Russia suspends INF Treaty with US – Kremlin – “President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree enacting Russia’s suspension of the INF Treaty, a move that was announced after a similar decision by the US. The INF Treaty may be revived if the US “eliminates its earlier violations of its obligations” under the deal, according to the decree published by the Kremlin on Monday. Otherwise it will simply expire and cease to exist.” – RT

Will Russia Challenge the US Regime Change Plot in Venezuela? – “Will Putin stop being Mr. nice guy in dealings with the US? Will he draw a red line not to be crossed by its hardliners in Venezuela? Will he eschew worthless diplomacy for toughness in dealing with the Trump regime’s rage for replacing Bolivarian social democracy with fascist puppet rule it controls? Will he at long last step up to the plate and do the right thing after fiddling while Rome burns for so long, substituting action for worthless rhetoric? Will he accept reality that diplomacy with the US achieves nothing?” – Stephen Lendman

As Guaido Re-Enters Venezuela Monday, Bolton Threatens US Action If He’s Detained – Tyler Durden

Venezuela: what caused the double veto of Russia and China in the UN Security Council? – Veterans Today

The Deeper Lessons of Marco Rubio’s Murder Threat Tweet – “It is now clear that characters such as Lucky Luciano, the great mastermind of prostitution and heroin smuggling into America from the 1920s through the 1950s and Frank Costello, the so-called “Prime Minister of the Underworld” had more taste and restraint than the entire current membership of the United States Senate.” – Martin Sieff

The Latest: House panel launches sweeping probe of Trump – “House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler says the investigation will be focused on obstruction of justice, corruption and abuses of power” – AP

Will the Democrats Split into Two Parties after AOC’s Threats? – Martin Armstrong

Hey Democrats! Remember Howard Schultz? Sure looks like he’s running for president – Monica Showalter

The Immorality and Destructiveness of Wealth Equalization -Jacob G. Hornberger

As Bernie Sanders Pushes Party Far Left, Democrats Ignore These Words Of Wisdom At Our Peril: ‘The Problem With Socialism Is That You Eventually Run Out Of Other Peoples’ Money’ – “Socialism Only Provides Equality In Restraint And Servitude” – John A. Dwyer

The Cult-like Psychology of the Progressive Movement – “Has anybody noticed the ideology of the Progressive movement has significant similarities to the psychology of cults? Both are premised on brainwashing and lies. They both grow by hoodwinking people to distrust their sensibilities. Plain and simple.” – Sheriff David Clarke (Ret.)

Ocasio-Cortez responds to carbon footprint exposé: I’m just ‘living in the world’ – Tamar Lapin

Jihad Jew-hater Rashida Tlaib got $225,180 from Soros’s organization AND paid herself $45K from campaign funds – “We are under siege. And once again we find the black hand – Soros.” – Pamela Geller

The Prisoner Says ‘No’ to Big Brother – “The persecution of Julian Assange is the conquest of us all: of our independence, our self respect, our intellect, our compassion, our politics, our culture. So stop scrolling. Organize. Occupy. Insist. Persist. Make a noise. Take direct action. Be brave and stay brave. Defy the thought police. War is not peace, freedom is not slavery, ignorance is not strength. If Julian can stand up to Big Brother , so can you: so can all of us.” – John Pilger

Bannon Predicts 2019 Will Be “the most vitriolic year in American politics since before the Civil War” – Daisy Luther

Billionaire Pedophile Privilege: Press Blackout Suggested for Epstein’s ‘Orgy Island’ Hearing – The Free Thought Project

The Greatest Deal in the History of Deals? Or Much Ado About Nothing? (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

U.S. Farm Debt SOARS To Apocalyptic Levels Not Seen Since The 1980’s Farm CRISIS – Mac Slavo

What Killed the Middle Class? – “Rounding up the usual suspects won’t restore a vibrant middle class.” – Charles Hugh Smith

New Mexico: 29 of 33 County Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Anti-2A Laws, 24 Counties Become Sanctuaries – Robert Davis

Is There A Socialist-leaning Lifestyle Drowning The USA In Fiscal Debt? – Catherine J. Frompovich

Ben Bernanke – The Father of Extreme US Socialism – “Looking for a reason for the upsurge in radical socialism, don’t blame Trump, blame the Fed.” – Mish

Bugging Out? You Won’t Be Welcome, Unless… – “Strangers won’t be welcome in rural communities during a Stuff Hits The Fan bugout. Small rural communities take care of their own, but “their own” definitely will not include random people traveling on a bugout.” – Salty

Your iPhone Has a Hidden List of Every Location You’ve Been – “It’s called the Significant Locations list, and you probably didn’t know it existed” – Jack Cohen

Will 5G Cell Phone Technology Lead To Dramatic Population Reduction As Large Numbers Of Men Become Sterile? – Michael Snyder

New study claims Dr. Seuss and his books are racist – COLLEGE FIX STAFF


How Can I Build Enough Strength To be Useful During A Crisis? – Bob Rodgers

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.05EUR




Isaiah 56:11  Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter.