How Trump v Kim can wreck the world economy without a shot being fired – “Tension is more likely to spark a US trade war with Beijing than a shootout with Pyongyang. China’s debt bubble will burst, with major consequences”

Denunciation of Trump’s Threat of Force Against Venezuela – “Trump is the latest in a long line of US warrior presidents, a war party president like his predecessors, continuing America’s war on humanity – using an inordinate amount of the nation’s resources on militarism, mass slaughter and destruction” – Stephen Lendman

If War Comes, Don’t Blame the ‘Military-Industrial Complex’ – Things Are Even Worse Than You Think – James George Jatras

Continuity of Agenda: Trump’s “Fire and Fury” Brewed Under Bush, Obama – Tony Cartalucci

More Coup Activities in Charlottesville (Video) – ” I grew up in Virginia. And since when has that Nazi symbol been associated with the flag of the Confederacy? Who would do that? And since when is any of this to be associated with the NRA? Not in my lifetime! Real hunters would never go around waving assault rifles in threatening fashion. That’s not what the NRA is about. You know right away that this screams agent provocateur.” – Bill Still

We Cannot Condemn The Violence In Charlottesville Strongly Enough – “The word “demonic” definitely fits what took place, and my hope is that the entire nation will so loudly condemn what happened that it will greatly discourage any similar racial violence in the future.” – Michael Snyder

Planned Chaos In Virginia: Why Did Law Enforcement Stand Down Until Events Spiraled Out Of Control? – Susan Duclos

America, Charlottesville Shows We Are Being Led Into a Civil War, Do Not Follow – “Charlottesville proves how close we are to civil war in the US — and politicians want it that way.” – Claire Bernish

On Charlottesville – “Folks, this one’s pretty simple:” – Karl Denninger – SHORT AND TO THE POINT FROM KARL!!!!!!!!

What They’re NOT Telling You About The Charlottesville Race Riots (VIDEO) – “Over a billion dollars has been spent over the last 8 years fomenting racial division, with the purpose of using the manufactured conflicts to take away our rights.” -Alex Jones

Richmond protesters surround Confederate statue on Monument Avenue

Warning from ex-CIA and FBI counterterrorism analyst: ‘the government is going to kill’ President Donald Trump – “Right out in plain sight, we were warned last week in the words of someone who worked for Robert Mueller when he was head of the FBI” – Thomas Lifson

Are We Already in Recession? – “If we stop counting zombies, we’re already in recession.” – Charles Hugh Smith


The August 21, 2017 Eclipse – 33+ Fascinating Facts – “The August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse is fast approaching and while it may or may not hold Biblical level significance – let’s take a look at the facts so you can decide for yourself. After reading, take the matter to prayer before God Almighty and ask for discernment.”

GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS INTENTIONALLY MAKING CHILDREN DUMBER? – “It’s a system deliberately designed to handicap the individual” – Liam Clancy

How Conspiracy Theories Really Work – “In the United States “conspiracy theory” is the name given to explanations that differ from those that serve the ruling oligarchy, the establishment or whatever we want to call those who set and control the agendas and the explanations that support the agendas.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Yes Congress, Afghanistan is Your Vietnam – “Does any member have the courage and vision to take responsibility?” – Andrew Bacevich

It’s Time to Stop “Supporting Our Troops”: Thirty Million People Killed by U.S. Since the End of World War II – “As both a West Point graduate and critic of the American Empire, to me the “support our troops” sentiment has long outworn its propagandized welcome. US Empire has been using that contrite expression to brainwash Americans and justify its wars and violence for far too long.” – Joachim Hagopian

The Javelins of August: Deep State Plans for Escalation in Ukraine – James The Russian Analyst

Hong Kong Gold Exchange Could Help Shift More Economic Power East – Peter Schiff

GOOGLE: Conceived, Funded and Directed By The CIA – “How the CIA made Google” – Nafeez Ahmed

Street Artist’s Facebook Page Shut Down as “Hate Speech” After Zuckerberg Stunt – “”F*ck Zuck 2020” posters, the symbol after the “F” being a middle finger, were hung in various California cities.” – ZUCKERBERG IS PART OF THE ELITE, ANY DISSENTING OPINION WILL BE SILENCED. SEE MY IMAGE FOR THE DAY FOR AUG. 7, 2017!!!!!!!!!!!

How to Build a 30-Day Emergency Food Supply…Fast – Daisy Luther

5 Super-Dependable Pocket Pistols You’re Gonna Love

Viva Mexico Cabrones – “So, the next time you read, hear or watch another news story about Mexico’s descent into violence and chaos, remember that the real world is always far more complex than the black-and-white narratives we are often peddled by the mainstream media. That’s not to say that Mexico isn’t facing one of the biggest challenges of its recent history – just that it has a whole lot more to offer than the sensationalised horror stories we are continuously served up, in all their gore and glory.” – Don Quijones

DARPA Accelerates Tech Work On Human Enhancing Human Senses – “Regardless of benevolent-sounding platitudes about helping medical patients, DARPA’s singular military mission is to create technology-enhanced super-soldiers.”

How To Preserve Food In The Ground Like The Pioneers

U.S. begins covert attack on cryptocurrencies through new laws on civil forfeiture and ‘illicit finance’ – Ken Schortgen

BREAKING AWAY FROM THE WEST: Gold Investment In Germany & The U.K. Surged




Amos 8:9  And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Lord God, that I will cause the sun to go down at noon, and I will darken the earth in the clear day: