Yes, Russia is getting ready for war – in case US attacks, diplomat tells UN – RT

Pittsburgh synagogue shooting: Gunman kills 11 people in ‘deadliest anti-Semitic attack in US’ – Nick Allen

On Antisemitism, Critical Thinking, And Conspiracy Theories – Caitlin Johnstone

Murder in Pittsburgh and the Targeting of Alternative Social Media – “Robert Bowers, the suspected shooter at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, is being used to denounce social media not on the corporate reservation.” – Kurt Nimmo

Enough is enough: Fed-up Americans crave unity amid violence – Claire Galofaro and Margery A. Beck

New York Times Publishes Disgusting Attack on Trump – James Murphy

Crazy Haters and the Twisted Press – “The meme about toning down political speech is one the press likes as a means of silencing the critics of its own partisan, slipshod work and the policies and character of its darlings on the left. – Clarice Feldman

Is There A Mechanism For Spreading Hate? – “Let’s fast forward to current times when billionaire Soros money seems to be at the forefront of many political unrest scenarios in various countries of the world.” – Catherine J. Frompovich  – GOOD OP-ED FROM CATHERINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who’s Funding the Caravan and Who Could be Hiding Among the Hondurans? – Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

The Caravan LIE – ” There seems to be this mantra that some 10,000+ people are “marching” over 1,000 miles from southern Mexico to the US Border and it is all organic, never mind being timed to the midterm elections in a couple of weeks. Bull****. Simply put these people are not doing this unsupported. So who’s providing the support? Who’s carting them around in trucks and buses? It’s happening, away from the cameras, and the so-called “media” is intentionally refusing to report that. Who’s bringing them ten thousand gallons of potable water a day and providing them with the means to carry it and keep it safe for consumption? After a few days who’s providing them with 10,000 meals a day?” – Karl Denninger  – GREAT POINTS FROM KARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama rips Trump, GOP in fiery speeches for Midwest Dems – “Former President Barack Obama criticized President Donald Trump’s tenure in office Friday in fiery speeches in Milwaukee and Detroit that took aim at him and other Republicans for “making stuff up.”” – Ivan Moreno and David Eggert  – KEEP IN MIND, THAT THIS WAS THE CLOWN WHO LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

U.S. Completes Largest Ammo Shipment To Europe Since NATO Bombing Of Yugoslavia – “Is something big coming related to heightened tensions either with Russia, Iran, or Syria?” – Tyler Durden

Shocker! Mail Bomb Terror in US and Russia Is Not Blamed (Yet) – Finian Cunningham

False Flag Bomb Psyops Prove The Very Deep State Is In A Panic – State of the Nation

Harmless Mail Bomb Scare Suspect Arrested – “Is the targeted individual a legitimate suspect or a convenient patsy? Most likely the latter, but it remains an open question. How could an ordinary person access mailing addresses of prominent Trump critics sent harmless mail bombs?” – Stephen Lendman

The Latest Bomb Scare – ” If the security agencies and the Democratic National Committee were willing to orchestrate a fake “Russiagate” scheme against Trump for political reasons, why not also a fake bomb attack on Democrats? Just as the presstitutes went along with “Russiagate” despite the absence of any evidence, RT reports that the US media is blaming “Trump’s ‘hateful rhetoric’ for the packages.” ” – Paul Craig Roberts

The Worst False Flag Event In History Was Successful “The Deep State finds a mess of a man living out of his van with no computer. Yet, he was able to track down the home addresses of the Clintons, the Bidens and the Obamas et al. He’s sophisticated enough to find these high profile people, yet doesn’t realize that federal regulations prevent these people from receiving mail and that they would never open what was sent. And then these people were sent bombs that would not even be befitting of a sparkler on the 4th of July.” – Dave Hodges  -DAVE BRINGS UP SOME GREAT POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pipe-Bomb Suspect Has Long Criminal History Including Threatening To Blow Up Utility Company In 2002 – Plus Some Strange Anomalies About Official Story – Susan Duclos

Global Bloodbath: World Stocks Puke Over $8 Trillion As US Markets Collapse – “Global capital markets are down five weeks in a row, losing just under $9 trillion – the biggest, fastest drop since Lehman… (around $8.2 trillion from global equity markets)” – Tyler Durden

Why I think the Ugly October in Stocks Is Just a Preamble – “Yet, the crybabies on Wall Street are already clamoring for the “Powell put.”” – Wolf Richter

Trump to Send More Troops to the Mexican Border to Stop Migrant Caravans – Mish

Some Unpopular Opinions About the Migrant Caravan (and How to Prepare for Its Arrival) – Daisy Luther

Khashoggi versus 50,000 Yemeni Children – “Back to the real issue: It took the horrendous murder of a famous Saudi-critical and Saudi-national journalist, for the Europeans to react – and that, mind you, grudgingly. They’d rather follow Donald Trump’s line, why lose 110 billion dollars-worth of arms sales to the Saudis, for the murder of a journalist. – After all, business is business. Everything else is a farce. — For three and half years, the Saudi’s have waged a horrendous war on Yemen. They have slaughtered tens of thousands of Yemenis – according to the UN Human Rights Commission more than 50,000 children died by Saudi air raids with UK supplied bombs, and US supplied war planes” – Peter Koenig

The Boomer Bomber, Naked Emperors, And The End Of Civility – “Being an Enemy of Hilly has a very short lifespan. But, this article isn’t about Hillary per se. It is simply a reminder that Hillary is the symbol of where the Progressive left’s end game always was. Politics is the art of masking the use of violence to achieve political and social goals.” – Tom Luango  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM TOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shadow Banning Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg: We’re All Digital Ghosts Now – Charles Hugh Smith

Civil War Is Coming To America (VIDEO) with Steve Quayle – “People have got to understand the New World Order is about ‘out with the old world and basically the foundation of Christianity’ . . . to substitute a Luciferian elitist world and the destruction of mankind. . . . The control of the mainstream media is for the destruction of the United States and everything that we stand for. . . . ” – Greg Hunter

The Importance of Alternative Media – John Scales Avery

“My” Suspended Twitter Account – “Dear Readers: It is all over the internet and international media that Twitter has suspended my account. This is not the case. I do not use social media. I discovered that a Twitter account was operating in my name. I requested that the account be taken down.” – Paul Craig Roberts  – ANY LINKS POSTED THAT AREN’T PROVEN TO BE TRUE WILL BE CLARIFIED IF POSSIBLE. THANKS DR ROBERTS FOR THE CLARIFICATION!!!

Dozens more breakfast foods test positive for trace amounts of weed killer, report says – Arman Azad

Roundup For Breakfast: Every Kid’s Breakfast Cereal Sampled Tests Positive For Monsatan’s Weed Killer As Two New Studies Hint Of ‘Water Wars’ Ahead – “America’s ‘Breadbasket’ Forecast For ‘High Likelihood Of Hydro-Political Interaction” – By Stefan Stanford

Want Some Weedkiller for Breakfast? Here’s What You Can Do to Avoid the Poison in Nearly All Dry Breakfast Foods – Meadow Clark

Next Financial Crisis Will Usher In Socialism (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

What a bunch of idiots – “Tell me this isn’t crazy– A few days ago the creator of the most famous consumer ‘credit score’ in the United States announced a major overhaul in how it rates borrowers. Consumers live and die by this ‘FICO score’. So FICO decided that they would reinvent the way they calculate the scores– giving a big boost to people with bad credit. Virtually overnight, people who have a history of not paying their bills will immediately be deemed creditworthy. And poof… they’ll have access to more debt than ever before.” – Simon Black

SHTF: Last Minute Shopping A Bad Idea – Salty

Practical Fuels for Off-Grid Survival – Cody

How the Illuminati (Luciferian Satanists) Infiltrated Religion, Secret Socities & Government and Hijacked Them from Within – Humans Are Free

Google’s smart city dream is turning into a privacy nightmare – “Sidewalk Labs wants an independent trust to manage citizen privacy in Quayside.” – Nick Summers

Why the frantic movement of silver at the Comex? – “Ted Butler today marvels at the frantic movement of huge amounts of silver among the vaults of the New York Commodity Exchange, and wonders why it is happening and why it gets no notice from other market analysts. Butler speculates that the cause is physical demand by JPMorganChase, which seems to have become the master of the silver and gold markets in the United States.” – Ted Butler

Where Does The Tradition Of Wearing Halloween Costumes Come From? – “The modern tradition of wearing costumes on Halloween can be traced back more than 2000 years to the Celts of ancient Britain. During a Druidic festival known as Samhain, which is still celebrated by Wiccans and other modern pagans, revelers would often wear masks or costumes. In modern times wearing costumes is considered to be “innocent fun”, but in those times the masks and costumes were worn for very specific spiritual purposes.” – Michael Snyder

Do you have a safe source of water for a SHTF situation? Top 5 water purification mistakes – Frances Bloomfield

Overvalued Stocks, Undervalued Gold And Silver, Insolvent Tesla (PODCAST) with Dave Kranzler – “Deutsche Bank is a zombie bank that would have blown up in 2012 if the Bundesbank, ECB and German Government hadn’t bailed it out.” – Craig Hemke

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 8.50EUR




Proverbs 26:1   As snow in summer, and as rain in harvest, so honour is not seemly for a fool.



I take my card and I stand in line
To make a buck I work overtime
Dear Sir letters keep coming in the mail

I work my back till it’s racked with pain
The boss can’t even recall my name
I show up late and I’m docked
It never fails

I feel like just another
Spoke in a great big wheel
Like a tiny blade of grass
In a great big field

To workers I’m just another drone
To Ma Bell I’m just another phone
I’m just another statistic on a sheet

To teachers I’m just another child
To IRS I’m another file
I’m just another consensus on the street

Gonna cruise out of this city
Head down to the sea
Gonna shout out at the ocean
Hey it’s me

And I feel like a number
Feel like a number
Feel like a stranger
A stranger in this land
I feel like a number
I’m not a number
I’m not a number
Dammit I’m a man

( Feel Like A Number by Bob Seger )