Member Of Congress: It’s Easy ‘To Manipulate A Nation Of Naive, Self-Absorbed Sheep’

Unemployment Claims Spike Again As We Get More Scientific Evidence The Middle Class Is Shrinking

Comex cupboard so bare that a run on gold in their vaults would collapse the market

Putin: Russia will consider tackling NATO missile defense threat

“Unconstitutional”: Federal Judge Rules Obamacare Illegally Funded Without Congress Authorization

Critical Update: Foreign Troops Are Positioned to Attack Americans and the American Military

Gaping Holes In The Government’s Retail Sales Report For April – Dave Kranzler

Pentagon preps for transgender troops – “Carter: Military can work out ‘practical issues’ to lift ban”

WARNING: 47 Million Pounds of Frozen Meat and Tons of Frozen Fruit and Veggies Just Got Recalled for Listeria Contamination – LIST OF ALL FOODS INCLUDED

Shocking U.S. death chart reveals root cause of most mortality comes from prescriptions and food chemicals

Do these stealth towers mask a secret Deep State spy web? – “Does the Deep State have contracts with private carriers?”

Long freight train loaded with military vehicles rolls through Mt. Shasta, California – “More and more summer military movements are being caught on tape, this time near Mt. Shasta”

Kill TTIP Now — Paul Craig Roberts

Monsanto Takeover? Corporate Cabal’s Control of Food Supply Continues

There Has Never Been a Movie Like Amerigeddon: Movie Debuts Today – “There has never been another movie like it. The accurate portrayal of the threats to America are so stunningly detailed and accurate that even the most aware of current events will be shocked as to the totality of the revelations.”

Lawsuits Challenge Tech Giants Large-Scale Biometric Collection

The Perfect Storm Is Here – Disaster Preparedness Warning & Banking Collapse

Chomsky: Europe Bows to Its ‘Washington Masters’ on Everything From Snowden to Iran

Merck, Huff Po, Vaxxed: the censorship connection – Jon Rappoport

Every Prepper Needs a Good Reference Library -“The bottom line is that you are trying to build a library that won’t only help you to survive, but will help you to rebuild.”

Never-ending ‘gun show’: US gov’t sent $2bn in military gear to cops since ’06

Brazil’s acting president used to be US intel informant – WikiLeaks

Big Brother Obama Forces Public Schools to Allow Trans Students to Use Bathroom of Choice – “With 93 million Americans out of the labor force Obama focuses on the important issues. Barack Obama sent out a decree today forcing public students to allow trans students to use their bathroom of choice.

The Best 14 Survival Foods To Grow After SHTF

DARPA Creepiest Programs For Human Control: “How Dark Will Our Future Be?”

Former Newsweek Editor: Intelligence Agencies Obstructing FBI Investigation Into Hillary Email Scandal

17 Vegetables Guaranteed To Grow In Acidic Soil

Welcome to the Recovery – Poultry Workers Claim They’re Denied Bathroom Breaks and Wear Diapers on the Job

Dead Fish, Dying Planet, And Dangerous Denial

Anti-virus pioneer John McAfee: Your phone may be snooping on you

UN Lectures World: Let ‘Refugees’ In And Stop Xenophobia And Racism




Psalms 10:2   The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined.