A Spirit Of Violence And Civil Unrest Is Rising In America

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The Next Wave: ‘Puppy Play’, ‘Ecosexuals’ And ‘Polyamory’ – ” In the end, we need to face the reality that we are not a “good” nation. Evil is rising in literally thousands of different ways, and yet very few people are standing up for the truth.” – WE ARE A NATION THAT HAS DESCENDED INTO HELL. PRETTY SOON PEDOPHILES AND OTHER PERVERTS WILL BE CONSIDERED NORMAL JUST AS  THE LGBT COMMUNITY HAS BECOME. JUST REMEMBER THE LORD’S JUDGEMENT ON SODOM AND GOMORRAH!!!


CDC Forced to Release Proof They Knew Vaccine Preservative Causes Autism

Genetically modified polio virus being redeployed as a cancer treatment… FDA pushing for quick approval… what could possibly go wrong?

The Anger of the Unprivileged Is Rising Globally – Charles Hugh Smith

China to send nuclear-armed submarines into Pacific amid tensions with US

Taxpayers Forced to Pay For Special Facilities for Transgender Illegal Immigrants – “Absurdity compounds, as the White House and immigration bend over backwards to defend everything this country was never founded upon.”

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Audio Shows Katie Couric Documentary Deceptively Edited Interview with Pro-Gun Activists – Under the Gun has been labeled “dishonest politicking in the guise of media coverage,” “loose with the facts,” and “a full-length assault on guns and the Second Amendment”

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RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH Declares Holy War Against Islam –

Betrayal, The Climate Engineering Cover-Up By The Media, The US Military, And Academia

New Study Says Geoengineering the Climate Not a Solution to Climate Change

Everyone is Missing the Most Troubling Part About Hillary Clinton Email Audit! – “despite these blatant violations, there will be absolutely no legal repercussions for Mrs. Clinton for this offense. She’s off the hook”

Sweden accepts NATO troops amid anti-Russia hysteria

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America : Bill Clinton admits Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talks to the Dead (Oct 23, 2012)

Bullets, Bunkers & Bullion – Government Prepares For Civil War, Wealthy For Revolution, And Preppers For Survival, As Russia And China Wait In The Wings, To Strike

A Senior Pentagon Official Just Vindicated Edward Snowden’s Actions




Genesis 13:13   But the men of Sodom [were] wicked and sinners before the LORD exceedingly.

Genesis 19:24   Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven;