CONFUSION: WH spokesman claims ‘China’ hacked election – “Maybe two of America’s adversaries meddled in the presidential election — or maybe none at all. White House spokesman Josh Earnest got confused during his daily briefing today and mistakenly said “China” was behind the election-related hacking.” -AND PEOPLE COMPLAIN ABOUT WHO TRUMP HAS BEEN PICKING FOR KEY SPOTS, JOSH EARNEST IS A COMPLETE IDIOT!!!!!!

‘West has been blaming Russia for everything, now there’s backlash’ – Gorbachev

British Member Of Parliament Accuses Russia Of Manipulating Brexit Vote – THE LATEST FASHION, BLAME RUSSIA FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!

Are You “Living In a Death Spiral”? These 6 States Will Collapse During the Next Recession – “Right now, the biggest risks for a bankruptcy or collapse is in the these states, based upon the ratio between what Baldwin terms “makers” and “takers.” Basically, the socialist state is enveloping all prosperity: Detroit and Chicago top the lists of cities who wouldn’t be healthy in the ratio of makers/takers either, and would crumble in a debt crunch. You can check on your state via this interactive map, though it is dated slightly to 2015.”

A Bearish Signal From Housing Stocks – Dave Kranzler

OBAMA ON COMEDY CENTRAL: AMERICA ‘BY NO MEANS’ HAS OVERCOME ‘LEGACIES OF SLAVERY, JIM CROW, COLONIALISM, RACISM’ – “We have, by no means overcome the legacies of slavery and Jim Crow and colonialism and racism”

Obama fundraiser; sex with a minor; case dismissed Terry Bean, prominent supporter and great friend of Obama – “As you read this article, imagine how the press would have handled the story if Terry Bean had been a fundraiser for, and great friend of, Donald Trump.” – Jon Rappoport

Treasuries Melt Down, Junk Bonds Boom, Yield Spreads Collapse

The Most Important, And Bullish, Gold Chart You’ll Ever See – Andy Hoffman

Gold spread between London and Shanghai now $36 as premiums in India and China reach 50% over price 8:28 AM

2017 GOLD & SILVER FORECAST (VIDEO) with David Morgan

Martin Armstrong at it again! The mechanism to reset? – “Regarding Martin Armstrong’s latest article. In it he again claims gold will collapse to below $1,000 per ounce” – Bill Holter

The Silent Hunter: 3 Badass Reasons To Own a Crossbow


The Case For And Against Universal Basic Income

Trump’s Pick to Head Department of Energy is a Board Member of the Company Behind DAPL – “While corporate media immediately criticized the choice as a troubling — particularly given the former governor of Texas once sought to eliminate the same department he’ll now head — Perry’s position on the board of directors of Energy Transfer Partners should not be downplayed.”

Is the Deep State at War–With Itself? – Charles Hugh Smith

Ex-Fed Advisor: Looming Pension Catastrophe Makes It “Hard to Sleep at Night”

Court Officials Who Jailed a Veteran for Living Off-Grid Were “Just Doing Their Jobs” – “Here’s an entry for the “Job-Doing Hall of Fame.” What if your job meant that you had to go arrest a guy who just wanted to live off the grid on his own land? What if that guy was a veteran? What if his only crime was refusing a service that he was supposed to pay for, like public water or utilities?” – Daisy Luther

We Are Watching The Long Game to Total Censorship Play Out (VIDEO) – “Maybe we should just start titling our videos something totally random and innocuous like, “Puppies frolicking in a daisy field” or “Look at this cute cat named Bob!” or “I like cheese”… Thoughts?”

Musician Builds Tiny Homes for the Homeless — City Promptly Seizes and Destroys Them

Three Often Forgotten but Necessary Survival Essentials

How to Beat the Post-Election Blues and Recapture the True Spirit of Christmas – “To sum things up, Americans have shelled out trillions of dollars of hard-earned tax dollars on political circuses, war machines and graft that fed no one, clothed no one, sheltered no one, and did not in any way shift the balance of power in the country between the haves (the oligarchic elite that runs Washington DC) and the have nots (the millions of taxpayers whose needs are not being heard or represented, and who must labor to pay for the corruption, excesses and graft of the power elite). When will we ever learn? Before you know it, Christmas will be a distant memory and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming of politics, war, violence, materialism and mayhem.” – John W. Whitehead

So Who Gets to Pay for Italy’s Banking Crisis? – “The answers are beginning to take shape.”

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 17.55EUR





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