Dozens Shot Over Memorial Day Weekend As The Collapse Of Chicago Accelerates

June 7: FEMA Will Hold A Drill To Prepare For A 9.0 Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake And Tsunami

This Utterly Unique Box Was Set Up To Commemorate Those Who Made The Ultimate Sacrifice – HATS OFF TO CHICK-FIL-A FOR HONORING OUR VETERANS!!!!

The Real Goal of the LGBT Movement

Spotlight on LPMCL: London Precious Metals Clearing Limited – ” (same people, different hats)”

John Embry: The Next Big Financial Collapse Can Happen At Any Time

Here’s How to Honor the Fallen this Memorial Day by Exposing the Warmongering Lies of Govt – “The imperialist goals of a crumbling empire simply do not embody a laudable reason to put lives on the line.”

Pope propaganda? Hundreds of kids told to embrace refugees – he said, “Migrants are not a danger – they are in danger,” and then called on the children to repeat after and with him: “They are not a danger – they are in danger,”

The Nazi origins of the European Union

How to stay safe in a big crowd

Giant swarm of locusts fills the sky in terrifying footage – “THE SUN was blocked out when thousands of bugs descended from the sky in near Biblical scenes.”

Go forth & multiply: Turkey President Erdogan warns Muslims against using birth control

Self Censorship – Coming to a Laptop Near You – “We are choosing not to visit a website out of fear of our own government.”

Why We Are Poor (VIDEO)

8 Miraculous Healing Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar (No. 2 Alone Could Save Millions Of Lives)

Yes, pack the guns for your trip – “We all were safer because those men were armed.”

ISIS spokesman: Islam “was not a religion of peace even for one single day”

Ex-CEO Of Largest Swiss Insurer Commits Suicide, Three Years After CFO Hanged Himself  – ADD THAT TO THE LIST OF DEAD BANKERS, WHO HAVE SUPPOSEDLY COMMITTED SUICIDE!!!

The elite one-percent’s ‘Orgy Island’ exposed… you won’t believe this! Secret billionaires sex club for the wealthiest sickos: – “Owned by Jeffery Epstein, a wealthy American financier and convicted sex offender, Little St. James Island appears to be somewhat of a gathering place and is a well desired hangout amongst key figureheads, actors and royalty, such as former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey and even Prince Andrew.”

To Combat Disease, States Make it Harder to Skip Vaccines

Oregano: A True Herbal Goldmine for the Natural Medicine Chest

‘Terrorist’ Kurdish badges on US soldiers ‘unsuitable’ for US-Turkey relations – deputy PM

There Has Been A Coup In Brazil — Paul Craig Roberts

‘Give Me Your Diseased, Your Murderers, Your Terrorists, And I Will Give You America’ – The New Motto Of This Government As It Destroys The Country From Within!

Thousands Call on DNC to Oust ‘Corporatist Tool’ Wasserman Schultz – “Wasserman Schultz has become a key operative and symbol of aversion to democracy at the top of the Democratic Party.”

Mainstream Media and Government Remain Silent as Activists From All Over the US Deliver Aid to Flint

EMBRACE TIME-TESTED TRADITIONS WHEN PREPARING FOR DISASTER RECOVERY – “One thing is certain: In the case of a disaster, no skill will be unimportant — barbering, baking and soap-making skills will be as welcome as first-aid knowledge and carpentry expertise.”

Covering Up Climate Engineering Contamination, “EPA Caught Buying It’s Independent Science Advisors”




2 Chronicles 7:14   If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.