If it’s not inalienable, it’s not a right – “In every single place that has imposed vaccine requirements to socialize, the ratchet has been one way. Have they given you freedom in return? Removed masks? Allowed normal life? Has a single one even MENTIONED a process or standard by which this restriction could one day be removed? Because I sure have not seen it. Instead, they move the definitions again. “Up to date” replaces “fully vaxxed.” This was never supposed to be temporary. ever. It was sold as a one time thing to get your life back. They knew damn well that this was a lie when they told it.” – El Gato Malo

Why Don’t We Cut Out the Middleman and Just Elect Pfizer and Merck? – “Come on, Merck: fund a new stadium for our gladiators and you’ll get my vote.” – Charles Hugh Smith  – THE QUOTE FROM CHARLE’S ARTICLE SUMS IT UP PERFECTLY!!!!!!!

Moderna CEO Scrambles To Sell More Boosters As Omicron Wave Shows Signs Of Waning – Tyler Durden  – ALL HE HAS TO DO IS GET WITH FAUCI AND TELL EVERYONE A NEW VARIANT IS ON IT’S WAY. KA-CHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CDC: There is no stopping condition – “I asked the CDC for the stopping condition for the COVID vaccines: you know, like how many kids have to die before they pull the plug, etc. Do you want to know what they said?” – Steve Kirsch

Top epidemiologist Harvey Risch blasts Fauci’s COVID strategy, CDC data and research – “”Dr. Fauci has interests that do not align with the public health interests of the United States,” epidemiologist Harvey Risch says.” – Greg Piper

Sacrificing Children to Covid Vaccines – “Those who want to vaccinate children follow neither the science nor logic. Subjecting children to Covid jabs needlessly exposes young lives to potentially grave risks. The incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis may be as high as 1 in 317 in the young, especially boys, and increases further with each additional dose. Then there is a danger of deadly blood clots as well as several other serious conditions such as Guillain-Barré syndrome. Astonishingly, scores of children have already been injected with two doses that turned out to be ineffective, which is the reason a booster is now required.” – Vasko Kohlmayer

The Crumbling Narrative – “Is the Government wandering in the wilderness? Isn’t it time for all of the COVID-19 data trackers to split the years up: 2020, 2021 and now 2022? I mean really, 2020 is like, so yesterday… Combining all years sure makes good fear-porn though, doesn’t it? Seriously, 2020, 2021 and 2022 are apples and oranges in terms of variants, treatments, vaccines and deaths, etc. In order to look seriously at the data, those data now need to be segmented by year – just like for any other disease.” – Robert W Malone MD, MS

The WAR Upon YOU Keeps Getting Worse – Imagine Being Forbidden From Leaving Home To Go Buy Food As Is Already Happening Elsewhere! More Proof This Is All By Design – Susan Duclos

WATCH: Dept of Health Tells Citizens Not to Workout, Eat Healthy, or Save Money — Vaccinate Kids Instead (VIDEO) – “If you want to do the right thing in 2022, don’t eat healthy, exercise regularly, or save money — you need to give your children the vaccine. That will save us all, according to the Hawaiian Health Department. Shameful indeed. Naturally, after they posted the video to Twitter, they received massive backlash from people calling out such repugnant messaging. In fact, they received so much backlash, they deleted the tweet and put up the following tweet, encouraging actual healthy choices.” – Matt Agorist

Ontario (Canada) Admits 50% of “COVID” Hospitalizations Not From COVID, Death Count May Also Be Misleading – Arjun Walia

2G-plus: Germany tightens Covid rules for restaurants, bars and cafes – ” under the new restrictions, the catering sector will have to introduce the 2G-plus rule nationwide. It means that fully vaccinated and recovered will have to show a recent Covid-19 negative test to enter bars, restaurants and cafes. People who’ve had their booster shot on top of being fully vaccinated do not need to take a Covid-19 test. They will instead have to show proof of their top-up Covid shot.” – AFP/The Local


Is There A Way To Prevent Psychopaths From Getting Into Positions Of Power? – “To outsiders looking in, zealots are an endless source of comedy. You can’t help but laugh because their ticks and cricks and outbursts are nonsensical and absurd (just check out “Libs Of Tik Tok” for a mountain of examples). As long as they don’t have any real power these people act as a reminder of what happens when human beings abandon reason for madness. They can be frightening but they serve the purposes of entertainment as well as keeping the rest of us grounded. When they do gain power, however, that’s when things stop being funny.” – Brandon Smith

Aiding Biden’s attack on American rights, Supreme Court justices peddle endless streams of COVID misinformation – “They are laughably misinformed on basic COVID info.” – Jordan Schachtel

The unpersoning of Donald Trump – “One year on, Big Tech’s censorship of the then US president remains a democratic outrage. The Big Tech censorship of Donald Trump was brutally effective. One year on and he is almost entirely absent from social media. As are those of his more conspiratorial supporters, 70,000 of whom were also purged in the wake of Trump’s ban. This isn’t just about Trump himself, either. During the 2020 campaign Big Tech engaged in an act of censorship that was almost as sinister and damaging to democratic life.” – Tom Slater

Have we reached the point where Big Tech censorship is simply accepted? – “The most shocking thing about Twitter’s ban of Marjorie Taylor Greene, the first national US politician since Donald Trump to be de-platformed, was the lack of outcry about Big Tech’s self-appointed role as the arbiters of truth.” – Norman Lewis

One Year Ago, Big Tech Declared Open War On America. Here’s What’s Next – “Big Tech hates us, and they aren’t going to stop.” – Christopher Bedford

Get the Courts Out of Science – “This morning I listened to the oral arguments in the case of the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates as enforced by OSHA. It was a demoralizing experience. I heard some crazy things… I might have thought that they would be getting their information from somewhere other than their political intuition, mixed with wildly inaccurate claims from bloggers and media pundits. I was wrong. The very existence of this case in the Supreme Court reveals that something is fundamentally broken about our presumptions about the relationship between the individual and the state. It must be fixed. Let us hope that this case awakens a culture and a world to a desperate need for dramatic reform. Human rights and public health are too important to be left in the hands of high courts.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker  –  BRAVO, MR. TUCKER. I MIGHT ALSO ADD, GET THE CDC OUT OF SCIENCE AS WELL. IT SEEMS NEITHER THEM OR THE COURTS ARE FOLLOWING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reflections on the Supreme Court oral arguments in the OSHA vaccine mandate case – “Everything the Democratic appointees know about the pandemic comes from the TV and it’s entirely wrong” – Toby Rogers

Gingrich: Pelosi is ‘the person who is the most responsible’ for Jan. 6 violence – ““I think she is the person who is the most responsible for what happened,” Gingrich said. “It was her job to ensure that there was adequate police, and if they didn’t have adequate police it was her job to ensure that the National Guard was there.” Gingrich knows Pelosi’s job, as he did it, some years ago.” – Bob Unruh

A Tale of Two Authoritarians – “The appearance of Dick Cheney in the House of Representatives on the anniversary of January 6th helped identify the true villain on the scene. I don’t mean to understate the seriousness of January 6th, even though it’s been absurdly misreported for over a year now. No one from a country where these things actually happen could mistake 1/6 for “a coup .” In the real version, the mob doesn’t take selfies and blaze doobies after seizing the palace, and the would-be dictator doesn’t spend 187 minutes snacking and watching Fox before tweeting “go home.”” – Matt Taibbi

12 Questions the Justice Department and FBI Need to Answer About January 6 – “Republican rank-and-file are fed up with feckless GOP leadership, and are starting to see the Capitol protest as an inside job rather than a spontaneous uprising.” – Julie Kelly

The Answer Is in on Those Tests Biden Promised—and It’s Unbelievable – “Reporter: “What about COVID tests going out to Americans? People are still standing in line.” Joe Biden: *looks confused*.” – Nick Arama


What The Climate Scare And Pandemic Fearmongering Have In Common – “Climate alarmists have said it’s necessary to ratchet up the fear about global warming to get the public’s attention. It’s the same story with the coronavirus outbreak. Authorities wanted to strike fear in the people, so they exaggerated the lethality of a virus deadly to only a narrow demographic segment. Compare and contrast:” – I & I Editorial Board

Why Greta’s Climate Panic Failed – “In recognizing nuclear and natural gas as green, the European Union has affirmed human well-being, and environmental progress, over renewable energy dogmatism” – Michael Shellenberger  – I WOULDN’T SAY FAILED. JUST TEMPORARILY ON HOLD!!!!

Imprisoned Boston Bomber Received $1400 Stimulus Check—Prompting Correction from Washington Post Fact Checker – “Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev got a $1400 stimulus check from you, humble taxpayer. Last March, Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton said the rejection of a proposed amendment to the CARES Act would mean inmates “like the Boston Bomber”—Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev—would get stimulus checks. Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler took issue with the claim. In a scathing article headlined “Murderers, undocumented immigrants: Hyped-up claims about who’s getting stimulus checks,” Kessler issued Cotton “two Pinocchios” for predicting the convicted terrorist would receive a coronavirus stimulus check. Alas; Cotton, it turns out, was correct in his prediction.” – Jon Miltimore

Want to Know Where Your Money Goes? Sex, lies and the United States Navy — Meet “Fat Leonard” – “Leonard Glenn Francis is a Malaysian businessman who infiltrated the greatest power on the high seas and built a billion-dollar empire by providing officers with orgies, Dom Pérignon champagne and security paid for by the USA. And, now he’s squealing like a … rat.” – David Haggith

Shareholders call on Google and YouTube to produce the receipts on how they take orders from Joe Biden’s White House on COVID – “One of the biggest things I’ve wondered in this new era of social media censorship is how the companies’ policies of banning people and repressing the news actually help their bottom line. They are publicly traded companies, after all. They’re supposed to try to make a profit for their shareholders. How does shutting down their free “content producers,” whether it’s President Trump, or Dr. Robert Malone, with all their millions of followers on Twitter and Facebook, actually make money for these tech barons?” – Monica Showalter

Kazakh Chaos on Cue Ahead of Crunch Russia-U.S. Security Negotiations – “The events have an unerring similarity to U.S.-sponsored regime-change operations that have taken place in other nations. The timing of violent protests rocking Russia’s southern neighbor Kazakhstan inevitably raises questions.” – Strategic Culture Foundation

Don’t kick the can: two key US proposals for upcoming Russia talks – “It seems the administration just wants to soothe (and bluster) but take no concrete actions over Ukraine. It won’t work this time.” – Anatol Lieven

Kit – “In military lingo, “kit” refers to “a set of articles or equipment needed for a specific purpose.” Such as not being helpless if your vehicle stops working – or moving – on account of bad weather or a mechanical failure. Every vehicle ought to equipped with such kit – for just in case. The problem is, you’ll have to put one together, yourself – because most modern cars haven’t got any kit at all. Or even a spare tire, in many cases. Here are some items you might want to have on hand for when just-in-case becomes now what?” – Eric Peters

FOOD CRISIS LOOMING? Meat and egg shortages fears after stores report ‘bare shelves’ amid Omicron cases – Jacob Bentley-York

How Food Production and Prices Will Change in 2022 (FORECAST) (VIDEO) – Adapt 2030  – VERY INFORMATIVE VIDEO!!!!


Reader Shares Fascinating Household Expense Data, the Same House for 80 Years! – “Here’s an interesting letter from a reader regarding utilities, property taxes, and heating expenses on a house owned by a family for 80 years since 1941.” – Mish  – EXCELLENT. A MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hard to Imagine the Labor Market Will Go Back to Pre-Pandemic Dynamics. Too Much Has Changed – “People got thrown out of a rut and thought about how to move forward differently. We can see that increasingly in the numbers.” – Wolf Richter

What the Great Ammunition Shortage Says About Inflation – “Concentration is increasing prices and keeping them high. The ammunition duopoly and the “Great Ammunition Shortage” is just one example. One of the results of the ‘Great Ammunition Shortage of 2021.’ “5.56 ammunition for an AR-15 used to be about 33 cents a round,” said Mark Oliva, director of public affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation. “Now you’re looking at closer to almost a dollar a round. So it is much more expensive and it is much more difficult to find ammunition.” Ammunition is a highly concentrated industry. There are many ammo brands but they are all controlled by two firms – Vista Outdoor and the Olin Corporation.” – Matt Stoller

Wall Street Superbank WARNS Of Potential SURGE In The Price Of Commodities. IMPORTANT UPDATES. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Nasdaq 100 Suffers Worst Start To Year Since 2000; Rates & Risk-Parity Routed – Tyler Durden

Stock markets to crash 90% this year, followed by best buying opportunity in lifetime (VIDEO) with Harry Dent – “The greatest financial downturn ever will happen this year, and investors will be taking the “biggest risk of [their] life” if they don’t sell now ahead of a complete market wipeout, said Harry Dent,” – Kitco NEWS  – MOST OF THE COMMENTS ON HARRY ARE NEGATIVE, BUT OCCASIONALLY I LIKE TO HEAR HIS TAKE ON THINGS!!!!VERSE FOR THE DAY


Jeremiah 13:18    Say unto the king and to the queen, Humble yourselves, sit down: for your principalities shall come down, even the crown of your glory.