The Taking of East Palestine 123 – “mRNA vaccines for Vinyl Chloride? – “The war on Americans is getting kicked up the urgency ladder from the usual psychological conditioning and programming through mockingbird news and information to a full-on corporeal assault in plain view for all to see. Except for those still roosting in pink goo. It’s the usual fare at the Silent War carnival. The never-ending spectacle of gene juice sudden coincidences will probably plague humanity indefinitely until we are all part of the new DARPA-planned species of homoborgenesis. The CDC just added mRNA love juice to the childhood vaccine schedule starting at 6-months-old, because the CDC loves America’s toddlers and wants to protect them. We’re beyond meat and beyond mysteries. And we can’t forget all the usual environmental and economic terrorism through spontaneous combustion of agricultural plants, farms, grocery stores, egg-laying hen warehouses, energy pipelines, and fiat currency values to further decimate the middle classes. Suddenly, like a young, fit triathlete dying on a 10k training run, trains can’t seem to stay on their tracks, and trucks keep tipping over in the wind. These are not benign trains transporting wood chips or pig manure. These are trains transporting the most toxic chemicals imaginable.” – The Good Citizen  – CAN IT BE ANY CLEARER ANYMORE  👓  !!!!!!

The Meal(worm)y Mouthed Monsters – “And so we have to go back to discussing insects I’m afraid. It is just the way it is going to have to be because there are far too many things we disagree on now—even more things than since we last realized that we all didn’t really want to eat insects. Now where was I? Oh yes. As edible larvae A. Diaperinus are just squirmy whitish things with a nervous system and three sets of legs. Actually I don’t know if they have a nervous system or a brain really or even if they’re squirmy. This much I know. A. DIaperinus has been observed inhabiting the scrotum of a rat. (The things you learn from Wikipedia. I mean, they also have other habitats but that kind of stood out to me.) They’re considered pests around the world. So what better way to make everybody happy and solve world hunger while also including the eradication of pesky little bugs than to eat the things. Yes. It is all so simple isn’t it?!?!” – Sylvia Shawcross  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM SYLVIA!!!!!

Environment Police Want to Reduce Car Ownership Because EVs Are Not Enough – Mish

Want Protection Against COVID? Get COVID – “Now Even “The Science™” Recognizes Natural Immunity. The house of cards that is the “safe and effective” narrative surrounding the (toxic and deadly and definitely ineffective) mRNA COVID-19 inoculations continues to collapse.” – Peter Nayland Kust  – I THINK SOME OF US PRETTY MUCH KNEW THAT ALL ALONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will 2023 Be the Year “Climate” Becomes the New COVID? – Chris MacIntosh

Concerning the State, There Are No Accidents, No Coincidences, and No Natural ‘Emergencies’ or Threats: All Is Planned – “We are in the midst of one perceived fake threat after another claimed by the state, and each day seems to bring more and more events best described as fantasy; or to a greater extent, purposely produced and directed theatre. Hollywood could not manage these false flags any better, or maybe the movie design of all these staged events and government are fully coordinated and choreographed. Regardless of where we begin, all of this could easily be placed under the heading, “You just can’t make this s**t up!” It is interesting to look at time lines to find out the sequence of events, so as to find if one is being used to cover another.” – Gary D. Barnett  – A MUST READ AS USUAL FROM GARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rochelle Walensky’s Terrible Testimony – “Last week, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky gave testimony to Congress that was jaw-dropping even by the abysmal standards to which we’ve been accustomed during COVID. In just a few hours, Walensky managed to tell Congress that the CDC’s guidance to mandate masks in schools would never change regardless of new evidence, Walensky’s response is astonishing for several reasons. First, to say that the CDC’s masking guidance “does not change with time,” despite the recent Cochrane review, is effectively to admit that the CDC’s guidance does not change with new data or evidence, either. This is a far cry from the commitment to “science” which the American people had long been told they were following.” – Michael P Senger

Brain implant startup backed by Bezos and Gates is testing mind-controlled computing on humans – Ashley Capoot

Paranoia: Is it Always a Bad Thing? – “We have heard “paranoia” being blamed for much that we, on this side of the fence, are experiencing. “Conspiracy theorist,” in this current context, is really just another name for “paranoid.” It is someone who “makes stuff up” to fit a certain narrative. But what if all this stuff we are supposed to be making up is actually real?” – Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

Is Switzerland About to Become First Country to Outlaw a Cashless Society? – “As in neighboring Germany and Austria, cash is still king in Switzerland albeit a much diminished one. But the Swiss will soon have the chance to vote on whether to preserve notes and coins indefinitely. This is a rare positive news story that, perhaps unsurprisingly, has received next to no attention beyond Swiss borders. As far as I can tell, none of the legacy media in the US, UK, France, Germany or Spain have even bothered to cover the story. ” – Nick Corbishley  – THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT THE CASHLESS SOCIETY AND IT’S TRUE GOAL OF CONTROL, THAT’S WHY THE MSM DOESN’T COVER STORIES LIKE THIS!!!

NHS Director confirms Hospitals lied about Cause of Death to create illusion of COVID Pandemic – The Expose

FL Bill Offers Gov’t Cash to Families Who Surrender Educational Liberty – “Florida lawmakers are considering a major bill that would offer government funding to homeschoolers and families with children in private school, but with a major catch that has critics alarmed. The controversy: Once parents accept the public money, they will give up much of their educational freedom and independence. The legislation, known as House Bill 1, requires that parents receiving public funding take government-approved tests every year. Because testing drives curriculum, and many (if not all) of the tests are aligned with the politically toxic Common Core, critics are warning that the bill would force many homeschoolers and private-school students back into the government system they fled. ” – Alex Newman


Anti-war rally announced in Washington – “The protest will call for peace negotiations in Ukraine and the end of military aid. A large rally dubbed ‘Rage Against The War Machine’ has been announced for Washington DC on Sunday, with thousands set to march to the White House to demand peace in Ukraine and an end to US military funding for Kiev.” – RT – NOT MUCH ABOUT THIS ON THE MSM NEWS. GOOGLE “RAGE AGAINST THE WAR MACHINE” AND YOU WILL SEE WHAT I MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Cover Up Of Epic Proportions Is Happening In East Palestine, Ohio – Michael Snyder

Biden EPA Administrator’s Advice to Chemical Poisoning Victims in East Palestine, OH, Sounds Like Cruel Parody – “He said “Trust the government”” – streiff

Hours After Trump Announces Upcoming Visit to East Palestine, FEMA Reverses Course and Will Support Ohio Community – “The announcement by President Trump with his intent to visit East Palestine next Wednesday, followed moments later by a reversal announcement from FEMA stating they will now offer support to East Palestine, do not seem coincidental. The Biden administration, including the EPA, FEMA and Transporation Secretary, was likely very worried about the optics of getting blasted by President Trump very visibly next week for their lack of urgency and concern. Moments after Trump announces his visit, FEMA reverses their prior denial of aid. lol” – Sundance

Did a Government Intel Asset Plant Key Evidence in Proud Boys Case? – “We should be suspicious of weird coincidences.” – Julie Kelly

Wikileaks just dumped all of their files online. Everything from Hillary Clinton’s emails, McCain’s being guilty, Vegas shooting done by an FBI sniper.. – Calculus of Decay   – LOOKS LEGIT. HOWEVER, OTHER THAN THE CLINTON FILES, I COULDN’T GET ANY TO OPEN UP!!!!


San Francisco Leaders Invite Sex & Drug Tourism – “City leaders seek legalized prostitution, marijuana tourism, and supervised drug sites” – Leighton Woodhouse and Michael Shellenberger

Facing Defeat, Kiev Regime in Desperate Bid to Expand War Regionally and Embroil Neighbors – “Zelensky’s racket is coming to an end as Russian forces push on with decimating what’s left of the NATO proxy war machine.” – Finian Cunningham

Nicola Sturgeon’s woke authoritarianism – “There was nothing ‘progressive’ about the first minister’s reign. Her humiliating climbdown over her gender reforms, sparked by the sickening ‘Isla Bryson’ revelations, was undoubtedly the immediate cause for her downfall. But in truth her political project has been on a collision course with political reality and common sense for some time.” -Tom Slater

Soros’ Declaration Of Hybrid War Against India Is Aimed At Subverting Its Independence – Andrew Korybko


92% of Americans Can’t Afford Groceries: POLL – Daisy Luther

Why the Fed Can Let the Housing Bust Rip: Mortgages, HELOCs, Delinquencies, Foreclosures, and Who’s on the Hook – “Mostly taxpayers, not the banks.” – Wolf Richter

The Core of the Economy–The Middle Class–Is Crumbling – “Neofeudal societies and economies lack a vibrant middle class. This is the defining feature of feudalism and its updated V2.0, neofeudalism: a nobility (based on birth or finance, it doesn’t matter) controls the vast majority of wealth, political power and productive capital, all served by a powerless peasantry. The modern versions of capitalism emerged when a European middle class arose and became powerful enough economically and politically to dismantle feudalism.” – Charles Hugh Smith

What’s Hiding Behind the “Disinflation” Smoke and Mirrors? – “When the Biden administration, the Treasury Department and the Fed have all turned out to be wrong about inflation to this point, they’re eager to tout any hint of positive news.” – Peter Reagan

Gold Has Been Pouring Out Of COMEX, Who Knows What’s Happening In London? – Alasdair Macleod


Healthiest Meats For Your Diet: Top 5 Foods Most Recommended By Nutrition Experts – Joe Vitiello  – WE ARE NOT TALKING WORMS HERE EITHER!!!!!!

Compact Power To Go – Part 2 – J.M.  – PART ONE WAS LINKED YESTERDAY!!!

How To Use An Old Refrigerator For Survival – ” An old fridge can be converted into a root cellar to store fruits and vegetables. and more….. ” – Katherine Paterson

12 Barter Skills for Preppers – “We’ve talked about items to store for trade when the SHTF, but only briefly touched on important barter skills. The great thing about using our skills as currency is that we have a never-ending ability to continue making transactions.” -Ash Duncan  – HAVE LINKED MANY BARTERING ITEMS ARTICLES IN THE PAST, BUT NOT SKILLS. HERE YOU GO!!!!

Grow Salad Greens All Winter For Less Than 20 Dollars (VIDEO) – Roots and Refuge Farm  –  GOOD 15 MINUTE VIDEO!!!!

What You Need to Know About Herbal Tinctures and How to Use Them – Lis Egan


Ezekiel 30:3    For the day is near, even the day of the Lord is near, a cloudy day; it shall be the time of the heathen.