guilt has been set up already in advance, regardless of who launched the device. This usage would certainly impact the remaining 50% of world opinion, which isn’t in the Western camp. Russia would be the Satan, the Beelzebub.” – The Naked Emperor

The EU Army is on the horizon – “The building blocks of supra-national military already exist…they’re just waiting for a reason.” – Kit Knightly

Putting Biden’s new whopping $33B Ukraine package into context – “His proposal ‘would make Kyiv the largest yearly recipient of U.S. military aid of at least the past two decades.’ The amount is more than twice the largest yearly total ever provided to Afghanistan — where the U.S. was actively at war” – Ben Freeman and William Hartung

The Department of I Told You So – “CNN – that TeeVee show with a smaller audience than Joe Rogan’s podcast – had an interesting story (for once) the other day. It was interesting – per usual – chiefly for what was not covered. The story was about those Dastardly Rooskies – the usual – and their “plundering” of Ukie John Deere tractors, harvesters and other equipment. At any rate, the “plundered” tractors didn’t work – because John Deere disabled them. Without ever laying hands on them. “The equipment now appears to be languishing at a farm near Grozny,” the CNN piece explains. It means that if John Deere – or GM – wants to do it, John Deere (or GM or any other purveyor of connected equipment) can render its equipment – or what you thought was your vehicle – inert, whenever it wishes. ” – Eric Peters

Europe, Not America, Should Keep Ukraine Afloat – “Other NATO Members Should Pay Up After Cheap Riding on US for Decades. President Joe Biden continues to spend with wild abandon. His latest plan to ensure Uncle Sam’s coming bankruptcy is to propose $33 billion “in security, economic, and humanitarian aid” for Ukraine. Why the US?” – Doug Bandow

And the Hits Against the American Food Supply System Keep On Coming – Jeff Thompson

Conspiracy theorizing about food plant fires – “Tinfoil or tinderbox?” – El Gato Malo  – PERHAPS NOT OUT OF THE ORDINARY, BUT TAKEN IN CONTEXT WITH EVERYTHING ELSE GOING ON, WHO KNOWS!!!

Weaponizing the Current Thing: Biden’s Ministry of Truth & its origins – “Far from tackling foreign disinformation, the DHS is targeting domestic dissent. Nobody really knows, but the timeline of its creation coincides with increasingly disturbing activities launched within Homeland Security to target not Russians, but American citizens.” – Jordan Schachtel

What Comes Next After Roe Is Overturned? Chaos On The Streets Of Washington Like We Have Never Seen Before… – Michael Snyder

The Irrational, Misguided Discourse Surrounding Supreme Court Controversies Such as Roe v. Wade – “The Court, like the U.S. Constitution, was designed to be a limit on the excesses of democracy. Roe denied, not upheld, the rights of citizens to decide democratically.” – Glenn Greenwald

Decoding the leak from the US Supreme Court – “So what purpose does this leak serve? The leak returns the issue of abortion to the forefront. Democrats have successfully characterized abortion as a civil right. This is an issue that fires up the far-left Democrat base, who most likely has been abjectly disappointed with Joe Biden and Democrat lawmakers.” – Rajan Laad – EVER NOTICE HOW ALL THESE LEAKS HAPPEN DURING ELECTION CYCLES AND ARE MEANT TO SWAY VOTERS TO VOTE DEMOCRAT. THEIR POLICIES DON’T WORK SO LET’S JUST GET THE PEOPLE RILED UP ABOUT SOMETHING. ABORTION, BLM, TRUMP COLLUSION, GEORGE FLOYD AND DEFUND THE POLICE, ETC,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snitch Nation: DC public schools command 4-year-olds to identify the ‘racists’ in their families – “Looks as though Pavlik Morozov, the famous child snitch who turned in his parents to Russia’s commissars and became a Soviet hero for it, is still serving as a role model in woke public schools of Washington, D.C.” – Monica Showalter

Does Israel Permit Freedom of Worship? – “Palestinian Christians will soon be extinct” – Philip Giraldi

‘We Are Living in Pervasive Toxic Soup of Chemical Exposure,’ Carey Gillam Tells RFK, Jr. – “Kennedy and Gillam agreed that powerful companies such as Bayer, Dow, Monsanto and others use money and influence to control regulatory agencies that are supposed to be protecting the public. Farmers “can hardly find seed anymore that isn’t coated with these chemicals, because the big chemical companies now also are the big seed companies,” Gillam said.” – Susan C. Olmstead

Statins Suck – Cholesterol is Vital. – “The idea that cholesterol is bad for you is rooted in a rather comical and simplistic (to put it lightly) conception of what cholesterol is. Of course, this is mostly nonsense. It is not surprising, then, that these ideas came from the same group of charlatans (Ancel Keys et al) who pushed the notion that saturated fats are bad for you (also, nonsense). ” – Remnant | MD

I Wish I Had My Own Home Depot For Preparedness Sake – Ken Jorgustin





Russia Is Returning To The Gold Standard And China Is Going To Be Next – “The most profound seismic shift in the global monetary bedrock is happening right before our eyes, and no one seems to notice or care. Eventually, they will have to.” – Quoth the Raven

Here’s Why China is Likely to Have Over 20,000 Tons of Gold (VIDEO) with Alasdair Macleod – “Alasdair Macleod, Head of Research with Goldmoney, about the evidence pointing to China having accumulated over 20,000 tons of gold in their reserves. Alasdair also believes that Russia’s gold reserves greatly surpass the officially declared amount. What are the implications when China and Russia have this large hoard of gold?” – Silver Bullion TV

Diesel Spikes to WTF Record $5.51, Gasoline Jumps to $4.18 – “But wait a minute… crude oil futures are far below a record.” – Wolf Richter

A, B, Sea – “So, what did you miss if you were out for May Day? How about a flash crash in Swedish stocks; US stocks tumbling again, then staging a big rally at the end of the session; US Treasury yields up, with 10s +5bp and moving above 3% for a while; swings in oil prices and gas prices; gold down sharply; and CNH falling back to 6.67 again? Not bad for a Bank Holiday. We also had Mortgage News Daily say if US fixed 30-year mortgage costs, which started 2022 at 3.29% and are now 5.55%, rise another 50bp, or home prices 5% more, or some combo of the two, then home affordability would be the worst on record. And that’s before we even get the first serious Fed hike this week, apparently opening the doors to many more to come this year alone.” – Michael Every

How High Will 30-Year Mortgage Rates Go in 2022? – “Mortgage rates tend to follow 10-year treasury yields plus a spread. Let’s look at historical trends.” – Mish

GDP Spin Is Orwellian Doublespeak (VIDEO) – “If the economy is so strong, why is it contracting? How is a -1.4% GDP a strong economy?” – Peter Schiff

Gold Market to Look Past Fed Rate Hikes – Stefan Gleason

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.91EUR




Psalm 126:5-6     They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.  He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.