‘Half The World Is On Lockdown’ – New York COVID-19 Cases Pass 90k As Cuomo Confirms 400 More Deaths: – Tyler Durden

Ground Control to Planet Lockdown: This Is Only a Test – “The fact is that, all over Planet Lockdown, a groundswell of public opinion is leaning towards defining the current state of affairs as a global psyop: a deliberate global meltdown – the New Great Depression – imposed on unsuspecting citizens by design.” – Pepe Escobar  – LONG, BUT GOOD ARTICLE FROM PEPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grim New Rules for NYC Paramedics: Don’t Bring Cardiac Arrests to ER for Revival – Tom Winter

COVID: It’s not one thing, it’s not one disease – “I keep pounding on this, because it’s the main illusion, and it’s the hardest illusion to dispel. People hang on to it like a life raft.” – Jon Rappoport

Waves Of Mutilation: Medical Tyranny And The Cashless Society – “The establishment NEEDS the pandemic to spread, because then they have a rationale for strict controls of pubic activities and movements. This is the end goal. They have no care whatsoever for public health or safety. The end game is to acquire power, not save lives. In fact, they might prefer a higher death count in the beginning as this would motivate the public to beg for more restrictions in the name of security.” – Brandon Smith  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Health Organization The Government Tells You To Trust Should NOT Be Trusted (VIDEO) – We Are Change

Dear South Korea, please help our incompetent, scientifically illiterate and hopelessly corrupt CDC figure out how to defeat the coronavirus – Mike Adams

Jon Rappoport: major Coronavirus announcement to my readers – “Exposing the scam, I’ve just completed three audio presentations about COVID-19. They are available at the following link: click here. With the cooperation of and Catherine Austin Fitts, we’re making these presentations available to you, and to people around the world. The series is titled: THE CREATION OF A FALSE EPIDEMIC” – Jon Rappoport   – URGE EVERYONE TO WATCH THESE IF YOU CAN GET IN TO THE LINK. AT THE MOMENT I CAN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P FOR PANDEMIC Part 2 (POPULIST RAGE) – “The Party will use all means to silence dissent. The Party will utilize their hold on the police forces and military to enforce their dictatorial decrees.” – Jim Quinn  – PART 1 PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!!

Scientific Research Paper Explains Direct Connection Between COVID-19 and 5G – State of the Nation

And Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands! (VIDEO) – Truth Stream Media  – SOMEWHAT SATIRICAL, BUT GOOD!!!




We’re Following A One-Size-Fits-All Coronavirus Strategy Right Into A Great Depression – Ben Domenech

Taking Rights Seriously – “I admire deeply Cuomo’s brilliant use of his bully pulpit to educate and intimidate the populace into commonsense behavior intended to limit the spread of coronavirus. But he cannot lawfully — nor could the legislature — interfere with the right to travel and to assemble peacefully because those liberties are guaranteed by the Constitution. They cannot be interfered with by decree or even by legislation, no matter the beneficial goal of the interference. It gets worse.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

World risks ‘sleepwalking into surveillance’ with coronavirus controls – Umberto Bacchi

How Gullible Politicians Promoted the Destruction of the Global Economy and Threw Us into the Abyss of Serfdom – “After declaring the coronavirus a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), agendas that had been prepared years ago were set into motion and the state agencies followed the procedures that were prescribed by the International Health Regulations (IHR) as the international legal instrument that is binding on 196 countries across the globe, including all the Member States of WHO. If the modelers and the responsible government bodies had looked at the basic numbers instead of elaborating an apparently sophisticated model, they would have noticed that there has been no noticeable rise of the death rate.” – Antony Mueller

The Wonderful Insanity of Globalization – Charles Hugh Smith  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM CHARLES!!!!!

Putin Says ‘The Rich Must Pay’ for the Corona-Virus – “The much ballyhooed $1,200 checks for unemployed workers are merely a tactical diversion that’s being used to conceal the giant ripoff that is taking place right under our noses. In contrast, Putin has settled on a more rational and compassionate plan. He’s going to launch a relief program that actually focuses on the people who need it the most. Then, he’s going to cover the costs by taxing the people who are most capable of shouldering the burden.” – Mike Whitney   – WE GIVE TRILLIONS TO THE BANKS AND JUST ENOUGH FOR AVERAGE PEOPLE TO MAYBE PAY THEIR RENT AND GROCERIES FOR A MONTH. SO WHO’S IDEA IS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!

China’s Cartels: Those Who Control The Medicines Control The World – “The vital drugs and supplies needed to treat coronavirus are in the hands of a government that has already weaponized them.” – Rosemary Gibson

CORONAVIRUS‘Nothing Left For the Americans’: Chinese Woman Brags About Buying Up Supply of N95 Masks – “The woman’s behavior is clearly disgusting given that there has been a shortage of masks across the western world, leaving front line health care workers exposed. Be careful though. If you criticize her, the media might call you racist.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Coronavirus Commission: Adam Schiff’s New Trump Inquisition? – “This is not going to be an objective examination of how the federal government handled the pandemic. It is going to be another investigation, with extreme prejudice, of the Trump administration.” – Graham J Noble

Go for it, Adam Schiff! Make a fool of yourself again – “As night follows day, Adam Schiff is vowing to launch another “investigation” into the Trump administration’s response to the Wuhan flu.” – Patricia McCarthy

AOC Rants On Instagram About Wuhan Virus and It’s as Dangerous and Insane as You’d Imagine – “In it, we see the Congresswoman from New York encouraging people to go on rent strikes in the middle of a pandemic. Yes, let’s tell people to organize “rent strikes” while landlords are struggling to pay their mortgages. I’m sure that’ll end well and not with thousands of people getting evicted from their homes.” – Bonchie

Trump Deploys Military as Drug Cartels Try to Exploit Pandemic to Infiltrate US – Ivan Pentchoukov

Another Expensive War, Another Intelligence Failure? – “Trump has promised additional tranches of more trillions, which means that the war on the coronavirus might well wind up being the most expensive conflict in American history. Plus, that is only the direct cost to the federal government with state and local jurisdictions also spending billions. The coronavirus will also have a devastating impact on the economy and actually threatens to directly damage entire communities and even states, something that has not occurred in the U.S. since the Civil War. And, of course, the money the White House winds up spending is all borrowed and someday will have to be repaid.” – Philip Giraldi

Taxpayers Paid Millions to Design a Low-Cost Ventilator for a Pandemic. Instead, the Company Is Selling Versions of It Overseas. – Patricia Callahan, Sebastian Rotella and Tim Golden

US Escalates Warmongering Against Venezuela Because Of… Drug Trafficking? – “As Venezuela Analysis rightly points out, in 2009 George W Bush awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to then-president of Colombia Álvaro Uribe Vélez, who was previously listed by US intelligence as one of Colombia’s leading narco-traffickers. So no, the US government does not care about drug trafficking, and it does not care about the Venezuelan people. What the US government cares about is securing control over the largest proven oil reserve on planet Earth, which is located beneath Venezuelan soil.” – Caitlin Johnstone

United States Continues Imperialist Policies Despite COVID-19 Pandemic – “Bombings in Somalia and the intensification of destabilization efforts against Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Iran further exposes the Trump administration war crimes”- Abayomi Azikiwe

ID2020, RFID, BILL GATES, VACCINE, WARNING!! (VIDEO) – What They Don’t Want You To Know

20 Crucial Skills Preppers Relied On 100 Years Ago – Bob Rodgers

Simple, Effective Natural Ways to Maintain a Healthy Respiratory System – Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD

Complete List of How Many Plants Needed to Grow a Year’s Supply of Food (VIDEO) – MIgardener





“US Labor Market Is In Free-Fall” – 10 Million Americans Have Filed For Unemployment In Past 2 Weeks – Tyler Durden

Bailout BONUS Bonanza Going Bonkers … Again! – “The banks that are begging for bailouts still cling to their bonuses. To terrorize us into letting them keep their bonuses, the banksters are threatening to release the button on their suicide vests and blow themselves up by not taking the bailouts if they can’t have their bonuses.” – David Haggith

Week Two: How COVID-19 Lockdowns Impact US Housing Market. Mortgages Give Clues: It Gets Uglier – ““Nobody has any taste for risk anymore. All of those exotic loan programs have ceased. All investors buying that paper are gone”: mortgage broker.” – Wolf Richter

Fed Panics As Foreigners Dump A Record $109 Billion In US Treasuries – Tyler Durden


What About Silver? – “While industrial silver use will likely slow, investment demand has already skyrocketed, and we’re already seeing shortages of many silver bullion products. It’s worth repeating: at its core, silver is a monetary metal. It tends to track with gold over time. And it has historically outperformed gold in a gold bull market.” – Peter Schiff

Silver and Sanity – “Silver is real money, not a debt-based fiat currency that will eventually fail.” Silver prices will “catch up” someday, perhaps soon, when fake money is recognized for what it isn’t. Investors and savers will scramble to buy a tiny supply of real silver and bid prices far higher. – Gary Christenson

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –5.56EUR




Job 40:11   Cast abroad the rage of thy wrath: and behold every one that is proud, and abase him.



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