It’s Been A Seven-Year Bull Market In Fraud, Corruption And Insanity – “The truth is that the “bull market” in U.S. stocks is nothing more than bull market in money printing, credit creation, an unprecedented level of Central Bank intervention and extreme fraud.” – Dave Kranzler

It’s Official: NSA Data Will Soon be Used by Domestic Law Enforcement

BOOM! Viral Banksy Meme Explains How We are All Being Divided So We Can Be Easily Controlled

PHOTOS=> HEAVILY ARMED Anti-Trump Protesters at Dayton Rally – “The news media has wall-to-wall coverage when conservatives carry firearms at protests, yet there has been no media coverage of this armed anti-Trump protest”

Visualizing The Militarization Of The Middle East The global arms trade is huge. – OF COURSE, WAR HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT MAKING MONEY!

What’s Uncle Sam’s Largest Asset? It’ll Haunt us for Years! – The student loan bubble, the biggest slice in Uncle Sam’s asset pie

Unease over Chinese investors buying farms Down Under

Patriots: Be Principled, Be Brave, and Be bold; America Has Fallen! (Video)

Madonna screams F**K ME at fans during Australian show – ANYONE SURPRISED AT THIS, SHE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY

TRUMP-vs-SOROS | March 12 2016 the breakdown of the campaign contributions has been released. – YOU KNOW IF SOROS IS INVOLVED, IT’S NOT GOOD FOR YOU OR ME!

Welcome to the Empire of Chaos

BREAKING: Black Trump supporter shot and killed by Chicago protesters

Russia Infinitely Better Prepared For Nuclear Exchange Than US

The United States of Monsanto?

“I Made a Mistake, Plain and Simple.” Clinton Issues Longer Apology for Praising Nancy Reagan’s AIDS Record. – Clinton faced a backlash on social media, and from bewildered gay rights activists, who universally condemned Clinton’s statements as wrong and revisionist, – MADE A MISTAKE, REVISIONIST STATEMENTS?  KIND OF SUMS UP EVERYTHING SHE DOES AND PEOPLE STILL FALL FOR IT.

Beware ‘absolute, unchecked government power’

Keep The Money Game Churning

VIDEO: Trump Attacked In Ohio: “The Oligarchs Are Unleashing Their Embedded Socialists To Deliver Chaos”

The Status Quo Plan – Convince the American Public to Accept Serfdom

States Are Fed Up With The EPA’s ‘Coercive Federalism’




Proverbs 21:7   The robbery of the wicked shall destroy them; because they refuse to do judgment.