Awake O Sleeper – Wake Up The Servant Warrior – “We are starting to see something wake up in the spirits of Christians today. We are seeing hope and the taste of freedom remerge in the hearts of men and women across America. These people who servant warrior spirit are starting to push back and the enemy is taking notice. Folk, like it or not the spiritual battle has seeped over to the physical.” – Ray Gano

Welcome to the Manipulated States of America – Daisy Luther

Trump Can’t Stop It: “The People Who Have Been Orchestrating The Collapse Have Not Halted Their Agendas”

Trump Rebuts Michelle Obama’s Remarks on the Loss of ‘Hope’

Judge Jeanine Rips Apart “Hopeless” Michelle Obama After her Classless Attacks on Trump (VIDEO) – GOTTA LOVE HER!!!!!

The War on Cash Rages On in India and Venezuela – “Imagine you roll out of bed tomorrow to find out that US $100 and $50 bills were outlawed and deemed worthless? Hard as it is to believe, this is now taking place in both Venezuela and India. It’s a war on cash. And it’s coming soon to your doorstep.”

While the U.S. wastes time blaming Russia for hacking, Moscow looks to pluck Japan away from the West – Ken Schortgen

The DEATH KNELL: Eric Sprott On Silver’s Nearly 10% Smash As China Dumps T-Bonds (AUDIO) – “Sprott Breaks Down The Fed’s Rate Hike & Reaction in Gold & Silver Prices, the Dollar, & Bond Markets. Explains Why The Fed is Losing Control of the Bond Market & Warns This Is the DEATH KNELL For the Market:”

Fakebook or Facebook – “Company Some Label “Fakebook” Vows to Censor “Fake” News”

Corporate Media’s ‘Fake News’ War is Backfiring by Showing the World the Power of Alt Media – “Maybe Facebook will see its fast-approaching, inevitable demise and decide the suppression of information does not a profitable business move make”

All the News the Editors See Fit to Print – “We have lost the ability to forensically analyze the news; we have become passive consumers and got what we deserved: propaganda.”

The media are misleading the public on Syria – “COVERAGE OF the Syrian war will be remembered as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of the American press. Reporting about carnage in the ancient city of Aleppo is the latest reason why.”

Corporate Media is Lying to You — Syrian Army Freed Aleppo, There is No Genocide

PizzaGate? Russia Did It! Now MSM Claims Russians Are ‘Planting Child Porn On Foes’ Computers’

The New Silk Road Will Make Iran Immune to Western Sanctions

Inflation, Stagflation, Hyperinflation & Deflation-All at the Same Time (VIDEO) with Egon von Greyerz – “Sadly, I think world population will go down. There will be lots of problems. There will be a time without money. There will be bartering for a while until they come up with a new system. I don’t see a new global reserve currency. Everyone will be for himself. China will do their own thing, and of course, China will sit with more gold than anybody, and they will be able to determine the price of gold. And that will happen.”

After Being In US for 3 Months, Somali Muslim Migrant Rapes Minnesota Woman on Bus – “And this is more of what Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah wants to bring to the cities of the US.”

Another Brick In The Wall – Modern Education And The System Of Deception – ” the real purpose of the education system is to cultivate conformity and prohibit critical thinking about anything of real importance.”

The Striking Audacity of the Coup-in-Process – “Now the presstitutes have surpassed their previous level of criminality. They are part and parcel of formenting a coup against the president-elect and throwing the country into a crisis of unknown proportion.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Warnings Issued ‘Violent Insurrection With Unpredictable Consequences And Dark Days’ May Be Ahead

No Demand, No Problem: Inflation Pressures Surge – “Businesses expect their input prices to jump by 4.6% in 2017.”

Rising rates: So, what’s the big deal? – “If you give it more than 5 seconds of brain time, it’s too much. Of course, Yellen was going to raise the Fed funds rate today. Free market forces have already done it for her over the past four or so weeks. She could no longer not raise rates any more than I could stop ISIS all by myself, dead in its tracks on a moment’s notice. Or change today’s weather. Or any market for that matter. All of this stuff is preordained in advance by the powers-that-be”

5 Cold-Killing Spices Hiding In Your Kitchen Cabinet

Will Hillary’s Electoral “Coup d’etat” Successfully Overturn Trump? (VIDEO)

PAKISTAN’S NUKE STOCKPILE AT 140 WARHEADS AND GROWING – “Analysts say delivery vehicles include ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, fighter-bombers”





James 3:14   But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not, and lie not against the truth.



I’m sick and tired of hearing things From uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocritics
All I want is the truth Just gimme some truth
I’ve had enough of reading things By neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians
All I want is the truth Just gimme some truth

( Gimme Some Truth by John Lennon )