9/11: Finally the Truth Comes Out? – “Although the United States is allegedly a democracy with a rule of law, it has taken 17 years for public pressure to bring about the first grand jury investigation of 9/11. Based on the work of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth led by Richard Gage. This puts the US Justice (sic) Department in an extraordinary position. Every informed person is aware that elements of the US government were involved either in the perpetration of the 9/11 attacks or in a coverup of the attacks.” – Paul Craig Roberts  – ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS FOR 911 TRUTH IS NOT A CONSPIRACY GROUP BUT A GROUP OF PROFESSIONALS THAT HAVE THE TRAINING TO DOUBT THE OFFICIAL NARRATIVE. KUDOS FOR THEIR EFFORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FBI won’t run honest investigation of Hillary Clinton crimes, but is tripping over itself to investigate the theft of files that might expose the truth about 9/11 – Ethan Huff

Tucker Carlson and the Plight of the Yellow Vests – “I have to hand out sincere kudos to Tucker Carlson. His opening salvo for 2019 was one for the ages. It was a broad-ranging, fifteen-minute rhetorical tour de force. Tying together Mitt Romney’s vulture capitalism, unchecked immigration, political corruption and the destruction of the middle class family, Carlson laid out a story that if everyone took off their ideological blinders for a few minutes (myself included) would see as simply a horror show.” – Tom Luango

Tucker: Leaders show no obligation to American voters (VIDEO) -Fox News  – HERE IS TUCKER’S MONOLOGUE. A MUST LISTEN EVEN IF YOU DON’T LIKE TUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark Left Starting Soft Civil War (VIDEO) with Kevin Shipp – “Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says, “I would say we are in a soft civil war, and the ones that are starting this civil war, and they have gotten more aggressive almost by the day, they are what you call the “Dark Left.” They are no longer the party of JFK.” – Greg Hunter

Why One Should Distrust the News – Eric Zuesse

Time to Pay Attention: Democrats and Republicans Joining Forces to Push Gun Confiscation – The Free Thought Project

First, Corporations Targeted Your Speech – Now, They’re Targeting Your Guns – Tim Brown

Obama Ethics: Another law enforcement agency found corrupted – Monica Showalter

Bolton Says U.S. Withdrawal From Syria Is Conditional – Vivian Salama

Bolton Threatens Syria…Again – “The prospect of Washington, under Republicans or undemocratic Dems, turning a page for peace in Syria or any of its active war theaters is polar opposite reality. The US continues waging forever wars against multiple countries, others on its target list to attack. Syria remains in the eye of the storm.” – Stephen Lendman

Shutdowns, The IRS And Stupidity of Americans – “So the IRS won’t pay refunds during the shutdown eh? I will tell you that they have no problem cashing your checks — or issuing TINs. If they won’t pay refunds, which are not their money, but will take money then the American people’s response ought to be an immediate General Strike, right now, end of discussion. It’s not their money. But we’re Ball-less Americanus these days, aren’t we?” – Karl Denninger

US Intel Hid Exculpatory Evidence on Mike Flynn – “When Flynn traveled to a Moscow RT event and sat next to Putin he did so as a US spy, not a Russian agent” – John Solomon

Former Law Enforcement Official: Benghazi Coverup Was to Protect Clinton Foundation – General Flynn Attacked Because He Knew Too Much – Joe Hoft

Record Numbers of Americans Want to Leave the U.S. – Julie Ray and Neli Esipova

More “Project Fear”: May Warns ‘No Deal’ Brexit Would Leave UK In “Uncharted Territory” – Tyler Durden

Muslima Elected To Congress Co-Authors Op-Ed Outlining Case For Impeachment Of Trump – Suzanne Hamner

France in Free Fall- “French officials evidently understand that the terrorists are engaged in a long war and that it will be difficult to stop them; so they seem to have given in. These officials are no doubt aware that young French Muslims are being radicalized in increasing numbers. The response, however, has been to strengthen Muslim institutions in France.” – Guy Millière

Islam Is Islam, Irrespective of Sect – Amil Imani

DEFCON Warning System Website Paints Chilling Picture Of Potential Nuclear Crisis In 2019 – “Officials Worry Russian Doomsday Device Could Wipe Out Major US East Coast Cities” – Stefan Stanford

Powell Promises Patience: So What? It Doesn’t Matter – Mish

Equality Triumphs! Women Now Lead World In Clubbing Baby Seals – Caitlin Johnstone

The UN Wants To End Fossil Fuel Use By 2050 To Stop Climate Change – Off The Grid News

Let’s do follow the climate money! – “The climate crisis industry incessantly claims that fossil fuel emissions are causing unprecedented temperature, climate and weather changes that pose existential threats to human civilization and our planet. The only solution, Climate Crisis, Inc. insists, is to eliminate the oil, coal and natural gas that provide 80% of the energy that makes US and global economies, health and living standards possible.” – Paul Driessen

Gold to Silver Ratio To COLLAPSE (VIDEO) – Chris Duane

AR-15 Alternatives – Salty

Dutch Company Unveils World’s First Prefab House Built Entirely Of Cannabis – Amanda Froehlich




Deuteronomy 32:12  So the Lord alone did lead him, and there was no strange god with him.



Caught up in the whirlwind, can’t catch my breath
Knee deep in hot water, broke out in cold sweat
Can’t catch a turtle, in this rat race
Feels like I’m losin’ time, at a breakneck pace

Afraid of my own shadow, in the face of grace
Heart full of darkness, spotlight on my face
There was love all around me, but I was looking for revenge
Thank God it never found me, would have been the end

(I was) Walkin’ the tight rope, steppin on my friends
Walkin’ the tight rope, (it) was a shame and a sin
Walkin’ the tight rope, between wrong and right
Walkin’ the tight rope, both day and night (Solo)

Lookin’ back in front of me, in the mirror’s grin
Through eyes of love I see, I’m really lookin at a friend
We’ve all had our problems, that’s the way life is
My heart goes out to others, who are there to make amends

We’ve been walkin’ the tightrope
Trying to make it right
Walkin’ the tight rope
Every day and every night
Walkin’ the tight rope
Bring it all around
Walkin’ the tight rope
From the lost to found
Walkin’ the tight rope
Streched around the world
Walkin’ the tight rope
Save the boys and girls
Walkin’ the tight rope
Let’s make it right
Walkin’ the tight rope
Do it, do it tonight
Walkin the tightrope

( Tightrope by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Doyle Bramhall )