President Trump unloads on Comey, ‘scum on top’ of FBI a day after damning IG report’s release – Brooke Singman

Damning Hillary Emails Probe Report – “There’s clear ample reason to hold Hillary, Comey and others accountable for their unlawful actions.” – Stephen Lendman

See? Now You Did It! – “America needs real news and real journalism, and it needs it badly. Instead it has an increasingly divisive set of well-paid propagandists who break the country ever further apart. The OIG report that came out yesterday confirms this more and better than anything. When the country’s own ‘intelligence’ conspires to influence the political process, while the media report on outside influence only, then yes, you have a problem.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM RAUL!!!

IG Report Bombshell Just Beginning, More Anti Trump Media Lies, Economic Update (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Ignore The Media’s Preemptive And Misleading Spin To Control The Narrative, READ The Damning IG Report For Yourself – Susan Duclos

With FBI’s boiling hate for voters exposed, America dodged a bullet by electing Trump – “One of the biggest takeaways from the Department of Justice’s 500-page Inspector General report is how deep the contempt for voters is among the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s leadership elite.” – Monica Showalter

IG report is catalog of bias, abuse of power (VIDEO) – Tucker Carlson (Fox News)

The Trade War Begins: US Announces Target List On $50BN In Chinese Tariffs; Beijing Vows Immediate Retaliation – Tyler Durden

Trump Confounds the Pundits – Philip Giraldi


The key word in the Trump-Kim show – “By reaffirming the Panmunjom Declaration, the US President has committed to bringing its military back from South Korea and thus a complete denuclearization of the South as well as the North’ – Pepe Escobar

Gasp! Rachel Maddow reveals shocking fact that North Korea has a border with Russia – “Regular MSNBC viewers will be familiar with Rachel Maddow and her affinity for Russiagate speculation; but the conspiracy-happy host has finally gone off the deep end with her coverage of the Singapore nuclear summit this week.” – RT  – DUH, THANKS FOR THE GEOGRAPHY LESSON, RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FALSE FLAG ALERT: U.S. With Trump’s Authorization Just Started Funding The White Helmets In Syria Again – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Russia Warns “Credible Information” Of Impending Staged Chemical Attack In Syria – The Millennium Report

“The Situation Is Critical”: Austria Conducts Border Defense Drills For Expected Wave Of 80,000 Migrants – Tyler Durden

Merkel Coalition About to Collapse Over Immigration: Peak Merkel Revisited – Mish

Angela Merkel’s political near-death experience in Bavarian brawl – “Fight over migration risks toppling chancellor’s alliance — and her government.” – Matthew Karnitschnig

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Signs Six Gun Control Bills into Law – “The bill is a striking blow to the basic fundamental right to self-defense outside the home,” the NRA argues. “It creates a standard so onerous that nobody can meet it, hence the issuance of permits in New Jersey is close to non-existent.” – Personal Defense World

Ecuadorian Official Implies Resolution To Assange’s Isolation May Be Imminent – Elizabeth Vos

The Disgraceful Persecution of Julian Assange – John Pilger

Workers Flee and Thieves Loot Venezuela’s Reeling Oil Giant – William Neuman and Clifford Krauss  – THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN SOCIETY COLLAPSES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Belarus becomes next country bent on ditching the dollar as they seek bi-lateral trade agreements with Russia – Ken Schortgen

Shocked! To Hear That Corporate Share Buybacks Line Execs’ Pockets – “Here’s one for the Clueless Regulator Hall of Fame” – John Rubino

Is There A Secret Committee of 300 That Runs The World? – Catherine J. Frompovich

The Bilderberg Plan to Force Us on the Digital Grid (VIDEO) – Truthstream Media

Mirror, Mirror In The Sky – “I first noticed the anomaly of the sky in 2011. On days when the sky was heavily sprayed, as I’d soon learn to identify it, I suffered from a racing heart, severe palpitations and shortness of breath. That’s when I started connecting the dots.” – Irene Parousis

Seems Impossible, but Argentina’s Peso Was Able to Collapse even Further Despite $50 Billion IMF Bailout – Wolf Richter

SUPER SOLDIER X-ray vision will soon give soldiers the superhero ability to see through walls – “X-ray vision is no longer the stuff of comic books” – Saqib Shah

For America to survive, Google must be defeated – Mike Adams

Strange Illuminati & Masonic Symbolism Found In Several Powerful Corporate Logos – Richard Enos

Situational Awareness And The Art of Survival – Bob Rodgers

Currencies – Truth and Confidence – “When the truth is found to be lies, Confidence in debt-based fiat currencies dies. Confidence in silver and gold will survive long after fiat currencies are devalued into worth-less-ness!” – Gary Christenson

8 Pioneer Skills We Must Not Lose – Tennille Shelley




Psalm 26:10   In whose hands is mischief, and their right hand is full of bribes.