Reality Check: No Matter Who Wins the White House, the New Boss Will Be the Same as the Old Boss – John W. Whitehead

Society As We Know It Is Breaking Down And Collapses In a Five Stage Process

Pentagon Proposes Further Expansion of Role in Iraq War

“The Others Are Worse Than Hitler” A Middle-American Couple Explain Why They’re Voting For Trump

The Council of Foreign Relations Declares War On Donald Trump- His Days Are Numbered – “Hillary Clinton is their choice and has always been their choice to follow Obama into the White House, with her criminal behavior notwithstanding.”

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49 Countries Met In Brussels Earlier This Month To Discuss A Ground Invasion Of Syria

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What CHOICE? Hillary Clinton wants to take away women’s rights to say NO to mandatory vaccines that damage their children

Exclusive: China to lay off five to six million workers

“I’ll Do My Damned Duty On Refugees,” Says Merkel On National Television In Response To How Nine Out Of Ten Germans Want Limits On Immigration – “Angela Merkel reminds me more of Hilary Clinton each time I read about her or watch her videos. She is powerful, despotic, with an iron will to seize what she wills and burns with a rage when her motives or consequences are questioned.”

Scientists discover 8000-year-old tiny hand prints in ancient cave were NOT made by humans

WW3: Fighters From Turkey Are Pouring Into Syria And Attacking Targets Despite The Ceasefire


New Billboards Film You, Then Use Your Mobile Phone To Follow You

Today’s Rally “Explained” In Just Two Headlines

Wow Marco, Really? Rubio Stoops to Joking About Trump’s Penis Size (Video)

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Psych drug overdoses rose 400% over two decades while mass shootings exploded across America

Preparing for an Imminent Nuke Attack: How to Survive When Others Won’t

Judge: Resistance to Obama’s migrant program futile

Utah Sheriff to BLM: “I Will Deputize EVERYONE and Arrest All Federal Agents!” (Video) – The federal government is only allowed to own Washington DC and military installations as per Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of the Constitution

London Holds Largest Anti-Nuclear Protest in Decades

NSA and DARPA using patented brain-computer interface technologies that can read your thoughts!

Government’s ‘covert’ psychological tests target children – ‘Manipulating youngsters so you can squeeze confidential information out of them is fundamentally wrong’

Trump vs. Clinton – Two Tweets That Say It All

EPA Chief: ‘We Don’t Have To Prove That Any Reduction’ In CO2 Makes A Difference In ‘Global Warming’

Meet the Bogus Technology the Government Will Use to Frame You

Military Supply Chain Breakdown A Symptom Of What’s Coming To America – According To These Experts, ‘It’s Only Going To Get Worse And Worse’

Facebook VP arrested over refusal to share information related to drug trafficking

“Uncontrollable radioactive flow” coming from nuclear plant near NYC — Actual releases are “trillions of times” higher than reported during latest leak — Cracks in multiple spent fuel pools — Intense investigation underway to see if it can be stopped (VIDEO)

First They Came For the iPhones… – Ron Paul




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