Mr. Soros’ Neighbourhood or How the World Really Works – “Hello Boys and Girls (and yes, there are only two sexes that are not interchangeable)! Welcome to another exciting year of grousing and gumbling about the State of the Planet, and some motivational talks about getting off our Blessed Assurances and changing things for the better. Buckle up! For those who haven’t been paying attention, there world is not composed of 195 nations. It is actually formed from roughly 10 economic unions, free-trade zones, and federation blocks. They are the third layer of the pyramid, and they sit under the United Nations, which generates consensus and administers treaties. Once all the RGB reports are in, the CO hold their annual shin-dig in Davos, with hundreds of private aircraft chauffeuring them in, and copious rich foods from around the planet in plush Swiss villas, where they go over the reports and laugh at the ridiculous dog-and-pony show the CUs put on for their amusement.” – Radio Far Side

An Open Letter to the Vaccinated – Todd Hayen, PhD, RP  – EXCELLENT READ FROM TODD. READ THIS IF NOTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Great Double Down – “Mainstream gatekeepers have been completely wrong about everything for three years yet they are incapable of learning from their mistakes” – Toby Rogers

Nobody is safe from the Nudgers – “Even Prime Ministers. The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) was set up in 2010 by the UK Cabinet Office to nudge the population into doing things they might not necessarily decide to do without prompting. Since then it has gone from strength to strength, massively expanded and its methods exported around the world. David Halpern, a British psychologist, has been in charge of the BIT since its formation. In an astonishing admission in a recent Telegraph ‘article’, David revealed how he and his team even used their techniques on Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the UK at the time.” – The Naked Emperor

Ivermectin’s Effectiveness Proven Again; 72% Efficacy – “800,000 people died in the USA for nothing.” – Igor Chudov

No Doubt It’s a Bioweapon, Not a Vaccine – Globalists in Plain Sight with Sasha Latypova & Katherine Watt (VIDEO) – “These are biochemical, radiological, nuclear weapons, potentially…because they’re designed and developed by the Medical Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear consortium and ordered from those companies… “We should have a more open mind and broader investigation into what is being delivered under these contracts. What is actually in the vials? Because that’s still an open question. We still don’t know what it is and how it functions, how it injures people, because we have such a gigantic variety of injury, we’ve never seen before.” – Alexandra Bruce

Tracking The ‘Pfizer Tagged’ With PCR? – ” What if I told you that you can detect somebody who has received a Pfizer vaccine by PCR?…Think about the implications of being able to identify whether a sample received in a lab has a pfizertag” – Lioness of Judah Ministry


Does Anyone Else Not Give a Damn About a Speaker of the House, or Is it Just Me? – “Yes, it was a close call there for a while, and many could not sleep awaiting a new ruler to be chosen by the other rulers. It certainly was a narrow escape from possible terror and chaos, for what if the Republican Congress had no ‘leader?’ What if Congress and government did not even exist? Would the world end, or would sanity once again reveal its elusive face? This recent fiasco should have awakened many to the fact that all politics, politicians, their controllers, all aspects of their ilk, and their literal being, are nothing of value, and in fact, are the essence of arrogance and evil. Why on earth would so many put stock in such an asinine and criminal system as this? Why do so many participate in and allow such an outrageous, corrupt, and wicked organization to hold power over them?” – Gary D. Barnett -ANOTHER VERY GOOD READ FROM GARY!!!!!!

Why Aren’t We Free to Associate? – “We saw how little freedom we have to associate during the past three years. Business owners were not free to associate with those who wished to freely associate with them. Interestingly, no one who didn’t wish to associate was forced to do so. The social friction created by denying the right to freely associate (for some) has created incalculable social friction and resentment – the latter entirely justified. To be told you must associate with anyone you’d rather not constitutes a claim on you, a form of indenture that implies you owe them something.” – Eric Peters

Illinois governor signs sweeping gun and magazine ban as opponents promise court fight – “As of today, it is illegal for gun shops in the state to sell the modern sporting rifles banned by both name and various features, while rifle magazines must be limited to no more than 10 rounds and handgun magazines are capped at a capacity of 15 rounds. Current owners of “assault weapons” have also been told they have until January 1st, 2024 to register their rifles with the Illinois State Police, and failing to do so could result in a felony criminal charge. If any Illinois resident is feeling safer this morning because of the new gun control measures imposed by Democrats, they’re deluding themselves. The vast majority of violent crimes in the state aren’t committed by legal gun owners. In fact, many of those acts can be pinned on individuals who are well known to the criminal justice system.” – Cam Edwards – PEOPLE JUST DON’T GET IT. CRIMINALS WON’T BE REGISTERING THEIR GUNS, PERIOD! IN THE MEANTIME, LAW ABIDING CITIZENS ARE SEEING THEIR ONLY FORM OF PROTECTION SLIPPING AWAY FROM THEM. IF YOU THOUGHT CHICAGO HAD A LOT OF MURDERS LAST YEAR, WAIT UNTIL THIS YEAR IS DONE, IDIOTS!!  IF THIS DOESN’T GET OVERTURNED BY THE COURTS, LOOK FOR A MASS EXODUS OUT OF ILLINOIS!!!!!

Normalizing Servitude – “There is no end to the humiliation and degradation of those who believe we still live in a constitutional republic. We do not. The sooner folks understand that the United States of America of their youth is gone, consumed by the voracious appetite for power and control of the communists a long time ago, the better. The average American believes that this is not a communist country, because they don’t understand that a permit to build is asking permission from the government to do something with one’s own property. They don’t understand the whole part of “property” which precludes the need to ask anyone anything about it. The very concept of property taxes is communist and anyone who benefits from it, or helps to collect it is also a communist. Anyone willing to force, at the point of a gun, someone off of property they’ve paid every cent to acquire from the previous owner, so the government can sell it and keep the money is also a communist. There is no private property when property tax is collected, that’s all government property that one leases back from the government, even if one has the title to it, the deed.” – T.L. Davis  – GREAT POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

America’s Animal Farm – “Too many look at the barbed wire surrounding them and assume that life must always be endured behind the government’s enclosure. Ordinary people have extraordinary power. Don’t believe me? Watch what happens if tens of millions ever decide to close their bank accounts all at once. Or critical sectors of the workforce decide to stay home for weeks. Or a sizable percentage of the population refuses to obey arbitrary and capricious government orders. When citizens become fed up enough to take matters into their own hands, those with government-bestowed titles learn quickly how little power those vaunted titles actually have.” – J.B. Shurk

Reparations For All? – “A majority of the white ethnicities, such as the French Huguenots, the Irish, the Scots, and others, came to the original colonies to escape oppression and persecution. Some came as slaves. English debtors were sold into indentured servitude to cover their debts. The notion of Woke white liberals that only blacks were enslaved is historical ignorance. There were more white slaves in history than black. Arab slave traders raided the coastal cities of Italy and France. Arabs captured Americans off of merchant ships, causing the Founding Fathers to send the US Marines to the shores of Tripoli. Why are only black descendants of former slaves entitled to reparations? The white American liberals have concocted a fiction that only white Americans are responsible for slavery. The truth of the matter is that white Americans have no responsibility for slavery.” – Paul Craig Roberts

If McCarthy’s Concessions Enable the Next Debt Crisis—Bring It On! – David Stockman

Facebook Is Dead Unless You Post Something that Does Not Matter – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Biden’s ‘think tank’ received $54.6 million from anonymous Chinese donors – “Almost every media pundit focused on the mishandling of classified information, but there was another shocking revelation in this story that went largely ignored. It began with the astounding disclosure that Joe Biden, who is among the least thoughtful men in the U.S., founded and runs a think tank. It seems utterly unfathomable that Biden would lead a group whose function is to conduct ‘research, analysis, and commentary on America’s place in the world and the global forces that impact our national security, democratic institutions, and foreign policy.’ Biden can’t even get what country he’s in straight. The Penn Biden Center’s source of funding is relevant because CNN reported on Tuesday that Biden’s stashed classified documents at Penn Biden Center pertain to Ukraine, Iran, and the United Kingdom, all nations followed closely by the Chinese. The Bidens are veterans of corruption.” – Rajan Laad

Biden’s classified-records headache is Garland’s special-counsel nightmare – “While there are significant differences in the number of the documents involved in each case and the reported response of the Biden and Trump teams, the underlying allegation — removing and retaining classified material — is the same.” – Jonathan Turley

Biden Wants to Ban Gas Stoves, the NY Governor Wants to Ban it Outright – “Climate change fearmongering took another leap forward today on several fronts. Let’s investigate.” -Mish

Let’s Talk About The Catastrophic Rise Of Egg Prices… – Michael Snyder

Federal Aviation Administration Power outages Business Air travel across US thrown into chaos after computer outage – “The world’s largest aircraft fleet was grounded for hours by a cascading outage in a government system that delayed or cancelled thousands of flights across the U.S. on Wednesday. The White House initially said that there was no evidence of a cyberattack behind the outage that ruined travel plans for millions of passengers. President Joe Biden said Wednesday morning that he’s directed the Department of Transportation to investigate.” – Michelle Chapman – YEP, WE’LL GET PETE RIGHT ON THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

China: Death of a Dream – “The China reopening story is the most powerful market narrative going on today. At least for now, it’s more powerful than any Fed analysis, the prospect of a recession, and even lower energy prices in terms of what’s driving investor behavior. Of course, the key word is “narrative.” The Chinese economy is failing because of excessive debt, the collapse of the real estate sector, decoupling from the U.S., the cut-off of high-tech imports to China, and a demographic collapse worse than the Black Death. So don’t be fooled — the new decision to let the virus rip through the population will not end China’s economic malaise. China’s economy may already be in a recession, which is a shock for the world’s second-largest economy and the “factory of the world.” The narrative surrounding the China reopening rally may continue for a while, despite these fundamental weaknesses.” – Jim Rickards

Why the CIA attempted a ‘Maidan uprising’ in Brazil – “The failed coup in Brazil is the latest CIA stunt, just as the country is forging stronger ties with the east.” – Pepe Escobar

Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates Demand USG Military Involvement in Ukraine – “Really, these people can’t help it. They are psychopaths, neocons, and pathological liars.” – Kurt Nimmo

The Madness of U.S. Militarism – “Where are the leaders who are against genocidal nuclear war and who are willing to speak out against it? Where are the leaders who reject a new cold war with China and Russia? Where are the leaders with the courage to advocate for peace whenever possible in place of more and more war? Have we fallen so far under the spell of militarism that America no longer produces leaders like Dwight Eisenhower, Smedley Butler, and David Shoup, generals who truly knew war, despised it, and wanted above all to put an end to it?” – Bill Astore

Prince Harry’s 400-page temper tantrum – “This is the most annoying book I have read in a long time. Even the bio on the first page is annoying. The Duke of Sussex, it says, is ‘a husband, father, humanitarian, military veteran, mental-wellness advocate and environmentalist’. I’m surprised it didn’t add ‘He / him’. Environmentalist? ” – Brendan O’Neill

Russia’s biometric nightmare – “A rushed “security” bill paves the way for a privatized digital control grid” – Edward Slavsquat


More Confirmation The BLS Is BS And The Economy Is Tanking – On the same day the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its December Employment Situation Summary, the Institute for Supply Management released its December Services PMI Report, which contradicted the BLS employment statistics directly. – Peter Nayland Kust

A Long Way to Fall: Stock Market’s Bottom is Hardly Even Within Sight – ” Some of the biggest names on Wall Street are now saying the stock market is delusional and is headed for a much deeper fall. Even if you don’t have money in stocks, you might want to listen. The destruction of trillions of dollars of wealth in the world as the Fed hoses up all the money-slop is changing the world and will continue to do so.” – David Haggith

Small Business Optimism Slump Signals Profit Margins Poised To Plunge – Simon White

Social Security: Why Not Everyone Will Get An 8.7% COLA Increase in 2023 – Vance Cariaga

OMINOUS MILITARY & FINANCIAL NUCLEAR THREATS COULD ERUPT IN 2023 – “The obvious nuclear threat is the war between the US and Russia which currently is playing out in Ukraine. The other nuclear threat is the financial weapons of mass destruction in the form of debt and derivatives amounting to probably US$ 2.5 quadrillion. If we are lucky, the geopolitical event can be avoided but I doubt that the explosion/implosion of the Western financial timebomb can be stopped.” – Egon von Greyerz

Watching Dr. Copper – “As the new year begins, few assets are performing better than copper. So the question becomes, is this just an anomaly or is this the start of a major new uptrend in commodities?” – Craig Hemke

STRIKE BACK! Nations Are Arming Themselves TO THE TEETH AND BEYOND. No More War! (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Coinbase CEO Still among those “Who Believe in Crypto,” the Religion, Cuts another 25% of Real-World Staff, Sees another Huge Loss – Wolf Richter

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.73EUR


How To Improve Your Property With Agroforestry – “Agroforestry may be easier to explain if we begin with forestry. Forestry is essentially the cultivation of trees for timber harvesting. On many timbered lands, it is frequently the sole enterprise. Agroforestry, on the other hand, is the cultivation of trees in conjunction with other types of agriculture, such as pasture or crops. Agroforestry has numerous advantages over using land for a single purpose, whether it is forestry, livestock, or crops.” – Bob Rodgers

Fire Pit Construction – Jedidiah Forsyth


Galatians 5:4    Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace.