Watch Venezuela, Because Food Shortages, Looting And Economic Collapse Are Coming To America Too

Jim Willie Debuts on New Radio Show; Talks About “The Zombie Economy”

Is Bill Clinton A Sexual Predator Or Just A Sex Addict?

The Fed Is Desperate To Keep Gold From Exploding Higher – Dave Kranzler – DESPERATE ENOUGH TO DUMP INTO THE MARKET? SEE NEXT ARTICLE!!!

Gold Plunges After “Someone” Suddenly Decides To Dump Over $2.3 Billion Notional In 10 Minutes – SILVER DROPS AS WELL, AS THE PRECIOUS METALS MARKET MANIPULATION CONTINUES!!!

Children living in agricultural areas are developing leukemia, brain tumors and other childhood cancers at an accelerated rate

Obama’s Wide Open Throttle – James Wesley Rawles  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE BY MR. RAWLES

Two More Holistic Doctors Found Dead – One allegedly committed Suicide on Mother’s Day – “In a continuing story of the untimely deaths of several holistic doctors in America, two more doctors have turned up dead, Dr. Curtis Clogston and Dr. Jyrki Suutari.”

Nuclear Expert: Largest amount of Fukushima radiation fell on US West Coast and Pacific — “Why don’t we hear complaints from US?”… Officials are criminals and trying to cover it up — Public must be aware even more radiation is coming… “People need to realize impact of contamination on them”

5.6 magnitude earthquake shakes Tokyo

Summer Music Festivals May Be Fertile Testing Grounds For New Spying Technologies

OREGON! Baptist church’s awesome ‘Anti-Islam’ reader boards have outraged the Leftist Muslim sympathizers in town

US holds joint war games in Romania amidst missile shield rift with Russia (VIDEO) – “Just days after switching on an $800-million missile shield in Romania, the US looks like further incurring the wrath of Russia by holding military drills to “promote regional stability” in the Eastern European nation along with five other nations”

“We’re going to do it, f**k it” – Venezuela’s Maduro orders military exercises for next weekend

Mom Faces Down SWAT Team and MRAP for Refusing to Give Daughter Deadly Antipsychotic Drug

9 Reasons Why Every Prepper Should Have a Stash of Alcohol (Even if you don’t drink)

TSA BREAKDOWN: AIRPORT LINES GO FOR MILES! – “Nightmarish Lines Continue At Airport Security Checkpoints”

Selected not Elected — Rothschilds Hold $100,000 a Plate Dinner Fundraiser for Guess Who

Uncomfortable Truths About Banking and Money -Gary Christenson

After 20 years of decline, tuberculosis inches up in U.S. – HMMM, WONDER IF ALL THOSE  ILLEGALS HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THAT?

“OOPS”: Shell Just Dumped 90,000 Gallons of Oil into the Gulf of Mexico

FEMA Slave Labor Camps Are Becoming Operational-The First Prisoners Have Arrived

The Pentagon Is Building A ‘Self-Aware’ Killer Robot Army Fueled By Social Media – “Official US defence and NATO documents confirm that autonomous weapon systems will kill targets, including civilians, based on tweets, blogs and Instagram”

UN Plots War on Free Speech to Stop “Extremism” Online

FBI Caught Planting Microphones Under Rocks, Inside Light Fixtures, and at Bus Stops in California – “most people have yet to accept just how completely corrupt and authoritarian government has actually become.”

Vicente Fox’s immigration gibberish – Jon Rappoport

Obama’s transgender ‘obsession’ is ‘literally insane’

Here’s how to get people to surrender freedom – “Bill Federer recounts orchestrated method to concentrate power”

Future Fugitive Eric Holder Hosts ‘Lawyers for Hillary’ Party (See Invitation) – ” How can ANY country be great when half of the people in the country are willing to vote for a murdering (ok, a bit of conjecture on that), sociopathic, criminal?”

“This Is A Scary Time” – CEO Explains The Single Biggest Reason Why People Are Buying Gold And Silver

When America’s Farmlands Become The Killing Fields Of Tomorrow




Psalms 37:35   I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself like a green bay tree.